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County Adult Assistance Program

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Unfollow Follow Unblock. Other Affiliations:. Journal of the New Economic Association. The authors study intergenerational mobility as economic and social status progress of young and middle working-age people 18—years-old compared to that of their parents. Among educational, occupational and material-wellbeing Among educational, occupational and material-wellbeing characteristics, the most significant advancement has occurred in the consumption possibilities what goods they can afford to buy.

At the same time almost equal groups of respondents think that now they live better or worse than their parents at the same age replying to the direct question on well-being comparison. This is not supporting the idea of perceived progress in the standard of living. It is shown that educational and occupational intergenerational mobility of women is greater than that for men. Social strata are defined on the basis of wealth, education, occupational and social status. Different strata show various intensity of getting better than their parents.

Opportunities of middle-class representatives have largely been limited by the highest socio-economic position of their parents. The integral indicator shows a small positive intergenerational mobility. By the age of 35—44, people are much better educated than their parents, they have wider opportunities in consumption, and however, improvements in employment status are minimal. The proto-middle stratum shows negative occupational mobility compared to previous generation.

The shortage of good jobs is an obstacle to the education-to-job transformation for this social stratum. Therefore, labour market is the main barrier to the middle class growth in Russia. Save to Library. Burdyak, A. Socio-economic status of persons with disabilities in Russia is considered in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The comparative analysis of Russian and international definitions of disability is The comparative analysis of Russian and international definitions of disability is made by sociological survey method.

It is shown that the extension of disability concept would increase number of disabled people by half. Gender-age structure of this group of population would be changed as well.

Status of persons with disabilities is studied in the context of labour market participation. Their opinion on infrastructure issues and satisfaction by the state support are described. A quarterly scientific journal. Russia's ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities serves as a starting point of the research presented in this article.

According to the Convention principles, the authors define disabled persons not as According to the Convention principles, the authors define disabled persons not as recipients of relevant pensions only, but as persons experiencing serious limitations in their daily and social life. The article addresses the problem of loneliness, revealing vulnerability of the social position of the disabled.

On the basis of the Census data and the outcomes of a sample survey of the disabled the authors show a high prevalence of their living alone and lack of social ties.

These and other factors of their feeling lonely are estimated by logistic regression model. The authors come to a conclusion that loneliness affects respondents' assessment of their own health, thereby increasing the risk of experiencing difficulties in daily activities.

Housing policy and household lifecycle in post-soviet Russia: changing priorities more. Housing policy of Russia is analyzed via its impact on families on different stages of lifecycle, especially on families with children. The interest is underpinned by the highest vulnerability of this group it terms of housing. We look We look not only on special programs designed exactly for young adults and families with dependent children, but also highlight all the housing policy measures effects.

Quality of life in big city through the urban environment perception more. The movement of development indicators toward quality of life brings to the problem of the measurement of the latter. In literature natural and social environment quality are undoubtedly regarded as quality of life components together In literature natural and social environment quality are undoubtedly regarded as quality of life components together with material well-being, education, skills, health of the population and other characteristics.

However the set of quality of life indicators is still under discussion. Environment studies in Russia are usually based on systematic approach and consider the impact of objective quantitative characteristics of the urban environment on the population. In contrast we suggest environmental approach to urban environment quality measurement. People, their subjective perception of the urban environment, evaluations and opinions are placed into the center of the concept.

We look at the convenience of the city for the citizens, its friendliness and suitability for their activities and life plans realization from the three points of view. Firstly, perception of c Housing in the post-soviet Russia: The role of social security programs more. The social security in housing and communal services and housing allowance programs are considered. The main purpose of the research is to study the changes in the structure of housing and communal services finance and to identify the The main purpose of the research is to study the changes in the structure of housing and communal services finance and to identify the target groups of the programs if any.

We describe the basic parameters of the programs for the s and s post-soviet period. The correlation analysis is applied to investigate regional differences and targets. On the data of micro survey of 10 thousand households we show various population groups coverage.

It is shown that a quarter of population benefits from social support programs in housing and communal services sphere. The program is mostly focused on middle income groups.

The housing allowance program supports poor families and families with moderate income. There is no strong targeting at the population of poor regions. The article examines the practice of teaching school students school subjects as a sphere of additional training and intersecting interests.

The analysis was based on the qualitative research and included five group discussions with The analysis was based on the qualitative research and included five group discussions with parents who had children in grades and quantitative door-to-door opinion poll involving parents of 1st- 11th graders. Working with focus groups, we defined a number of strategies of inclusiveness and non-inclusiveness of children in the practice of taking extra lessons in basic school program subjects and foreign language; we identified the motives, reasons and circumstances that influence lesson choices.

The work of the focus groups resulted in hypotheses about factors that shape educational strategies of school students to take extra lessons. The article provides analysis and structure of the a Housing finance in Ukraine: a long way to go more. This is a review of housing finance in Ukraine since s.

Recent changes in the overall economic situation in Ukraine and a depreciation of the national currency have deeply affected housing finance. Ukraine has a number of government housing programs that should be developed in future.

We illustrate the regional disparities in housing affordability measured as a ratio of the average wage to the price of 40 sq. Reforms of the Social Support of Poor in Russia more.

English Abstract: Subject of this study are the features of social support of the poor in Russia. Aim of study is to evaluate of effectiveness of social support of the poor in Russia and to develop the suggestions for its improvement. Conclusions and recommendations can be used by federal and regional governments on the field of social protection while in process of enhancement of social support system with aim to develop effectiveness and results of social help.

