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Such an outstanding event of the world level as the Astana Economic Forum is being held for the fourth time at the heart of the Eurasia continent, Kazakhstan. The dialogue platform which also remains a unique place has been attracting more participants from different countries. Unlike other relevant forums, the main leading force at the Forum in Astana is scientistseconomists united by the main organizer — Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists which was established at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N.

Nazarbayev, and connecting scientists-economists from more than 60 countries worldwide. In particular scientists have become the core, who have connected politicians, representatives of business-societies and social alliances. Such a fundamental approach to the organization of the Forum is not accidental. For example, if a person discovers the illness, first of all, he will go to see a doctor.

Only the doctor can put the correct diagnose and assign the correct treatment. Only the scientists, as doctors, with the help of the practitioners are able to find the single right solution of the world financial system. Following this principle, the worldwide known scientists have been invited to the IV Astana Economic Forum, who have made a significant contribution to the development of the economical science.

Besides scientists, also politicians, social activists, businessmen of high rank will participate at the work of the Forum. Surely, such a representative structure of Forum participants will allow to develop recommendations, which have become traditional, for the summit of G I wish a fruitful and successful work to all participants of the Forum on behalf of the Organizing Committee, I also invite everyone to the V Astana Economic Forum which will be held on May in Editor-in-Chief Serik Nugerbekov.

Registration Certificate No. Any reproduction of the materials or their extracts is only with permission of the editors. Quarterly edition Negotiated price Subscription Address of the editorial office: , 65 Temirkazyk str. Dean Will the Periphery Poison the Core? Gengshu Miao Foreign Experience Nazarbayev on establishment of the Eurasian Club of scientists announced at the St.

Petersburg Economic Forum in June Scientific organizations, economists and practitioners from over than 60 countries are the members of the EECSA. Mission of EECSA is combine efforts of scientists, economists and practitioners, civil society and international organizations to address issues of economic development and promote economic and social progress of the world community.

EECSA is create of conditions for a full exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge in organization and management of scientific activities, as well as to assists in attracting potential investors and customers to enhance innovation and implementation of socioeconomic projects.

EECSA, being the main organizer of the Astana Economic Forum, in order to significantly contribute to the global economy, provides the maximum involvement of stakeholders for a dialogue between science and business. In the young capital of Kazakhstan the leading scientists, representatives of political and business circles will discuss issues of economics and finance at the IV Astana Economic Forum on May, , Sultanov, the Economic Forum is to be held in Astana in early May.

Bakhyt Sultanov: The IV Astana Economic Forum is an international dialogue platform, created to design mechanisms for the development of the global financial system, promotion of business, social sphere, integration processes, international cooperation and attraction of investment.

Annual result of the Forum is an Open Letter of recommendations for the leaders of the G20 member countries. All three directions will be widely discussed at all Forum events, while the main topic will be discussion of improving the global financial architecture. It is planned to achieve practical results that will be useful food for thought at the next G20 Summit. In your opinion, what place does the Astana Economic Forum take among similar events in the world, what do you think is unique about the Astana Economic Forum and what distinguishes it from similar events?

Bakhyt Sultanov: The Astana Economic Forum ranks high among similar fora, because this event allows to bring together influential politicians, prominent scientists, economists, representatives of business to. On the one hand, what makes the Astana Economic Forum special is that it brings together practitioners, scientists and businessmen making it rich in content and effective.

Open multilateral platform of the Astana Economic Forum enables its participants to discuss and develop their own vision of solving pressing problems of further development of the world economy. The Forum brings delegations of many countries, prominent politicians, outstanding scientists, Nobel Prize Laureates, representatives of international corporations, financial institutions and real sector of the economy.

On the other hand, the Virtual Forum generates ideas, suggestions, articles and comments from citizens from all over the world relevant for politics, business and science. Only during six months of its work, the Virtual Forum was visited by more than , people.

This platform allows publishing materials, conducting debates and polls on various pressing issues. As a result, a social network of the Astana Economic Forum is being created which is constantly growing in quantity and geographic coverage in Internet.

EER: Every year the status of the Astana Economic Forum is rising with a constant progress in comparison to similar fora. The III Forum was visited by more than participants, among them high-ranking and influential politicians, representatives of business and science.

