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The photographs which have not been seen and personal facts which have not been told: the unique Hvorostovsky family album is the first time on display at the Museum of Krasnoyarsk railroad. So it was to the Museum of Krasnoyarsk railroad that the family passed several dozens of family photographs and documents. Dmitry Hvorostovsky is still an ordinary boy on them, and no one can see that literally the whole world will know him in time. A photograph from the Hvorostovsky family archive.

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The photographs which have not been seen and personal facts which have not been told: the unique Hvorostovsky family album is the first time on display at the Museum of Krasnoyarsk railroad. So it was to the Museum of Krasnoyarsk railroad that the family passed several dozens of family photographs and documents.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky is still an ordinary boy on them, and no one can see that literally the whole world will know him in time. A photograph from the Hvorostovsky family archive.

A primary school teacher. Ukraine We were living in a communal apartment. I can not remember these times, of course. Hvorostovsky family. Ekaterina Pavlovna, Stepan Ivanovich.

Children Alexandr and Nadezhda. Perm Parents are young and beautiful. We are in Perm. Three years later we will move to Krasnoyarsk. The photographs are old. When I look at old photos I feel younger. So it has been a pleasure to choose photographs for you. From this piano, you could say, began the story that in many years would give the world a great artist.

It was wartime , part of the salary was being given in government bonds. And when the war ended thing lotteries were organized. The bond of grandfather, Stepan Ivanovish Hvorostovsky, won, but the winning had to be taken in a form of a musical instrument.

So a piano was chosen, which was imported from Germany on reparation. All family members generation after generation learned to play this piano. The rare instrument, Wilhelm Velten , which was made in a city of Breslau at the beginning of last century, is still in the family, it is over a hundred years old now.

He had a folding camera on tripod. She was working in the building of railroad administration, opposite our house, came home for lunch or already in the evening, I set the camera delay timer and sat beside her. The railroad at that time was paramilitary, so mother and father had a rank, as well as a form.

When war began, my father and Anatoly Ivanovich came to a conscription office, but they were told, that they were more useful at the home front. They were both heads of departments on a factory.

In we moved to Krasnoyarsk, some years later Isaev A. I went on a hunt with father, it was interesting. In a hospital during the day, in a maternity home during the night, and in the morning seeing patients again — she was absent for 32 hours. On this picture she is tired, and one-year-old Dima looks as if he has forgotten her during this time, he is pouting and does not understand who this lady is. She is happy to be with the baby again.

I made a photo of this idyllic moment. She had five shifts like that in a month, it was hard work. Sochi As railway workers they had free tickets. Our grandparents on lower beds, and we with Dima on upper ones throwing something at each other. We playedn the beginning, then fought, then ran away, well, you can understand how it was when such a long way and two boys were stuck in a stuffy carriage! When we grew up, we were separated. A year younger, I had a benefit for an airplane ticket, so we flew with grandmother, and Dima with grandfather travelled by train.

Grandfather was working as a head auditor of the road, train crew knew him, when he was boarding a train, he was invited to the crew carriage. Dima sat alone in a compartment, when he was getting bored, he went to look for grandpa.

Every year we were trying to save rubles to go to Sochi all three of us. That year I taught him how to swim. On a wild beach he was jumping into the water, I was moving farther, so he had to swim. And then we swam together to buoys. I worked a lot on this photograph, retouched it.

In a holiday house brothers not only played and misbehaved, but also seriously helped. By the way, for many years the family had been planting potatoes, - not in a holiday house, where there was not enough land, but on the railroad farming. Hvorostovsky holiday house is still in almost pristine condition, it is located near Krasnoyarsk. Six hundred square metres, a small house with an attached veranda made of railroad cross-ties. In the childhood parents used to bring Dima and his brother there to grandparents.

Dima with mother Ludmila Petrovna and grandmother Ekaterina Pavlovna in the holiday house. Krasnoyarsk, We were building the holiday house ourselves.

I was a third-year student, my friend and I were digging in piles, then we were sent to a collective farm. I wonder where bread and potatoes come from these days. We are not in the fields, so who harvests? So could it be done without us? Dima was in school during these times, at university they were not sent to the collective farm anymore.

But they worked on building of arts institute. I remember that singers had to breath in construction dust. Why would not they send conductors, they do not need a throat, so why singers?

And when Dima became a world star, he was giving charitable concerts to help finish the building of the institute. He was giving lots of concerts, for free. He himself studied in different buildings. The institute did not have enough space, they were studying in different buildings, for example, in the building of pedagogical institute on Mira street, there they took examinations and set-offs.

And there was a good amateur club, they sang almost professionally, took part in amateur arts festivals. I sang classical music, arias and romances, Dima started in a jazz band, I thought it was bad.

But then he came to his senses and started singing classical music. His first records appeared at about , he was already working in a theatre, won all-Russian competition in Perm, all-Union in Baku, then international in Toulouse and started giving concerts in Krasnoyarsk, in the organ hall. I remember there was a moment, we came together to his concert, I was allowed to pass, and he was not.

I said, he was with me. The security guard could not even think that such a young boy would give a concert. A tradition of Hvorostovsky family was to go to the demonstrations twice a year, on May 1 and November 7. July 31, , the solar eclipse. There were many guests from different countries around 30 people. In a month Dima would die.

Therefore during school years Dima was saying that he was going to enter a medical institute too he never wanted to be an engineer like his father, he was not good at exact science. However, what came very easy for him and fascinated him was music. Dmitry with his mother were standing on a bus stop and waiting for the bus. If the first one to come went in the direction of the medical institute, Dima would become a doctor, and if it went in the direction of the arts institute, an artist.

Fortunately, the first bus was the right one. Though that day his documents were not accepted in the institute, it was said that it was necessary to have specialized secondary musical education. His music memory was very well developed, it was enough for him to listen to a melody once, and he could write the notes down. I believe if there had not been a singing father, there would not have been a singer Dmitry Hvorostovsky.

By the way, Dima communicated with his parents e-ve-ry day! Dima reached such peaks, his father many years had worked as a chemical engineer on a radio factory, but they were on the same page, on the same level of musical perception. Alexandr and ludmila Hvorostovsky will come to Krasnoyarsk when all questions of a memorial installation and urn of ashes placement are settled;.

And where and how - it is a different question Hvorostovsky family Dima with parents first lived on 26 Baku commissars street in a communal apartment, then moved to a flat on Pavlov street. He lived there before he left first for Moscow, then for London. His parents moved into the flat, and live here still, when come to Krasnoyarsk. Permanently they live in Moscow, in a flat which also belonged to their son.

Unknown Dmitry Hvorostovsky: wanted to be a doctor, not a singer

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Full text (PDF, Kb). Keywords: домохозяйствауровень бедности​прожиточный минимумсредний классинститутысбереженияфинансовый рынокрынок.

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Как выехать за границу России с долгами по кредиту. Если его мало, то потребуется добавить дистиллированной воды. Прежде чем приступать к активным действиям, уточните, какие документы нужно подготовить, куда обратиться и сколько времени потребуется, чтобы заменить свидетельство о рождении.

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