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To avoid that, you can request a re-entry permit before taking a lengthy trip outside the United States. The re-entry permit is simply a travel document that allows green card holders to maintain their U. Remember, you can also avoid travel headaches by seeking U. As a citizen, you can travel for as long as you want without needing special documentation. For a flat rate, Boundless helps you complete your entire naturalization application, including all supporting documents, independent attorney review, and support from the moment your application is filed until you obtain U. Learn more , or check your eligibility today.

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Re-Entry Permits, Explained

Luba Smal is an attorney exclusively practicing USA federal immigration law since To schedule a consultation, please email. RSS Feed. Smal Immigration Law Office Tel. DHS has sought a stay of this injunction from the U. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in light of the Supreme Court decision to stay the last nationwide injunctions.

For applications and petitions sent by commercial courier such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL , the postmark date is the date reflected on the courier receipt. Similarly, when determining whether the public benefits condition applies to applications or petitions for extension of stay or change of status, USCIS will only consider public benefits received on or after Feb.

After Feb. If USCIS receives an application or petition for benefits using an incorrect edition of the forms, the petitioner or alien will need to submit a new application or petition.

DHS remains enjoined from implementing the final rule in Illinois. This policy is effective on November 21, , and only applies to adjustment applications received on or after that date. Therefore, the alien must have a new basis to adjust. It means, there is still enough time to file the I and concurrent application for adjustment of status, I, but only if you qualify. One of the requirements is maintaining a lawful nonimmigrant status at the time of filing.

It means, there is still enough time to file the I and concurrent application for adjustment of status, I , and other concurrent applications, but only if you qualify. Just as it was done in July and August. When such retrogressions have occurred in the past, the USCIS has accepted applications and held them until priority dates become current again.

If a F2A spouse or a minor child is in the USA in a valid nonimmigrant status, it is still possible to file a concurrent petition and application for adjustment of status in September If you need help or advice, please email us to schedule a phone or Skype consultation with an attorney. The filing period is expected to end on July 31, , unless August Visa Bulletin also projects F2A preference category to be "current".

It is important to file all applications properly and submit all required initial evidence in order to avoid rejection, because there could be no time for re-filing if the filing period ends on July 31st.

Consult an attorney if not sure if you are eligible to apply. If you need legal help please email at attorney law-visa-usa. On June 26, , USCIS had finally published the final guidance: they will accept concurrent filing for adjustment of status in the F2A preference category in July This is unprecedented, as the DF date is usually as favorable, or more favorable than the cutoff date in the FA chart.

Earlier this month, the USCIS updated its website to state that, for July , only the DF chart dates may be used for all family-based cases for purposes of filing an application for adjustment of status form I This means that concurrent filing of the I and I will be permitted in July for FB2A beneficiaries who are already in the United States in lawful status. Information in Russian: how to apply for adjustment of status or green card in the U. Information in Russian: how to apply for adjustment of status in the U.

Brief overview, including recent changes, effective October 1st and November 19th, The updated policy goes into effect on November 1, , and will require applicants to submit a Form I signed by a civil surgeon no more than 60 days before filing. The Form I will remain valid for a 2-year period following the date the civil surgeon signed it not submitted, but signed. Read here. To be eligible for the Visa Waiver Program, a foreign national from one of the 38 designated countries must meet the following general requirements : possess an e-Passpor t i.

DHS will attempt to force countries with overstay rates of 2 percent or greater to conduct public awareness campaigns for their citizens, to educate them not to overstay, not to work without a work authorization, and about the penalties unable to change status, adjust status, ban on future travel to USA. The adjustment of status application is the final step in the green card process for foreign non-immigrant employees looking to move to permanent resident status.

Prior to this change, which went into effect on October 2, , USCIS required interviews in only 5 to 10 percent of all employment-based adjustment cases. The new policy applies to all Form I adjustment of status applications filed on or after March 6, , where the u nderlying immigrant petition is an employment-based Form I EB-1, EB-2, and EB The USCIS has indicated that adjustment cases filed prior to March 6, , will be adjudicated in accordance with previous procedure s.

Because thousands of extra interviews will be conducted annually, there will be additional delays in the processing of these employment-based adjustment applications. As a result, the change will impact the processing times for all other types of USCIS filings, such as family-based adjustment applications and naturalization cases. What Should the Applicant Expect at the Interview?

Any information provided on the Form I review the copy of the form I, and be prepared to answer questions. USCIS has said that the in terviewing field officers have been instructed not to re-adjudicate the underlying Form I However, the agency has also made clear that the officers will be charged with assessing the validity of the documents used to approve the Form I petition to ensure that the supporting evidence was accurate and credible.

If the officer determines that that evidence is not credible, he can recommend that the Form I be revoked by the service center that originally issued the approval officer can send I for revocation back to USCIS Service Center which originally approved the petition. It is important that the applicant understands the basis for the Form I petition and be prepared to articulate at the interview how his employment qualified for approval.

The applicant should review the Form I petition and any underlying PERM application in advance and address any tricky issues with the employer or counsel.