Reforming of Social Support of Poor in Russia more. English Abstract: Subject of this study is features of social support of poor in Russian Federation. The goal of this study is evaluation of effectiveness of social support of poor in Russia and development of propositions for its improvement.

Maleva, A. No 3 In this study a multicriteria stratification scale of the Russian society is constructed on the large-scale sociological research data. Keeping the continuity of middle classes methodology since the beginning of the s, three Keeping the continuity of middle classes methodology since the beginning of the s, three equal-weighted criteria are used — wealth and property, social and professional status and self-identification.

Together with our previous results the study shows the whole social structure to be very stable. To analyze the prospects of the middle classes we modify stratification scale with regard to age criteria. The the proto- and the post-middles are identified. The resource bindings are investigated for different social groups in their upward movement.

Income growth is shown to have limited effects on the the middle class increase. Burdyak A. In s intensive housing construction led to the growth of average housing per capita, but the population surveys show that large-scale and widespread improvements for individual households has not happened.

To a greater extent reach To a greater extent reach become reacher in terms of housing, still many households live in small house or flat, therefore inequality becomes higher. The main objective of this research is to get more precise picture of housing inequality in two dimensions - in per capita square meters of housing and in terms of housing value.

Demographic shift towards an aging society is raising a question of housing deficit for the second generation of home-owners. Looking at different stages of the life cycle we can conclude the following. Households of singles and households at the end of the lifecycle have the best housing among all.

Social Support Concept for the Population Developed in Yakutia

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Стратегический документ по социальной поддержке населения республики был разработан Центром региональных программ.

Translation of "supplemented with grant assistance" in Russian

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В некоторых регионах страны многодетные семьи получили от государства освобождение от уплаты транспортного налога. Возможность возвращения 13 процентов Законом предусмотрены особые льготы для категорий граждан, указанных в законодательных документах.

Обратиться в агентство, которое создано государством для улучшения жизни молодым семьям. Лучше заявителю вписывать данные печатными буквами во избежание проблем с сотрудниками миграционного управления. Если были сменены фамилия или инициалы, то в режиме онлайн-замена документа предполагается. По-прежнему обладателю разрешения понадобится сдавать ежегодный отчет о своем пребывании в регионе заселения вместе с имеющимися данными о доходе за отчетный год. Но делать это нужно по особым правилам. Сдать в электронном виде через специальную программу, а не по обычной электронной почте.

Протоколы об административных правонарушениях, перечисленных ст. Для примера, если в паспорте счетчика указан межповерочный интервал 5 лет, это означает, что счетчик подлежит периодической поверке каждые 5 лет с даты его первичной поверки на заводе-изготовителе (как правило, это дата выпуска счетчика), но при этом необходимо помнить, что законодательство позволяет проводить внеочередную поверку или экспертизу прибора до истечения межповерочного интервала. Услуга составления акта нотариусом относится к платным. Согласованная перепланировка в новостройке. Поэтому мы настоятельно не рекомендуем вам пытаться скрыть незакрытые долговые обязательства.

Cредний класс: эмпирические измерения социальной мобильности сфера в постсоветской России: роль программ социальной поддержки населения.

Продавец обязуется вернуть сумму Обеспечительного платежа Покупателю в случае, если Покупатель направив запрос в Банк о предоставлении ему кредитных средств для оплаты за Автомобиль не получит подтверждение о выдаче кредита. Мы рекомендуем при поиске штрафов заполнять все поля формы, это позволит вам найти все выписанные вам штрафы. К листку нетрудоспособности приложено заявление с просьбой поменять 2017-2018 годы для расчета больничного на предшествующий период.

Рассмотрим подробно в каких местах запрещена остановка: Запрещена остановка на трамвайных путях. Как было сказано выше, этот знак даёт право на использование дополнительных льготных условий, именно поэтому многие доноры так стремятся его получить. Эта распространённая ошибка может дорого обойтись, если совершается на рекреационных, историко-культурных землях либо поблизости от. Для наглядности предложим образец заполненного документа: Законодателем не предусмотрен архив для хранения домовых книг владельцев частных домов, поэтому бремя хранения ложится на собственника домовладения. Вы должны заплатить налог, если являетесь собственником, то есть если имущество зарегистрировано на. Сообщение от родственников в нотариальную контору по месту заключения завещания о кончине завещателя.

Это является хорошим стимулом для установки приборов. Правда, это не значит, что стройку автоматически разрешат.

Доверенность или иные документы, подтверждающие полномочия на подписание искового заявления. Аспирантура и трудовой стаж. В нем необходимо указать, когда было принято решение, о чем был иск, кто выступал его сторонами, каков был результат рассмотрения (удовлетворен иск полностью, если частично - указать, в каком объеме). В свою очередь, к полевым работам относят обустройство дорожных сетей, электросетей, а также трубопроводов и газопроводов. То есть, работодатель обязан предоставлять инвалидам ежегодный дополнительный отпуск в количестве не менее 2 дней, поскольку по общему правилу в соответствии со ст. Если вы не укажете эти данные или допустите неточность, документ может быть признан неправомочным. Брак должен быть официально зарегистрирован, супруги проживают совместно и прописаны по одному адресу.

Если ветеран труда невовремя передал показания по каким-то причинам, то берется усредненный показатель. Оплатить госпошлину безналично с сайта. Ведомство работает с такими нарушениями, как продажа испорченных продуктов, нарушение правил проведения акций, оказание некачественных услуг.

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