This year, what kind of participants do you expect in terms of rank and quantity? Bakhyt Sultanov: The Forum will be visited by more than participants from more than 80 countries of the world. In your opinion, what benefits will it bring for Kazakhstan in general? Bakhyt Sultanov: Certainly, holding the Astana Economic Forum visited by the representatives from all continents, will enhance the image of Kazakhstan as the host nation of major events of the world level.

An example of the fact that the Astana Economic Forum plays an important role for the growing prestige of Kazakhstan as the country capable of organization and holding world-class events can be results of the Forum of , in particular the fact that during the Forum memoranda and agreements on cooperation have been signed, an agreement has been reached with the European Investment Bank on the financing of investment projects worth 1.

In addition to attracting investment to Kazakhstan, the Forum also contributes to the development of education and science, which is a key element in implementing a growth strategy of our country. With this in mind, we will combine experience and professionalism of Nobel Prize Laureates and other equally eminent scientists and economists, whose knowledge and experience will make a huge contribution to the development of education and science of Kazakhstan.

EER: In connection with the situation in the Middle East, the consequent increase in oil prices, problems with food security, reduction of tourist attractiveness, many experts fear a significant deterioration of the global economy.

Will these issues be discussed during the upcoming Astana Economic Forum? Bakhyt Sultanov: The current situation in the Middle East contributes to higher prices of raw materials, reduces the tourist attractiveness of the region and deeply affects the overall food security. These factors immediately affected the development of the region and the world economy as a whole. Given the importance of the Forum and its role in the international arena, as well as the fact that one of its main tasks is to solve global economic problems through a broad dialogue, panel sessions of the Forum will be fully devoted to dealing with such important economic and social consequences.

The remaining important topics are development of alternative energy and green growth, which will be reflected in the sessions of the Forum in light of past events in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the current situation in Japan.

EER: Tourism has become an integral part of economies of many countries of the world. In Kazakhstan tourism has been included in the programme of forced industrial innovative development.

How can the AEF contribute to the world tourism and tourism in Kazakhstan in particular? Will the Forum be of interest to recognized authorities in the area of tourism for discussion of the problems of this industry? Bakhyt Sultanov: The Astana Economic Forum is an ideal platform for discussion of pressing issues and problems facing all countries of the world. This session will discuss the issues of tourism not only relevant for Kazakhstan but also for the whole world which can be evidenced by the fact that the speakers of this session represent 25 countries such as Germany, France, China, Mexico, Sweden and many others.

Taleb Rifai will participate in this Session. Each country has its own problems of development of the tourism industry. For example, Spain, a developed European country, hosting tourists from all over the world, faces issues such as diversification of the industry, the expansion of available travel services, while developing countries with large tourist potential face problems with the quality of services, infrastructure development, etc.

In short, the diversity of participants of the session will enable discussion of the full range of issues of tourism from various points of view of represented countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America. Will this initiative supported by President Nazarbayev and President Sarkozy be discussed at the upcoming Forum?

At the next fourth Forum this topic will be one of the main ones. In July, during his speech at the III Astana Economic Forum the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that it is time to create a new financial architecture, the core of which should be a global system of regulatory oversight of financial markets.

Back in , Nursultan Nazarbayev called for introduction of a global currency, which would operate independently of any national currency for example,.

But as some supporters of monetary reform welcome one-time operations, such as the modernization of the SDR as the principal monetary meter, others put forward the idea of re-introducing the gold standard as a more realistic approach. Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of France Nicolas Sarkozy and many world leaders are advocates of this model. In many ways, the session will be devoted to global issues of improvement and change of the global financial paradigm, monetary and financial system and the need to change it, the issues of introducing alternative, regional and global currencies will be extensively discussed.

EER: In addition to these important directions of the Forum, what other issues will be discussed? What important events will take place? Bakhyt Sultanov: The main issue today for the Central Asian countries is food security.

Aggravation of the world food problem in the XXI century is due primarily to higher population growth compared with growth rates of production, as well as global climate change. The Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO Jacques Diouf, representatives of the governments of the Central Asian region, international analysts and experts in the field of food security, development institutions, the World Bank, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD , representatives of the member countries of the Customs Union, major international and domestic industry associations will take part in the work of this session.