The applicant will almost certainly be questioned about the job for which he was sponsored as well as about his own educational background and work experience. An attorney can prepare the applicant on what to expect during the interview, and coordinate with the employer and the applicant to make sure that the applicant takes the appropriate documentation to the interview, knows what I and PERM was about, has a copy of his I form, has clean criminal record and no status violations, etc.

The adjustment of status interview notices that are currently being sent to applicants are generic and confusing because they include a list of the documents that do not even apply in employment-based cases. When filing for an extension of the non-immigrant status, for example, H-1B work visa, you should not take for granted any prior approvals.

USCIS will no longer defer to prior approvals. As a result, USCIS made it more difficult for companies to renew H-1B visas for foreign professionals workers who work in specialty occupations.

This enabled H-1B visa holders to obtain extensions in a fast and straightforward manner. USCIS recently rescinded canceled their old policy memorandum, and now H-1B visa holders who apply for extensions must again prove eligibility as though they are seeking H-1B visas for the first time. This policy change will impose greater uncertainty, loss of foreign talent who may choose to migrate to Canada instead , higher costs and delays to companies who rely on foreign talent. USCIS is directing officers to use the same amount of scrutiny for initial and extension requests, and indicating that the new guidance applies to a variety of employment visas, not just H-1B.

These RFEs will increase the administrative and legal burden on employers seeking H-1B visas, and increase the costs. Effective October 1, , USCIS also imposed a new rule requiring in-person interviews with all employment-based immigrant visa applicants, including spouses and children, which will burden local USCIS offices and increase wait time for all green card categories waiting for an adjustment of status interview.

H-1B visas are valid for a total of six years and are usually issued in three-year increments. Alcohol-related crimes, charges, convictions are a health-related ground of inadmissibility to the United States. In some cases not always it could be possible to leave the U. Consulate abroad. A person can receive a phone call or email asking him or her to come to the U. Consulate with a passport no explanations given , so a visa can be physically revoked cancelled.

Most people are unaware that their visas are revoked until they try to return to the United States after travel abroad. Department of State notifying them of their visa revocation.

Until recently, the only affected groups of people were the visa holders with a single alcohol-related arrest or conviction within the last five years , or two or more alcohol-related arrests or convictions. Under the current policy, it only takes a single alcohol-related charge to trigger action by U. USCIS is now identifying alcohol-related offenses and denying requests for an extension of status in any visa classification.

Now, U. If USCIS denied an application for extension or change of status, the applicant will have to leave the country and apply for a visa at a U. Visa holders affected by this rule are not removable not deportable on this ground from the United States.

If a visa is denied , can a visa applicant file an appeal of denial of a Visa Application at the U. Consulate abroad? No, you can't appeal a visa denia l. The doctrine of " nonreviewability of consular decisions " was affirmed by the U. Supreme Court in in the case Kerry v. What else can be done? Both of these options take a lot of time. Approval of any immigrant or nonimmigrant visa waiver is not guaranteed.

Based on our previous conversations, it is our understanding that a prudential revocation only becomes effective once the alien departs the United States. If prudential revocations are now leading to the initiation of removal proceedings, would VO be willing to revisit the issue to ensure that the prudential revocation only precludes future travel to the United States?

Nonimmigrant waiver application. Immigrant waiver application. Do not drink and drive. The new interview requirement is being rolled out nationwide, with interviews starting on October 2, due to President's March 6th Executive Order.

Each family member, including children, will be asked to appear at a USCIS local office for an interview. USCIS indicated it might consider waiving appearances for children under age On September 1, , the U. In the new guidance , 9 FAM Engaging in unauthorized employment; 2. Enrolling in a course of academic study , if such study is not authorized for that nonimmigrant classification e. B status ; 3. A nonimmigrant in B or F status, or any other status prohibiting immigrant intent, marrying a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident and taking up residence in the United States; or 4.

Undertaking any other activity for which a change of status or an adjustment of status would be required, without the benefit of such a change or adjustment. As with other grounds that do not require a formal AO, the AO may be informal.

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Luba Smal is an attorney exclusively practicing USA federal immigration law since To schedule a consultation, please email. RSS Feed. Smal Immigration Law Office Tel. DHS has sought a stay of this injunction from the U. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in light of the Supreme Court decision to stay the last nationwide injunctions. For applications and petitions sent by commercial courier such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL , the postmark date is the date reflected on the courier receipt. Similarly, when determining whether the public benefits condition applies to applications or petitions for extension of stay or change of status, USCIS will only consider public benefits received on or after Feb. After Feb.

In the context of the coronavirus, the Government has put in place specific measures for third-country nationals concerning both the entry into and stay in Luxembourg. A third-country national who wishes to come to Luxembourg to carry out a salaried activity for a period of more than 3 months, must follow a procedure in 2 consecutive steps:. Every third-country national i. Third-country nationals with a valid residence permit for salaried workers in Luxembourg and who, depending on the case and the type of residence permit held, change their sector of work or their profession during the validity period of their residence permit, do not need a new authorisation to stay in order to continue carrying out a professional activity.

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