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Russian Pages [] Year Legal terms. Information about denominations of Russian laws and relevant authorities ministries, agencies, services, departments. Key terms. Use of English. Unit 1.

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ПОСМОТРИТЕ ВИДЕО ПО ТЕМЕ: 🔴 Установление сервитута на земельный участок // Судебная землеустроительная экспертиза

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Exercise 1. Read chapter 1, find the following words and word- combinations in the text and learn their meanings. Comprehension Check 1. Are you a legally active person or do you prefer informal ways of settling disputes?

Exercise 2. Study the following patterns and notes and translate the sentences into English. Use the active words. Analyse the meaning and use of the modal verbs in the following examples: p. Translate into English: 1. From the list of legal terms that follows, select the one that matches each definition. The party by whom criminal proceedings are started or conducted; the state. Exercise 4. Render the following text in English. Exercise 5. Read the text and make up two or three sentences to sum up the message.

Decide which facts can and which facts can not be omitted. Now read the text. By limiting urban couples to a single child and most rural couples to two, China has managed to slow the growth of the world's largest population. Now, however, the government must figure out what to do about the policy's unintended consequence: a huge and potentially destabilising sex imbalance.

Statistics just released based on the census disclose that, in the country as a whole, about boys are born for every girls. The imbalance is extraordinary in some areas, exceeding for in southern Hainan province. The reasons are easy to fathom. When couples were free to have half a dozen children, there was a natural mix of boys and girls. When limited to one or two, they worked the system to produce sons. At the benign extreme, a girl's birth might simply not be registered, in the hope that next time the couple would produce a male.

More worrying is widespread sex-selective abortion. Cheap but effective ultrasound equipment is now available throughout China and, though the practice is illegal, it is routinely used for pre- natal sex determination.

The abortion that apparently often follows is devoid of taboo in China and extremely easy to arrange. All this leads to worries about how society can function without enough women.

In a study to be published in the next issue of Harvard University's journal International Security, she notes that societies with large numbers of unmarried males tend to experience more crime, unrest and violence. There could also be an impact outside China, she says. The government may decide to use the surplus men as a weapon for military adventurism and "actively desire to see them give their lives in pursuit of a national interest".

A terrifying thought indeed. The Economist June 22th If your policy was different from that implemented by the Chinese government, discuss its pros and cons and the possible unintended consequence. Does it still seem reasonable? Exercise 6. Over to you Case 1 Recently there was a case of a severely mentally ill person who was tried for stabbing a girl of twelve to death and the attempted murders of another two girls.

Stephen Wilkinson entered a school with a holdall filled with knives and an axe, a replica gun and a balaclava. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and denied murdering his victim. Four forensic psychiatrists described his condition as paranoid schizophrenia which started in his early teens. What do you think? What decision as to his punishment would you support if you were a member of the jury? You will find the final decision on the case at the end of the unit.

Case 2 Discuss the following points: A man has a right to live. Does he have the right to die if he wants to if he is physically ill, for example? If the doctor did so, do you think he should be brought to trial for murder? Role 2 You are against legalising the practice.

Portion 2 Exercise 1. Read chapter 2, find the following words and word- combinations in the text and learn their meanings. What are they based on and why? What countries adopted them?

How does the doctrine of precedent work? Would an equity ruling or a common law ruling about the same matter prevail if they were different? Law has its origins in the early developments of civilized society, and through time there have been major influences on the laws that we follow today. Match these sources of law with the descriptions below. It began with common customs, but over time it involved the courts in law-making that was responsive to changes in society.

In this way the Anglo-Norman rulers created a system of centralized courts that operated under a single set of laws that replaced the rules laid down by earlier societies. They can also be found in the laws of other ancient peoples. Are the following sentences about the sources of law true or false? Mind the difference between these English conjunctions and similar in the form but different in the meaning prepositions, conjunctions and adverbs e.

The matter is that the lawyer should try to clarify the law. The request was that the lecturer should explain all the complex and precise definitions of the law.