Also the Eurasian Business Congress, which will be focused on the expansion of mutually beneficial trade and economic ties and development of investment cooperation in Eurasia, is planned to be held. The programme of Innovative Congress will include a discussion of intergovernmental policy, integration processes and mechanisms for international innovation cooperation. The Congress will bring together key players of the national innovation system: technoparks, business incubators and business structures in the development and introduction of innovative technologies, as well as designers of government policy on innovative crossborder cooperation.

Industrialists and entrepreneurs will discuss steps to enhance cooperation in trade and economic relations and establishment of mutually beneficial investment climate in the Eurasian space, as well as issues of cooperation in the development of the economy. In addition, separate sessions are reserved for the consideration of regional development issues, global and regional integration, competitiveness, SME support, improved dialogue between business and universities, and the role of multinational corporations in the economy.

To what degree are Forum recommendations implemented in the practices of these countries? Among such points are promotion of green growth policies and introduction of environmentally friendly innovations, support of infrastructure, use of macro-prudential regulation.

Every year the project of recommendations for the G20, announced at the Astana Economic Forum, is becoming increasingly important, as evidenced. Thus, Nobel Prize Laureates, representatives of international organizations that have previously been involved in similar projects, such as Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee, Club de Madrid, and G20 Research Center and many others will participate in developing recommendations for the G20 based on the results of the IV Astana Economic Forum.

I am confident that issues which will be discussed at the Forum will be reflected at the G20 Summit in France, because we can really unite opinions of Eurasia, overseas countries and the Islamic world.

EER: Mr. Sultanov, thank you for comprehensive and interesting information. We wish you success and a fruitful Forum. Bakhyt Sultanov: Thank you. Nazarbayev initiatives is given in this publication. These proposals are systemic solutions to global problems in the formation of a new model of global economy and adequate financial architecture. It is well-known that it is Nursultan A. Nazarbayev who was the first from the politicians worldwide, who has taken a liberty upon himself and publicly gave an estimation of the world financial-economic crisis.

It will become a history of the world economic idea as an initiative that highlighted one of the most urgent contemporary problems and hopefully was the basis for fundamental reforms of the world economic system in favor of more fair, humane and democratic model. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in his works presumes that financial and economic crisis of and current crisis has revealed major systemic contradictions of the world economic constitution, namely a discrepancy of the global monetary system to the needs of social development.

In order to overcome the global crisis, there are measures that can correct the situation in economy without eliminating its main causes.

Most of the known definitions of the crisis characterize it from different sides, but do not disclosure the nature and depth of the processes occurring in the economy, regulation and policy-making socio-economic development in modern conditions.

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We have preconceived ideas expectations about how we will experience a particular event. Sometimes we are filled with anticipation and others times perhaps a reluctance to participate. Regardless of what our expectations are, they shape our experiences. Our emotional response to our expectations clues us in on whether our expectations were fulfilled. If our expectations were exceeded, we may have a response similar to what I previously noted. If our experience meets our expectations, our emotional response may go unnoticed. The more aware we are of our expectations, the more likely we can take steps to get our expectations met. What Did You Expect?

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I was playing with plastic animals, making jewelry and brooches out of plastic animals, and then it was time to do it proper. I am more like a graphic designer. A mix of culture I have been hanging out in London with some japanese people and then there is the internet of course!

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Such an outstanding event of the world level as the Astana Economic Forum is being held for the fourth time at the heart of the Eurasia continent, Kazakhstan. The dialogue platform which also remains a unique place has been attracting more participants from different countries. Unlike other relevant forums, the main leading force at the Forum in Astana is scientistseconomists united by the main organizer — Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists which was established at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N. Nazarbayev, and connecting scientists-economists from more than 60 countries worldwide. In particular scientists have become the core, who have connected politicians, representatives of business-societies and social alliances.

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ВИДЕО ПО ТЕМЕ: Сроки давности основных статей УК РФ: кража, мошенничество, наркотики - ст 158, 159, 228, 327 и т.д.
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