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The final cost of the order will be calculated at the checkout page. Filtertech Australia -. Call 07 Please contact us to discuss custom pricing options.

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Cardboard Framed Disposable V-Form Panel Filter

The final cost of the order will be calculated at the checkout page. Filtertech Australia -. Call 07 Please contact us to discuss custom pricing options.

Please enter your required custom size. Ask a question about this product. Customers also bought. Product Description Reviews General The selected cardboard filters are designed to provide sustained efficiency with a low pressure drop. It has a lower initial pressure drop than cotton-polyester and self supporting pleat media which leads to energy savings during use.

These filters are high capacity filters which can easily upgrade existing flat panel or V-Form filters currently being used with little or in some circumstances less in static pressure. Filters are available in nominal 25mm, 50mm and mm depths. Suitable for variable air volume systems. Operating face velocity ranges are from 0 to 2. Installation Disposable pleated filters are suitable as a primary filter installed into universal holding frames, side access applications and similar existing hardware.

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