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Translation of "intrusion of personal integrity" in Russian

The first number is the case's position on the list of cases referred to the Court in the relevant year second number. The last two numbers indicate the case's position on the list of cases referred to the Court since its creation and on the list of the corresponding originating applications to the Commission. Ryssdal, President, Mr R. Bernhardt, Mr L. Pettiti, Mr B. Walsh, Mr C. Russo, Mr A. Spielmann, Mr N. Valticos, Mr A. Eissen, Registrar, and Mr H.

The case was referred to the Court by the European Commission of Human Rights "the Commission" on 12 July , within the three-month period laid down by Article 32 para.

It originated in an application no. The Commission's request referred to Articles 44 and 48 art. The object of the request was to obtain a decision as to whether the facts of the case disclosed a breach by the respondent State of its obligations under Article 8 art. In response to the enquiry made in accordance with Rule 33 para. The Chamber to be constituted included ex officio Mr R. Bernhardt, the elected judge of German nationality Article 43 of the Convention art.

Ryssdal, the President of the Court Rule 21 para. On 29 August the President drew by lot, in the presence of the Registrar, the names of the other seven members, namely Mr J. Cremona, Mr L. Pettiti, Mr C. Subsequently, Mr B. Walsh, substitute judge, replaced Mr Cremona, whose term of office had expired and whose successor at the Court had taken up his duties before the hearing Rules 2 para.

Mr Ryssdal assumed the office of President of the Chamber Rule 21 para. In accordance with the order made in consequence, the Registrar received, on 16 December , the applicant's claims under Article 50 art. By letter of 4 March , the Secretary to the Commission informed the Registrar that the Delegate would submit his observations at the hearing. On 2 April the Commission filed a number of documents which the Registrar had sought from it on the President's instructions.

A further document was filed by the applicant on 20 May. As directed by the President, the hearing took place in public in the Human Rights Building, Strasbourg, on 26 May The Court had held a preparatory meeting beforehand and the President had, on 4 May, granted the members of the Government's delegation leave to use the German language Rule 27 para.

There appeared before the Court: a for the Government Mr J. Weitzel, Delegate; c the applicant, Mr G. Niemietz, in person. The Court heard addresses by Mr Meyer-Ladewig for the Government, by Mr Weitzel for the Commission and by the applicant, as well as replies to its questions. The particular circumstances of the case 6. It related to criminal proceedings for insulting behaviour Beleidigung pending before that court against Mr J. The letter bore the signature of one Klaus Wegner - possibly a fictitious person -, followed by the words "on behalf of the Anti-clerical Working Group Antiklerikaler Arbeitskreis of the Freiburg Bunte Liste multi-coloured group " and a post-office box number.

It read as follows: "On In the FRG, the Church, on the basis of the Hitler concordat and in violation of the State's duty to maintain neutrality, enjoys most extensive privileges.

As a result, every non-Christian citizen of this State has to suffer disadvantages and daily annoyance. It requires employers, whether they be Christians or not, to pay over Church tax for their Christian employees and thus relieve the Church of financial administrative work.

This attempt - in a State which counts the separation of State and Church among its basic principles - to insist upon just such a separation has not only exposed [J. It has in addition involved him - when he called these underhand methods by their name - in the present proceedings for alleged insulting behaviour.

Were it your task as the competent judge to conduct an unbiased examination of this "case of insulting behaviour", then it must be said that you have not only failed to carry out this task, but also abused your office in order to try - by means which give a warning and a reminder of the darkest chapters of German legal history - to break the backbone of an unloved opponent of the Church.

It was with extreme indignation that we learned of the compulsory psychiatric examination which was conducted on your instructions, and to which [J. We shall use every avenue open to us, in particular our international contacts, to bring to public notice this action of yours, which is incompatible with the principles of a democratic State subscribing to the rule of law. We shall follow the further course of the proceedings against [J. The applicant had, as a city councillor, been chairman for some years of the Freiburg Bunte Liste, which is a local political party.

He had also played a particularly committed role in, although he had never been a member of, its Anti-clerical Working Group, which sought to curtail the influence of the Church. On 13 January the Director of the Munich I Regional Court Landgericht requested the Munich public prosecutor's office Staatsanwaltschaft to institute criminal proceedings against Klaus Wegner for the offence of insulting behaviour, contrary to Article of the Criminal Code.

Attempts to serve a summons on him were unsuccessful. The applicant's colleague refused to give any information about Klaus Wegner or his whereabouts and other attempts to identify him failed.

In the context of the above-mentioned proceedings the Munich District Court issued, on 8 August , a warrant to search the law office of the applicant and his colleague and the homes of Ms D. The warrant read as follows: "Preliminary investigations against Klaus Wegner concerning Article of the Criminal Code Decision The search of the following residential and business premises for documents which reveal the identity of "Klaus Wegener" [sic] and the seizure of such documents is ordered.

Office premises shared by the lawyers Gottfried Niemietz and Home including adjoining rooms and cars of Ms [D. Home including adjoining rooms and cars of Ms [G. The letter was signed by one Klaus Wegener. Until now it has not been possible to identify the signatory.

The Freiburg Bunte Liste could not be contacted by mail otherwise than through a box number. Until the end of such mail was forwarded to the office of Niemietz and It has therefore to be assumed that documents throwing light on the identity of Klaus Wegener can be found at the premises of the above-mentioned persons. Furthermore, it is to be assumed that there are such documents in the home of Ms [G. For these reasons, it is to be expected that evidence will be found in the course of a search of the premises indicated in this decision.

