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Program of the elective course. In the area of education the radical changes are fixed in the new official document — The Federal State Educational Standards of general education. The principal innovation of the document puts to the focus of attention the tasks which were earlier only partly in the sphere of responsibility of teachers and school. For the first time of the last 20 years the problems of moral and spiritual education of students are given the prior significance. The new document is human-aimed.

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Program of the elective course. In the area of education the radical changes are fixed in the new official document — The Federal State Educational Standards of general education. The principal innovation of the document puts to the focus of attention the tasks which were earlier only partly in the sphere of responsibility of teachers and school. For the first time of the last 20 years the problems of moral and spiritual education of students are given the prior significance.

The new document is human-aimed. We can easily see the outlines of a new image of a person and a citizen who must be brought up, developed and socialized. The Standard defines the personal characteristics that are important for the society and that are in the field of pedagogical concern.

New Russian reality encourages the revival of the patriotic idea as the spiritual base of our society, one of the most significant integral parts of the national ideology.

The new educational document points out as the central such basic national values as patriotism, social solidarity, sense of citizenship. The formation of the qualities, mentioned above, is carried out in the process of patriotic education of students.

One of its directions is represented by the process of heroically-patriotic education. School should promote careful and tactful attitude of students to the historical past of our country in the process of patriotic education.

Heroes, legendary people are a particular world of moral purity and they set an example of right behaviour in situations that demand bravery, willpower, self-sacrifice for the sake of other people, for the sake of motherland. Heroic pages of history possess a huge inspiring effect; the victory in the Great patriotic war occupies a special place among other historic events.

It fulfills the function of social memory, it contains the axiological, value-oriented base of the process of education of the young generation. According to some researchers, current Russia needs a set of text-books whose purpose is to form patriotic consciousness, as well as positive attitude to our country and its history.

It accentuates the actual character of the programme. To reach the goal it is necessary to solve the following tasks :. To build up the elements of historical consciousness by means of objective estimation of the past events; to develop emotional experience to the facts of the last war in the coarse of work at texts and exercises. To develop active position towards the war events and war participants by means of transformation of knowledge into the corresponding valuable attitudes.

The programme is based on the axiological principle. It combines the number of values kept in the religious, ethnic, cultural-historical, social traditions. As these values are the essence of life, the acceptance of these values gives sense to human life.

The programme has integral character and consists of nine modules. The first eight modules include texts and exercises on war theme. The ninth module presents some materials to conduct intellectual quizzes on the war topic that implies the definite knowledge on history and the ability to express the ideas of their own in the context of the topic in English.

Educational materials can be used both in the classroom and in the process of independent work of students. The course is supplied with the key answers and list of topical vocabulary. Zhukov, K. Module 6. The theme of war on the canvases of the prominent painters.

Among the first city-heroes were Leningrad, Stalingrad, Sevastopol, Odessa. It was accepted in order to immortalize the memory of those who lost their lives while defending the country. Sevastopol is an ancient city situated in the south-west of the Crimean Peninsular, on the Black Sea coast. The Crimea was of great strategic importance as one of the roads to the oil-rich areas of the Caucasus.

In addition to it, it had particular significance as the home base for aviation. The Soviet government realized how crucial was to hold this territory and concentrated here all the Armed forces, rejecting the idea of retaining the city of Odessa.

In the period from 30 October to 11 November the military actions were taking place on the distant approaches to Sevastopol. On 12 November the attacks on the outer frontiers started. The city defense was carried out by the forces of the Black Sea Navy, coastal batteries combined with the fire support from the men-of-war.

After the fascist invasion into the Crimea the defense of Sevastopol started. It lasted for days since 30 October till 4 July In June-July the garrison of Sevastopol protected the city from the overwhelming enemy forces.

The Soviet troops retreated and left the city only when all the available opportunities for its defense were exhausted.

It happened on 9 July On 7 May the Soviet formations of the 4 th Ukrainian Front began the storm of the occupied fortification on Mount Sapun, and on 9 May liberated the city. On 12 May the remains of the German troops were cleared away from the Cope of Chersonese.

Why was the Crimea of great strategic importance during the war? Why did the Soviet government give up the idea of retaining the city of Odessa in favor of Sevastopol? Did the liberation of the city started with the battles for Mount Sapun or from the Cope of Chersonese? One of the most heroic pages of the Great patriotic war was the defense of Novorossiysk.

It lasted for days. During that terrible war only the siege of Leningrad was longer. During the five days February to this strip of land were transported considerable parts of the Soviet troops comprising 17 thousand soldiers, 21 heavy guns, 74 mortars, 86 machine guns, tons of food and ammunition.

The Soviet soldiers retained this plat under their control for days, till the complete liberation of the city on 16 September On 7 May the city of Novorossiysk got its first award — the Order of Lenin.

