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Special issue Note: this special issue will also contain papers , , , , , , , , , on our website. A single author is free to purchase not more than 2 papers from this special issue tops. This is one of journals requirements. This paper discusses the sustainable development SD of the construction industry and the relationship between sustainability and competitiveness while using green supply chain management GSCM. Furthermore, the idea of GSCM as a component of green building is outlined.

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Special issue Note: this special issue will also contain papers , , , , , , , , , on our website. A single author is free to purchase not more than 2 papers from this special issue tops. This is one of journals requirements. This paper discusses the sustainable development SD of the construction industry and the relationship between sustainability and competitiveness while using green supply chain management GSCM.

Furthermore, the idea of GSCM as a component of green building is outlined. An eco-friendly lifestyle has been established, not as a temporary trend but as an evidence of changes in the attitude towards environmental safety. Buyers become more environmentally conscious. Therefore, the demand for eco-friendly production increased. Moreover, the research is aimed to prove that the increase in the number of new customers is proportional to the solvent demand of Generation Y and Z.

Keywords: green supply chain management, construction company, sustainable development, competitiveness. Contractors are faced with a high level of risk in the implementation of a construction project. The problem is that contractors have formed local systems for problem-solving and risk management, which means that they are intuitive and unsystematic and cannot be expanded beyond local projects. The purpose of the study is to propose a systemic, cumulative risk management model for construction projects that would be suitable for use in international practice.

The construction risk management system proposed by this article is a formal, logical and universal tool for decision-making in the field of risk management. This study is designed to develop an innovative integrated and systematic method of assessing risks in the implementation of a construction project.

Such methodological tools are expanded by the Gray theory, multi-attribute risk management model, portfolio theory, quantitative risk analysis using ranking indices, the theory of decision-making, a cooperative approach.

Analog computing and a hybrid approach to the element base of artificial intelligence applications. The intense demand for artificial intelligence technology is driving the development of complex high-performance applications with less power consumption. Analog computing is of high-performance and has simplified system, which simulate the physical processes occurring in nature. The universality of the digital coding allows getting a fairly accurate calculation result and provides saving without loss and additional restoration.

The benefits of digital and analog computing systems can be enhanced by its hybridization. The type and level of hybrid computing depends on the complexity of the task to find the optimal solutions. Hardware realization of a Neural Network offer promising solutions for computing tasks that require compact and low-power computing technologies. Artificial Neural Networks or ANN, like biological neurons, is characterized by its capacity of learning and memorizing the information, depending on its architecture and weight.

The literature review shows that stable weight storage can be achieved using digital weights and analog multipliers to reduce footprint. The proposed methodology for the network architecture provides optimal conditions for maintaining synaptic weights, increasing processing speed by the parallel weight perturbation.

The intellectualization of transportation system is a relevant task for solving traffic-related problems such as vehicle traffic management and modern transport system improvement. The purpose of this work was to design a competitive pathway for real transport system to optimize the route planning.

Modeling of the transport system refers to the problem of finding the K-shortest sustainable pathway in a multimodal network. The solution to this problem was fulfilled by applying a hybrid algorithm of an ant colony based on a differential evolution approach to the pheromone renewal and the division of the colony into teams.

Experimental results showed that an advanced ants colony algorithm is highly efficient even with quite a small population of the colony. The obtained results were compared with those of the conventional ant colony algorithm. Due to its high efficiency, the elaborated method is applicable in improving the quality of the entire road network, especially in congestions and traffic jams, taking into account real-time traffic information. The purpose of this work was to evaluate the possibilities of such a combined application in experimental sites and control sites.

The research was performed in - in the Moscow region Russian Federation. A total of sites were laid in 4-times repetition, namely, 60 control sites without desiccants and 60 experimental sites with applying two desiccants — Reglon Super and RAP. The indicators of harvesting time, yield, and drying results of soybean seeds were compared. After one week, the difference in moisture content between the control and the experimental sites comprised 1. When storing soybean seeds for up to days, a deterioration in the quality of the seed mass can be observed.

At that, the inhibition of lipase and lipoxygenase enzymes occurs, which leads to a decrease in the raw mass of oil, as well as lower acid and peroxide numbers.

Application of desiccants compared to the non-desiccant control site accelerates the maturation of seeds to the necessary moisture content for two weeks, without reducing figures on the yield.

Keywords: Soybean, seeds moisture content, drying, lipase, lipoxygenase, storage. Materials and methods. Along with the development of modern technologies in medicine and their implementation in dentistry, the requirements for future dentists education are increasing steadily. To improve the training of dental students, previously existing approaches and curricula should be reviewed.

The aim of the article is to study the prediction model of an individual learning style in e-learning systems to enhance the effectiveness of dentistry education.

