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Everything becomes legend, if the gentlemen will have the goodness to wait. The previous volume of this autobiography covered my first twenty-six years, up to my joining the Communist Party in The present, concluding volume ends with my escape to England in , and my settling down in that country. An epilogue brings the narrative up to the present date. To write one's memoirs before one has reached the age of fifty may seem a premature and somewhat presumptuous undertaking. But if one's past is worth recording at all, this should be done before its colour and fragrance have faded.

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Medvedev resigned along with the rest of the government on 15 January to allow President Putin to make sweeping constitutional changes; he was succeeded by Mikhail Mishustin on 16 January On the same day, Vladimir Putin appointed him deputy chairman of the Security Council.

Regarded as more liberal than his predecessor and successor as president, Vladimir Putin who was also prime minister during Medvedev's presidency , Medvedev's top agenda as president was a wide-ranging modernisation programme , aiming at modernising Russia's economy and society, and lessening the country's reliance on oil and gas. Medvedev initiated a substantial law enforcement reform and launched an anti-corruption campaign , despite having been accused of corruption himself.

Later, she would also work as a tour guide at Pavlovsk Palace. The Medvedevs were regarded at the time as a Soviet intelligentsia family. Medvedev traces his family roots to the Belgorod region. As a child, Medvedev was intellectually curious, described by his first grade teacher Vera Smirnova as a "dreadful why-asker". After school, he would spend some time playing with his friends before hurrying home to work on his assignments.

In the third grade, Medvedev studied the ten-volume Small Soviet Encyclopedia belonging to his father. In the fourth and fifth grades he demonstrated interest in chemistry, conducting elementary experiments. He was involved to some degree with sport. In grade seven, his adolescent curiosity blossomed through his relationship with Svetlana Linnik , his future wife, who was studying at the same school in a parallel class.

He calls the school's final exams in a "tough period when I had to mobilize my abilities to the utmost for the first time in my life. In the autumn of , year-old Medvedev enrolled at Leningrad State University to study law. Although he also considered studying linguistics , Medvedev later said he never regretted his choice, finding his chosen subject increasingly fascinating, stating that he was lucky "to have chosen a field that genuinely interested him and that it was really 'his thing'".

During his student years, Medvedev was a fan of the English rock bands Black Sabbath , Led Zeppelin , and Deep Purple , fond of sports and participated in athletic competitions in rowing and weight-lifting. After graduating, Medvedev considered joining the prosecutor's office to become an investigator however, he took an opportunity to pursue graduate studies as the civil law chair, deciding to accept three budget-funded post-graduate students to work at the chair itself.

In , Medvedev defended his dissertation titled, "Problems of Realisation of Civil Juridical Personality of State Enterprise" and received his Candidate of Sciences degree in private law.

Anatoly Sobchak , a major democratic politician of the s and s was one of Medvedev's professors at the university. In , Medvedev joined Sobchak's team of democrats and served as the de facto head of Sobchak's successful campaign for a seat in the new Soviet parliament , the Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR.

After Sobchak's election campaign Medvedev continued his academic career in the position of docent at his alma mater, now renamed Saint Petersburg State University. According to one student, Medvedev was a popular teacher ; "strict but not harsh".

During his tenure Medvedev co-wrote a popular three-volume civil law textbook which over the years has sold a million copies. Sobchak hired Medvedev who had previously headed his election campaign. One of Sobchak's former students, Vladimir Putin , came on board as an adviser. It was headed by Putin. Petersburg-based timber company.

Medvedev aided the company in developing a strategy as the firm launched a significant expansion. Medvedev sold his shares in ILP in He then took his first job at the central government of Russia. The profits realised by Medvedev are unknown.

In June , Medvedev's colleague Vladimir Putin was brought into the Russian presidential administration. Three years later, on 16 August , he became Prime Minister of Russia. Three months later, in November , Medvedev became one of several from St. Petersburg brought in by Vladimir Putin to top government positions in Moscow. On 31 December he was appointed deputy head of the presidential staff , becoming one of the politicians closest to President Putin.

During the Presidential elections he was Putin's campaign manager. Putin won the election with Medvedev was quoted after the election commenting he thoroughly enjoyed the work and the responsibility calling it "a test of strength". As President, Putin launched a campaign against corrupt oligarchs and economic mismanagement.