A number of monuments were built in order to glorify the feat of the Soviet soldiers. Were a great number of monuments built to honour the heroes of the city? Was the defense of Novorossiysk one of the heroic pages of the Great patriotic war? Did the city of Novorossiysk get its first award in ? The city of Kerch was occupied by the fascist troops on 16 November for the first time.

However, one and a half month later the city was liberated by the Soviet Army 30 December and was under its control for almost 5 months till 19 May On that day Hitler Army after the bloody battles managed to retrieve the situation: the fascist occupation of the city began.

That terrible period lasted for nearly two years. The Soviet citizens faced the unprecedented avalanche of terror: about14 thousand city-dwellers lost their lives; the same number of people was moved to Germany for forced labour. Despite the constant repressive actions the city residents found personal courage to stand up to the enemy. Many of them joined the remains of the Soviet troops that had found shelter in Adgimushkaisky stone quarry.

This composite partisan detachment heroically struggled against the occupants from May till October In during the Kerchensko-Eltigensk landing operation, the Soviet Army managed to capture a little sector on the outskirts of Kerch. On 11 April the city was completely liberated by the Soviet Army. We can judge about the terrific violence of those battles by the following fact: Soviet soldiers and officers, participants of the liberating operation were honoured with the highest State Award — Gold Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

It was in summer of The enemy focused huge forces in the oriental direction; broke through the front line and rushed towards the cities of Voronezh and Stalingrad.

On 17 July on the rivers Chir and Tsilma, tributaries of the river Don, the advanced detachments of the 62 Soviet Army met with the fascist troops. The Battle for Stalingrad began. The selfless defenders of Stalingrad fought for each meter of native land, for each building, for each and every floor.

It was burning at night, for the next day and for the following night. But it was not the theory but the Soviet people who presented the crucial secret of our victory. The battle for Stalingrad was not only death, blood, sufferings. A great number of essays, stories, poems and novels were written by the Soviet authors where they immortalized the heroic deeds of the Russian officers and soldiers.

Read the text and the statements that follow it. Some statements can be inferred from the text, others can not. Put a check mark next to the statements that can be inferred from the text. The fascist Army prepared thoroughly for the Battle in Stalingrad.

The Soviet Army was exhausted by the previous bloody battles. German military leaders were going to capture Stalingrad by one blow. The Battle for Stalingrad was violent as the city defenders were ready to lose their lives for the sake of their city and country.

The consequents of the battle were disastrous both for people and for the city. Many Soviet writers described heroism of the Soviet Army men in their literary works in order to set an example of courageous behaviour, incredible selflessness and boundless devotion to the country.

All the writers — authors of the war stories were participants of the Great patriotic war. The Battle for Stalingrad is included into many textbooks on military science as an example of excellent strategy and tactics. The Battle for Stalingrad is described in all textbooks on Soviet history as an unprecedented example of heroism of the Soviet soldiers who fell in the battlefield for the sake of the peaceful future of the coming generations.

Divide the given vocabulary in each category into subclasses:. Vocabulary: fire, obliterate, burning, explode, die, death, fighting, ruins, siege, painful, surrender, shells, mines, crucial, fatal, blood, suffer, blow, suffering, disastrous, fight back, battlefield, burn.

Vocabulary: battle, immortalize, defend, great, heroic, secret, flight, upward, impossible, crucial, rush, protect, brotherhood, approach, selflessness, victory, spirit, example, heroism, bravery, courageous, immortal, peaceful.

Read the text and fill in the words in the proper form. On 22 June 1. Soon after the dawn there was another round of heavy shelling in all the parts of the town. That shelling caught the garrison of the fort 3.


Lomakin has been lecturing on civil law, and also a special course on corporate law for final year students specializing in civil law. In his status as attorney at law, he combines research and practical activities in the areas of representation in court, consulting in the area of legal regulation of banking and the stock market. He is an arbitrator at several arbitration tribunals, in particular the arbitration tribunal created under the National Association of Stock Market Participants of the Russian Federation NAUFOR Arbitration , and also the Tribunal at the State Corporation Rosatom, and plays an active role in the preparation of draft laws. Lomakin is a recognized specialist in civil law as a whole and corporate law in particular. The main areas of his research and practical activities are related to research of the problems of legal status and the activities of legal entities and securities as objects of civil rights. He is the author of over 70 research works, including three monographs.

Броневский Г.М. Записки о киргиз-кайсаках Средней орды возраст, образование, все ступени служебной карьеры в миру и после В гг. повышение квалификации на курсах советского Наибольший интерес участники проявили к овсу: 13 человек привезли 31 образец.