The search of the law office, the need for which the investigating authorities had first tried to obviate by questioning a witness, was effected by representatives of the Freiburg public prosecutor's office and the police on 13 November According to a police officer's report drawn up on the following day, the premises were entered at about 9.

The actual search began at about 9. The applicant himself arrived at 9. He declined to give any information as to the identity of Klaus Wegner, on the ground that he might thereby expose himself to the risk of criminal prosecution. Those conducting the search examined four filing cabinets with data concerning clients, three files marked respectively "BL", "C.

According to the applicant, the office's client index was also looked at and one of the files in question was its "Wegner defence file". Those searching neither found the documents they were seeking nor seized any materials. In the proceedings before the Commission, the applicant stated that he had been able to put aside in time documents pointing to the identity of Klaus Wegner and had subsequently destroyed them.

The homes of Ms D. On 10 December the Chairman of the Freiburg Bar Association, who had been informed about the search by the applicant's colleague, addressed a formal protest to the President of the Munich District Court.

The Chairman sent copies to the Bavarian Minister of Justice and the Munich Bar Association and invited the latter to associate itself with the protest. In a reply of 27 January , the President of the Munich District Court stated that the search was proportionate because the letter in question constituted a serious interference with a pending case; hence no legal action on the protest was necessary.

The criminal proceedings against "Klaus Wegner" were later discontinued for lack of evidence. It considered that in the circumstances there was no legal interest in having the warrant declared unlawful. It had not been arbitrary, since there had been concrete indications that specified material would be found.

There was no ground for holding that Article 97 of the Code of Criminal Procedure see paragraph 21 below had been circumvented: the warrant had been based on the fact that mail for the Freiburg Bunte Liste had for some time been delivered to the applicant's office and it could not be assumed that that mail could concern a lawyer-client relationship.

In addition, personal honour was not so minor a legal interest as to render the search disproportionate. There could be no question in the present case of preventing a lawyer from freely exercising his profession. On 28 April the applicant lodged a constitutional complaint Verfassungsbeschwerde against the search warrant of 8 August and the Munich I Regional Court's decision of 27 March On 18 August a panel of three judges of the Federal Constitutional Court Bundesverfassungsgericht declined to accept the complaint for adjudication, on the ground that it did not offer sufficient prospects of success.

The Federal Constitutional Court also found that the Munich I Regional Court's decision of 27 March that the applicant's appeal was inadmissible was not objectionable in terms of constitutional law. Relevant domestic law The search complained of was ordered in the context of criminal proceedings for insulting behaviour, an offence punishable by imprisonment for a maximum, where no physical violence is involved, of one year or a fine Article of the Criminal Code.

Article 13 para. Search warrants may be challenged, as regards their lawfulness, in proceedings instituted under Article of the Code of Criminal Procedure and, as regards their manner of execution, in proceedings instituted under section 23 1 of the Introductory Act to the Courts Organisation Act.

In Germany a lawyer is an independent organ in the administration of justice and an independent counsel and representative in all legal matters. An unauthorised breach of secrecy by a lawyer is punishable by imprisonment for a maximum of one year or a fine Article para. A lawyer is entitled to refuse to give testimony concerning any matter confided to him in a professional capacity Article 53 para.

The last-mentioned provisions, in conjunction with Article 97, prohibit, with certain exceptions, the seizure of correspondence between lawyer and client. Case-law of the court of justice of the European Communities Commission [] European Court Reports "ECR" at , the Court of Justice of the European Communities stated as follows: "Since the applicant has also relied on the requirements stemming from the fundamental right to the inviolability of the home, it should be observed that, although the existence of such a right must be recognized in the Community legal order as a principle common to the laws of the Member States in regard to the private dwellings of natural persons, the same is not true in regard to undertakings, because there are not inconsiderable divergences between the legal systems of the Member States in regard to the nature and degree of protection afforded to business premises against intervention by the public authorities.

No other inference is to be drawn from Article 8 1 art. The protective scope of that article is concerned with the development of man's personal freedom and may not therefore be extended to business premises.

Furthermore, it should be noted that there is no case-law of the European Court of Human Rights on that subject.

Translation of "damage his reputation" in Russian

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unacceptable intrusion of personal integrity. Граждане имеют право на защиту со стороны общества от неприемлемого вторжения в их личную жизнь.

The first number is the case's position on the list of cases referred to the Court in the relevant year second number. The last two numbers indicate the case's position on the list of cases referred to the Court since its creation and on the list of the corresponding originating applications to the Commission. Ryssdal, President, Mr R. Bernhardt, Mr L. Pettiti, Mr B. Walsh, Mr C. Russo, Mr A. Spielmann, Mr N.

Results: Exact: 1. Elapsed time: ms. All rights reserved.

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Нестандартные ситуации при подтверждении гражданства ребенка. После принятия решения о лечении больному выдается направление. Действительного госсоветника 3 и 2 кл.

В данном соглашении не надо указывать дату завершения действия контракта, так как при прерывании отпуска по ухаживанию за малышом и выходе на работу постоянной работницы, работодатель обязан уволить временно принятого человека. Пожалуйста, оставьте оценку за мой ответ, надеюсь, он стал для вас полезен. В тоже время, даже патент не обязателен для людей, прибывших из Белоруссии или Казахстана. Большое спасибо вам от всего коллектива.

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В противном случае вы нарушите закон, а банк не одобрит вашу заявку. Сложность раздела имущества в первую очередь связана с отсутствием доказательств, что оно было нажито в браке. Заламинированные документы действительно могут прослужить намного дольше, чем не запечатанные в пленку.

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