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The mysterious and distant India is not one of the most developed and prosperous countries in the world. Nevertheless, the number of migrant workers in the country is growing year by year. For example, in recent years India has improved statistics on criteria such as ease of doing business in the country, human development index, assessment of corruption perception and assessment of international competitiveness. The developing Indian economy needs skilled workers who are not always available on the domestic labour market. So how do foreigners find a job in colourful India?

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The mysterious and distant India is not one of the most developed and prosperous countries in the world. Nevertheless, the number of migrant workers in the country is growing year by year. For example, in recent years India has improved statistics on criteria such as ease of doing business in the country, human development index, assessment of corruption perception and assessment of international competitiveness.

The developing Indian economy needs skilled workers who are not always available on the domestic labour market. So how do foreigners find a job in colourful India? India is one of the most controversial countries in terms of employment of foreigners. The exception is the services sector, where there is a certain shortage of skilled labour, but the requirements for the applicant inevitably include the availability of specialised training and professional experience in this field.

Highly qualified specialists can apply for one of the vacancies, e. In some cases, a skilled worker may be required not only to speak English, but also to speak Hindi. Given the fact that a highly qualified professional can find a job in a better-off country, there must be a good reason to be employed in India. I found the job by chance when I was at a meeting of my compatriots where I met the director of the institute who later offered me a job.

My work schedule was flexible. The salary is paid once a month, not divided into two parts, as in Russia. There are no particular differences to work in Russia. But there are some Indian things — we recover from the holidays of both countries, so there is an opportunity to celebrate not only the usual and most popular holidays, but also new for us — Indian holidays. In general, I like the work very much because it is connected with people of different nationalities.

Most of them are Indian, so there is an opportunity to learn more about India and the local traditions. The work at the Russian Centre also helps to keep up with cultural events and participate in various events.

I enjoy working here. One of the most affordable ways to find a job in India today, as in the rest of the world, is via the Internet. Among the most popular websites specializing in employment in the country:.

When looking for a job in India it can be useful to communicate in social networks and specialized forums. Some of them successfully use such a search method as a direct contact to one of the companies offering vacancies, submitting their CVs for review.

In India, there are activities such as working in non-governmental organisations e. This work is an educational, charitable or social activity under voluntary conditions: i. You can get such a job by contacting the office of such an organisation. The issue of employment in Goa, a state in southwestern India known as one of the most popular resting places for tourists from around the world, including Russia, is something special.

Usually guides, entertainment managers, guest have to work here. You can find such a job both online and by publishing your resume on the website of one of the travel agencies in Moscow or another city. In fact, there is no other way for a foreigner to work. I found a job by chance, through acquaintances. They needed a Russian-speaking employee. My work does not belong to my special field.

My work is seasonal — from 1 September to 31 May. Schedule — 6 days a week. Sunday is a day off. Otherwise, everything is like in Russia. In principle, Goa, with good language skills, you can get a job at Hotel guest-relation or a translator.

Many leaders are needed, but for this job there must be appropriate personal qualities that are not accessible to everyone. There are very few tourists from Russia this year. Mainly from Ukraine and Kazakhstan. There is no such volume of work as last year, so there are now many people who want to find a job, but nobody needs someone. One of the most frequent job offers of the employment agencies in India in the year The average salary in the country is 2, dollars per year.

But there is a big gap between the salaries of the different strata of the population. The official minimum wage in the country is Rs.

In the rural areas of the country the average wage is Rs. The salary of an oil worker in Kochi can be Rs. A general practitioner receives Rs. There you go. In the last semester, a successful interview was conducted with the company in which the good half of the course wanted to find a job. The first job was in Hyderabad, followed by Gandinagar and Ahmedabad. I am a senior consultant for various projects and infrastructures.

As in any consultation, it is flexible and irregular in Indian reality. I like working here, although there are some disadvantages and advantages.

Among the advantages I want to emphasize: a good team and communication with highly qualified people, freedom of action and the fact that your opinion has weight and you listen to it.

The following documents will be submitted to the Embassy of India in Moscow or St. Petersburg or to the Consulate General in Vladivostok. Only holders of diplomatic passports submit documents to the Embassy in Moscow. If the document package is submitted in full, the result of the verification will be announced within 4 working days. The visa is then pasted into the passport. In order to obtain a work visa for India, the applicant must meet the following criteria:.

A work visa cannot be issued to a jobseeker who is claimed by natives who are not currently employed. In addition, a foreign migrant cannot usually apply for a job that does not require special training and qualification. The total duration of the visa extension should not exceed 5 years. When a migrant arrives in the country to perform work under a contract, he must provide the following in addition to the above documents:. A work permit in India provides for a work visa and a residence permit.

The employment of a foreign employee is possible if the employer company:. A work permit in the state provides for a work visa and a residence permit. The corresponding stamp on the sticker must be affixed within 14 days of arrival in the country. The following documents must be submitted for registration:.

After registration under FRRO The employee must obtain a residence permit for the duration of the work visa. The procedure ends with the issuance of a document to the employee in the form of a completed A4 form. In an attempt to find illegal employment in India, the worker is threatened with deportation and blacklisting, after which the perpetrator cannot visit the country for many years. Many tour guides only work with tourist visas, which is forbidden by law. In addition, the official continues, these people practically take jobs away from local residents.

This situation, which aggravates social tensions, worries the local authorities. It seems that the police are therefore in charge of identifying foreigners who work illegally in tourism. FDPs, who also had a business visa, have also been targeted by law enforcement agencies. An internship in an Indian company is a good opportunity to gain experience in India and improve your English or Hindi skills.

These internships are organised by various training and education centres, which usually supervise the interns during their stay in India. The organiser takes care of this:. The internship programmes aim to gain experience in the hotel and restaurant industry, in the region and abroad.

IT -technology, the social sector. In addition, there are voluntary internship programmes e. To start your own business in India, you must first apply for a business visa for the country. The most popular economic sectors in the country are trade, tourism and gastronomy.

Given the large Internet audience in India, there are great opportunities for the IT -businessmen. The majority of specialists consider the opening of their own company in India to be a courageous and risky event. The authorisation to conduct business in the country provides for the obtaining of a residence permit for the entrepreneur. The conditions required to obtain a residence permit:. Working in India is a good option for those who like the measured and comfortable pace of life, and the level of wages is not necessarily a determining factor in choosing a job.

India has more than 1. Search for:. There is a surplus of unskilled labour on the domestic labour market. The most accessible way to find a job is via the Internet.

Most migrant workers in Goa are employed in the tourism industry. The dancer is one of the most frequent vacancies in the country. In most countries there is a shortage of healthcare professionals.

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Страна: Индия, Курорт: Северный Гоа. Кандолим / North Goa. СПА и Аюрведа отели Индии / SPA and Ayurveda hotels in India ​услуги врача (​платно) нет русских» я принимала за откровенный снобизм и банальный выпендреж. Где купить · Вопросы и ответы · Вакансии · Прямой эфир · Partners Page.


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