Получить средства обратно можно в территориальном пенсионном органе, предоставив уведомление об уплате налога и подтверждающих платежных документов. На что нужно обратить внимание. Следующий шаг на портале - заполнение необходимых полей на странице сайта. По сути, единственной организацией в Московской области, где официально можно оформить и получить патент на работу является Миграционный центр в Сахарово. Правовая основа настоящего Закона. Как можно узнать кто отец. Таким образом, если уборка санузлов входит в трудовую функцию работника, то никаких доплат за это производить не. Здравствуйте Александр, оформление инвалидности проходит в общем порядке. Имеет ли она право на досрочный выход на пенсию.

Она может распространяться как на качество мобильной связи, так и на скорость и стабильность мобильного интернета. Сумма капитала составляет 10. При подаче иска обязательно уплачивается госпошлина. Если Вам навязывают какие-то дополнительные часы, а Вам они не нужны, то можете отказаться. Срок предоставления пенсионного обеспечения увеличивается и в том случае, если пенсия оформляется по месту проживания и не по месту регистрации.

Максимальная сумма определяется индивидуально От 1 до 60 месяцев Процентная ставка определяется индивидуально. Житель Российской Федерации обязательно должен иметь соответствующее удостоверение личности.

Значит, для оплаты в отделении следует заранее подготовить ровно 2000 рублей (стоимость госпошлины). Той, в которой они первыми обнаружатся. В действующем законодательстве для юридических лиц также предусмотрены определенные льготы при выплате имущественного налога. Стоимость месячного проездного для них будет такой же, как и для студентов и учащихся: 380 рублей - на метро, 250 рублей - на наземном городском транспорте. Только своевременная оплата штрафов и других задолженностей перед судебными приставами позволит не доводить дело до строгих взыскательных мер со стороны службы служебных приставов, сохранить свои сбережения, избежать запрета посещения других стран. Владельцев псов, бегающих без намордника и ошейника в общественных местах, карают денежными взысканиями, размер которых определяют правовые акты регионального уровня.

Осенью 1941-го года в сражении под Москвой был развенчан миф о непобедимости немецкой армии. Огромное число людей терпят оскорбления на своих рабочих местах ежедневно. Комнаты для сушки белья и одежды должны быть оборудованы устройствами для сушки одежды, стеллажами и вешалками. Первым делом узнайте, есть ли у выбранной вами организации полномочия на обучение будущих трактористов-машинистов и аккредитация этих полномочий. Акт осмотра электроустановки (образец) Позвонить в управляющую компанию и сообщить о случившемся потопе, подать срочную заявку на вызов сантехника, чтобы он устранил причины аварии.

Пояснительная записка. 2. повышение уровня квалификации преподавателей английского языка в реализации патриотического воспитания Set an example – показать пример Guard dog – служебная собака.

И когда тело семьи разрезают (развод), то рана проходит по детям. Как мне теперь переоформить квартиру на. С помощью банкомата или терминала. При попытке взять кредит для приобретения недвижимости могут встретиться различные вопросы.

Как правило, муниципалитеты, оформляя аукцион, уже заранее указывают, что победитель сможет установить границы своего надела бесплатно. В основной части излагаются условия, которые подлежат дополнениям или изменениям. Также кассационная жалоба подается в соответствующий суд, который может рассмотреть эту претензию, через арбитражный суд 1-й инстанции. Бывает и так, что люди привыкли к району, сдружились или даже породнились с соседями по коммуналке и не хотят никуда разъезжаться.

Покупатель будет точно знать, какие детали автомобиля красились, и в каком состоянии находятся двигатель и подвеска, что также облегчит для него принятие решения. Обычно именно первый вариант развития событий встречается у населения. Кроме того, понадобится вернуть в компанию страховой полис и квитанцию об оплате, поэтому нужно также добавить их к документам.

Назначаем "исполнять обязанности" сотрудника, который хочет исполнять (перед назначением обязательно выявляем мотиваторы). Для проведения операции бухгалтер формирует такие проводки: Счет Дебета Счет Кредита Сумма проводки, руб. Причиной неконтролируемого использования было отсутствие правового регулирования в этом вопросе. В дальнейшем квартиру можно будет продать либо пользоваться ей единолично. Наше бюро переводов уже больше трех лет работает с нотариусами города Пскова, мы выполним Ваш заказ в кратчайшие сроки (возможно получение нотариально заверенных переводов в тот же день, если Вы обратились к нам в первой половине дня, а также в зависимости от загруженности наших переводчиков).

Давать Агенту дополнительные указания, касающиеся выполнения поручения по настоящему договору. Однако работу искать все равно. Проверку проводят во время предположительного возобновления охоты (примерно через 18-22 дня после последней случки).

ВИДЕО ПО ТЕМЕ: Видеообзор краткосрочных курсов повышения квалификации для бухгалтеров госсектора компании УМЦ Разв
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