The statistical data of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service on the students distribution in the field of preparation of dentists in higher educational institutions for was used to assess the current state of development of dental education and the possibilities of introducing e-learning systems. In order to achieve the goal set, the anonymous survey was conducted among dental students of the I. To compare the state of dental education with the developed countries, the study provides a survey performed by the American Dental Association in the United States.

The investigation among the MSMU students involved 18 male and 24 female participants. The correlation analysis of the relationships between different learning styles revealed the closest relation between auditory and visual learning.

Based on the data obtained, a model for predicting an individual learning style based on a specially designed questionnaire was proposed to improve the e-learning of dental students. The information resulted from the current research will contribute to the promotion of a profound study of academic disciplines in the field of dental education by developing an e-learning system. Thus, the use of students cognitive skills could be improved.

Anxiety-depressive disorders are directly associated with the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system. The aim of the study was to compare the level of development of anxiety-depressive disorder in patients with a diagnosis of extrasystolic arrhythmia. Material and Methods. The study was conducted in - on patients Moscow, Russia. Everyone underwent round-the-clock electrocardiography ECG and echocardiography. Patients were tested on 3 scales that determine the level of anxiety-depressive disorder: depression on the Montgomery-Asberg and Zung scales, anxiety - on the Covi and Zung scales.

For patients with ventricular extrasystole, a significant difference was established between groups 1 and 2 only in terms of the level of depression on the Zung scale. Factors of psychogenic origin determine the development of cardiac rhythm disturbances. The study showed that for supraventricular extrasystoles, these factors determine the overall health of the patient. The most susceptible to depression and anxiety are patients with extrasystolic arrhythmias diagnosed with CHD, as well as MCD.

Corporate cybercrime counteraction systems: Apple vs. Employees are the most valuable asset of any enterprise, but they can also be a source of the most significant threats. The purpose of the study is to analyze the concept, features and practice of using corporate systems to counter cybercrime among personnel on the example of top telecommunications technology companies Apple and Samsung. This study addresses the issue of combating cybercrime among enterprise personnel, and also, using the method of functional comparison, the work analyzes the approaches of the above companies in matters of combating cybercrime among employees.

The results of this study indicate that the problem of internal cybercrime is equally characteristic of both companies, while regional features influence the formation of their domestic policy. These results can be used to identify vulnerabilities in internal cybersecurity issues at enterprises, as well as develop effective systems and policies to address them.

Keywords: cybercrime counteraction, cybercrime, insider, personal data, commercial information, information systems, corporate policy Contacts : WhatsApp , Viber , E-mail , Phone. Keywords: stakeholders, construction industry, small and medium businesses, financial sustainability, LRD management business model Contacts : WhatsApp , Viber , E-mail , Phone.

Abiogenic and biogenic oil - is there a general theory for geological exploration? Energy autonomy of households: risks or benefits for the state? The researches were carried out in on the territory of the Moscow region the Russian Federation. For the period the total number of plots made up , by in each experimental and control groups.

We demonstrated that within the conditions close to the natural ones, some varieties of beans can produce the same yield as under standard farming. The seed yield in both groups is related to the quantity of beans. Keywords: broad bean, crop yield, organic farming, permaculture, seed weight, Vicia faba. The soft skills are defined as desirable qualities that do not depend on acquired knowledge. They are formed on the basis of leadership qualities.

However, soft skills development is not associated with particular professions or activities but remains crucial in building a successful career. Considering this, the current work is aimed at describing a model for the efficient development of leadership qualities among students in the process of soft skills acquisition. The research is based on School No. It covers a total of students in grades 75 from School No. The study consists of diagnostic, experimental, and final phases.

At the diagnostic phase, the level of leadership qualities among secondary school students is determined according to the Zharikov and Krushelnitsky methods. During the experimental phase, the model is tested and introduced into the secondary education system. As a result, a comparative analysis of the results obtained at the diagnostic and final phases in all classes, reveals an increase in the number of respondents with a moderate and high leadership potential.

This means that the implementation of the leadership development model can be considered successful and may be used by other educational institutions. The studies were conducted in The First control crop rotation includes such elements as: clean steam - winter wheat - barley - sunflower control - plowing. The second crop rotation is the sideral clover pair - wheat winter - barley - binary sowing sunflower and clover, stubble green manure - oilseed radish. The third link of the crop rotation included the occupied steam of alfalfa - binary sowing of winter wheat and alfalfa - barley - binary sowing, which included sunflower and alfalfa, on a crop of green radish.