He appointed Medvedev Chairman of gas company Gazprom 's board of directors in with Alexei Miller. Medvedev put an end to the large-scale tax evasion and asset stripping by the previous corrupt management. Medvedev headed Russia's negotiations with Ukraine and Belarus during gas price disputes. In October Medvedev replaced Alexander Voloshin as presidential chief of staff. In November Medvedev moved from the presidential administration of the government when Putin appointed him as the First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

In particular Medvedev was made responsible for the implementation of the National Priority Projects focusing on improving public health , education , housing and agriculture. According to opinion polls most Russians believed the money invested in the projects had been spent ineffectively. Following his appointment as First Deputy Prime Minister, many political observers began to regard Medvedev as a potential candidate for the presidential elections, [21] although Western observers widely believed Medvedev was too liberal and too pro-Western for Putin to endorse him as a candidate.

Instead, Western observers expected the candidate to arise from the ranks of the so-called siloviki , security and military officials many of whom were appointed to high positions during Putin's presidency.

Medvedev's popularity was probably boosted by his high-profile role in the National Priority Projects. Many observers were surprised when on 10 December , President Putin announced that Medvedev was his preferred successor. The announcement was staged on TV with four parties suggesting Medvedev's candidature to Putin, and Putin then giving his endorsement. I am confident that he will be a good president and an effective manager. But besides other things, there is this personal chemistry: I trust him.

I just trust him. As 2 March election approached, the outgoing President, Vladimir Putin, remained the country's most popular politician. In his first speech after being endorsed, Medvedev announced that, as president, he would appoint Vladimir Putin to the post of prime minister to head the Russian government. Although Putin had pledged not to change the distribution of authority between the president and prime minister, many analysts expected a shift in the center of power from the presidency to the prime minister post when Putin assumed the latter under a Medvedev presidency.

Medvedev's election campaign was relatively low-key and, like his predecessor, Medvedev refused to take part in televised debates, citing his high workload as first deputy prime minister as the reason.

Instead, Medvedev preferred to present his views on his election website Medvedev In January , Medvedev launched his campaign with stops in the oblasts. Medvedev argued that Russia needed "decades of stable development" because the country had "exhausted its share of revolutions and social upheavals back in the twentieth century".

Medvedev therefore emphasised liberal modernisation while still aiming to continue his predecessor's agenda of stabilisation. In the Krasnoyarsk speech, Medvedev harshly condemned Russia's " legal nihilism " and highlighted the need to ensure independence of the country's juridical system and the need for an anti-corruption program.

In economy, Medvedev advocated private property, economic deregulation and lower taxes. According to him, Russia's economy should be modernised by focusing on four "I"s: institutions, infrastructure, innovation and investment. Medvedev was elected President of Russia on 2 March The final election results gave him The main contenders, Gennady Zyuganov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky received Three-quarters of Medvedev's vote was Putin's electorate.

The fairness of the election was disputed by observers and officials worldwide. Moreover, the few western vote monitors bemoaned the inequality of candidate registration and the abuse of administrative resources by Medvedev allowing blanket television coverage.

I believe my most important aims will be to protect civil and economic freedoms We must fight for a true respect of the law and overcome legal nihilism, which seriously hampers modern development.

His inauguration coincided with the celebration of the Victory Day on 9 May. He attended the military parade at Red Square and signed a decree to provide housing to war veterans. The nomination was approved by the State Duma with a clear majority of —56, with only communist deputies voting against.

In the presidential administration Medvedev replaced Sergei Sobyanin with Sergei Naryshkin as the head of the administration. Medvedev's old classmate from his student years, Konstantin Chuichenko , became his personal assistant. Medvedev was careful not to upset the balance of different factions in the Presidential administration and in the government.

In their place, Medvedev brought in the so-called civiliki, a network of St. Petersburg civil law scholars preferred by Medvedev for high positions. From the beginning of Medvedev's tenure, the nature of his Presidency and his relationship with Vladimir Putin was subject to considerable media speculation. In a unique situation in the Russian Federation's political history, the constitutionally powerful President was now flanked with a highly influential Prime Minister Putin , who also remained the country's most popular politician.

Previous Prime Ministers had proven to be almost completely subordinate to the President and none of them had enjoyed strong public approval, with Yevgeny Primakov and Putin's previous tenure — as Prime Minister under Boris Yeltsin being the only exceptions. Daniel Treisman has argued that early in Medvedev's presidency, Putin seemed ready to disengage and started withdrawing to the background. In the first year of Medvedev's presidency, two external events threatening Russia—the lates financial crisis and the South Ossetia war —changed Putin's plans and caused him to resume a stronger role in Russian politics.

The long-lingering conflict between Georgia and the separatist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia , which were supported by Russia, escalated during the summer of In the night of 7—8 August, Georgia launched a military operation in South Ossetia with 10,—11, soldiers and 75 tanks. Several Russian peacekeepers were killed in the fighting, and many South Ossetians who had Russian citizenship.

At the time of the attack, Medvedev was on vacation and Putin was attending the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. It is likely that during this conversation, Medvedev authorised the use of force against Georgia. Last night, Georgian troops committed what amounts to an act of aggression against Russian peacekeepers and the civilian population in South Ossetia In accordance with the Constitution and the federal laws, as President of the Russian Federation it is my duty to protect the lives and dignity of Russian citizens wherever they may be.

It is these circumstances that dictate the steps we will take now. We will not allow the deaths of our fellow citizens to go unpunished. The perpetrators will receive the punishment they deserve. In the early hours of 8 August, Russian military forces launched a counter-offensive against Georgian troops.

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part of the refugees to adapt to the host society, without having to forego their Declaration for its part, provides in article III (8) that the countries of the region are to housing situation or “propiska” requirements in certain parts of the world. administrative barriers, simply ensuring legal access to the job market is often not​.

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Although the origins of the obligatory residence permit or propiska system predate the Russian Revolution, it was officially instituted during the Soviet period in when internal passports became mandatory for all citizens aged sixteen and older. The internal passport contains, among other data, one's ethnicity. It restricted every resident to one legal place of residence, and its presentation was required to accept work, enter a school or institute of higher learning, get married, and perform other civic formalities. Difficulties in obtaining this vital document traditionally have made bribery and fake marriages commonplace.

Medvedev resigned along with the rest of the government on 15 January to allow President Putin to make sweeping constitutional changes; he was succeeded by Mikhail Mishustin on 16 January On the same day, Vladimir Putin appointed him deputy chairman of the Security Council. Regarded as more liberal than his predecessor and successor as president, Vladimir Putin who was also prime minister during Medvedev's presidency , Medvedev's top agenda as president was a wide-ranging modernisation programme , aiming at modernising Russia's economy and society, and lessening the country's reliance on oil and gas.

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View Alerts and Messages Archive. None required. Vaccinations recommended by the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The amount of U.

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We will demonstrate that without the right to freely move from one's residence, an individual the issue of “propiska,” the system of residential permits and registration, which is an If the person wishes to take a permanent job, it likewise will be in Tashkent city and the Tashkent region, the size of the bribes for registration.

В некоторых регионах выплата не предусмотрена. Вместе с тем, после изучения документов юрист вырабатывает тактику защиты клиента, которая продиктована самыми выгодными для него условиями погашения долга или его непризнания. Эффективность региональной семейной выплаты. Среди таких мероприятий могут быть разработка перечня основного технологического оборудования, технологической и организационной оснастки, инструментов, вспомогательного оборудования, применение которых обеспечивает инвалиду возможность работать.

Также возможен возврат искового заявления. И в этот момент мне стала звонить служба безопасности банка что у меня по кредиту который я перекрыла задолженность. Пришел налог на несовершеннолетнего, законно. Также при рождении ребенка выплачивается единовременное пособие при рождении ребенка, а если будущая мама встала на учет до 12 недели, то она сможет получить единовременную выплату. Документы, так или иначе, передавались в архивное дело, это действие было необходимо выполнить при ликвидации.

Первичным документом в этом случае является выписка из лицевого счета. На разрешения эксперта, как правило, ставятся вопросы: имеется ли недостаток, является ли недостаток существенным, причины появления недостатка.

В этом случае система автоматически переведёт звонок на оператора контактного центра. Этот способ можно использовать, находясь в любом конце мира, при наличии интернета на мобильном устройстве. Вы, как работники, имеете право выбирать, в какой суд идти - по своему месту жительства (т. Можно попробовать и самостоятельно изготовить аромазамес для кальяна. Также можно указать номера патрульных машин. Это можно сделать тогда, когда один из родителей сам прописан в жилом помещении. Даже если лист открыт через некоторое время после увольнения (до 30 дней), то в течение 6 месяцев после выздоровления бывший сотрудник вправе явиться за пособием по временной нетрудоспособности (ч.

В данном разделе Вы можете бесплатно скачать формы и образцы заполнения документов для имущественного вычета. Данная обязанность не касается только следующих транспортных средств (п. Если вы всё же не желаете доводить дело до суда, в случае возникновения сложностей с погашением займа можно воспользоваться программами рефинансирования, действующими во многих кредитных учреждениях.

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