On average, over three years of research in areas with alfalfa, there was an increase in another parameter of the soil structure - water resistance of aggregates, by 9. For the detrital content in the soil, the decrease in the control content was An integrated approach to the use of legumes on the example of alfalfa in binary crops with cereals and sunflowers, as well as a steam-harvesting crop, combined with the use of biologization techniques, ensures the normalization of moisture consumption, micronutrient migration, an increase in the concentration of detritus, as well as moisture resistance of soil aggregates.

There is a steady tendency towards an increase in detrital concentration by 1. Keywords: organic farming, agroecosystems, legumes, alfalfa, permaculture, binary crops.

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о праве собственности на помещение, на земельный участок, план земельного участка, ситуационный план размещения жилого дома на участке.

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Поэтому я решила разместить средства в Сбербанке. Но это относится лишь к тем категориям граждан, которые права хотят получить впервые. Это должно быть в точности исполнено транспортной организацией в целях сохранения качества транспортируемого груза. А сам приобретает по отношению к нему обязательственные права (ст. Плюс к этому, появляется вероятность ожидания, когда в новой квартире Продавца закончится ремонт. Следует найти меню сим-карты Билайн в телефоне. К примеру, в некоторых компаниях есть чётко установленное количество рабочих часов, о чём новый сотрудник был проинформирован при собеседовании. Итак, первый значок, находящийся в самом верхнем левом углу, логотип сайта.

Этот же день считается первым рабочим днем после отпуска, рабочий день определяется регламентом. В противном случае процесс их сбора вполне может затянуться на несколько недель или даже месяцев. Покупка средств для социальной адаптации за счет материнского капитала. При этом работать можно только в регионе, в котором было получено разрешение. Как правильно оформить дарение доли в квартире близкому родственнику.

Действия обманутого покупателя: Составление претензии продавцу. Как правильно написать письмо о том, что деньги отправлены на неправильно указанные реквизиты.

Мужики мои вроде бы нашли, вот несколько раз пришли подстриженные и на людей похоже, а я не могу никак найти. Однако в ряде случаев и в отношении отдельных видов материальных ценностей возможные некоторые исключения. С учетом изложенного автор сообщения считает, что в деятельности адвоката К. Получить полную сумму накоплений по окончанию службы и купить на эти деньги квартиру без многолетнего кредита. Постановка на учет проводится стандартным способом. В отличие от табеля, график учета рабочего времени не относится к категории обязательных документов.

Необходимо иметь в виду, что основная цель аттестации - это в первую очередь защита прав работников на здоровые и безопасные условия труда. Нарушение этого правила чревато для компании штрафом в размере от 400 000 до 800 000 руб. За нарушение окончательного срока выполнения работ, установленного в п. Полный перечень кодов отчетных периодов для прошлых лет можно узнать, обратившись к Приложению к Порядку заполнения форм персонифицированного учета. Проверьте текущий баланс или сумму задолженности по вашей кредитной карте. Простые очки с диоптриями стоит надевать только при условии, что гражданин использует их для постоянного ношения.

о праве собственности на помещение, на земельный участок, план земельного участка, ситуационный план размещения жилого дома на участке.

Перейдя на данную страницу, можно написать обращение. Основанием для предоставления льгот является удостоверение установленного образца. Также вы можете обратиться к опытным юристам, работающим на нашем сайте.

Как составить и обосновать свое ходатайство. Специалисты данной службы выдадут справку о том, что вы не состоите на учете, если вы не обращались к ним ранее. В разделах трудовой книжки, содержащих сведения о работе или сведения о награждении, зачеркивание неточных или неправильных записей не допускается. Пассажир, он же ответственный за командировку, нарушил приказание о выезде в 14. Законодательством определены обстоятельства, при которых доверенность на право подписания документов теряет силу. Лица, оформившие опеку над детьми до 2 лет, вправе получать бесплатные питательные смеси.

Расчет ожидаемого размера алиментов. Вместе с этим таким учреждениям вменяются определенные обязанности. Срок подачи апелляционной жалобы является процессуальным.

Признание той или иной семьи малоимущей происходит на основании соответствующего решения, принятого органами социальной защиты населения на основании поданного представителем такой семьи заявления с сопровождающим пакетом документов. По итогам судебных разбирательств физическое лицо может быть признано банкротом или ему предложат альтернативные варианты решения проблемы. Если должносо подчинены одна другой, то замещение должности родственникам или бывшими супругами неовзможно. Нарушением является и снижение размера оклада путем принятия нового штатного расписания. Приглашающая сторона берет на себя обязательство по предоставлению жилья, медицинского обслуживания и финансового обеспечения приглашенного иностранца на время его нахождения в России.

Их предлагает множество банков. Возврат будет осуществлен в полном размере налога, причитающегося за год, через 4 месяца после подачи этого комплекта документов. Если за Вашим автомобилем зафиксированы неуплаченные штрафы, то после ввода гос.

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