The lawyer is said to have exaggerated the importance of this evidence. The lawyer is said to be exaggerating the similarities between the two plans. Exercise 3. Exercise 5 Read the text and be ready to discuss it. Saudi Arabian justice Cruel, or just unusual? The resort to beheading, hand-chopping and whipping fuels tabloid gore and human-rights outrage. Yet, cruel as the system often is, the deeper trouble may lie less with the letter of the law than with the obtuse, opaque and clumsy ways it is applied.

Inefficiency, not excess, is what is now prompting belated efforts at reform. Most Saudis take pride in their legal system, or at least in the fact that it can claim to be purely Islamic.

These traditions, along with the 25O-year-old alliance between the ruling al-Saud family and the arch-fundamentalist Wahabi sect, form the core of the Saudi sense of identity. This is why Saudis tend to bristle at western criticism of their laws. Alarm over the recent sentencing of four Britons to be flogged for dealing in alcohol moved the head of the kingdom's Supreme Court, Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaidan, to accuse critics of trying to "undermine Islam". Ordinary Saudis were appalled this winter, says a Riyadh businessman, not by seeing three westerners confess on television to a series of local bomb atrocities, but by the fact that they were not executed immediately, "as any Saudi would have been".

When Crown Prince Abdullah, the kingdom's de facto ruler, recently cancelled a trip to Canada after charges there that one of the alleged bombers, a Canadian, had been tortured, his popularity soared at home. A senior official explains that foreigners suffer under a basic misconception. Even the ultra-timid Saudi press voices protest at muddled, shabby and hasty court procedure, and at the small number of judges who must handle an increasingly varied load — fewer than for a country with 23m inhabitants.

In private, Saudis familiar with the courts offer sharper critiques. The main complaint is that judges, who have wide discretion in interpreting the sharia, are ignorant, and often contemptuous, of the modern world, issuing; restrictive fatwas to preserve Saudi "purity". One lawyer reckons that even a Oasimi jurist may be barred entry if he happens to have trained at Mecca, a place considered tainted by foreign influence.

A judge who strays from the rigid conservatism of his elders risks being fired. The narrow doctrinal outlook of Saudi judges explains the survival of legal tenets that most Muslims consider outmoded or misguided. Virtually nowhere else are women banned from driving cars, or obliged to secure a male guardian's permission to travel locally or be admitted to hospital. Nowhere else are the qisas, or retaliatory punishments allowed under Islam, applied with such punctilio: last August, an Egyptian worker's eye was surgically removed at the insistence of a man who lost the use of his own eye after the Egyptian had thrown acid in his face.

What prompts efforts at reforming the legal system of Saudi Arabia? What forms the Saudi sense of identity? What does the press criticize?

What critiques do other Saudis offer? Give some examples of them. What are the key factors shaping the legal system of Saudi Arabia?

Are these factors as important in your country? Over to you Gerard Groce is French and lives in eastern France. He is a qualified motor mechanic having studied at a local college and gained his CAP and BP in motor vehicle technology. He works for a large Peugeot garage. He decides to apply for the position of a senior mechanic at a large Peugeot garage in London. He receives a letter from the manager of the English company which owns the garage stating that it is company policy only to employ English staff and that local job centre has issued a directive that local firms should not consider nationals from other European Union countries.

It goes on to say that the company might be willing to employ him at a non- skilled rate of pay. Will Gerard win the case if he takes it to an industrial tribunal?

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UNIT 1. Form of Government …………………………… State System of Russia …………………………………… British Monarchy ………………………………………………..

будет введена плата за капитальный ремонт многоквартирных домов. в обязательном порядке безвозмездный публичный сервитут в отношении идут давно, но, к сожалению, судебная практика пока является другой.

Exercise 1. Read chapter 1, find the following words and word- combinations in the text and learn their meanings. Comprehension Check 1. Are you a legally active person or do you prefer informal ways of settling disputes? Exercise 2. Study the following patterns and notes and translate the sentences into English. Use the active words. Analyse the meaning and use of the modal verbs in the following examples: p. Translate into English: 1.

Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems, or to advance the interests of those who hire lawyers to perform legal services. A lawyer often has several functions: investigator, drafter, negotiator, advisor, and advocate. As a professional the lawyer is usually permitted to carry out the following responsibilities:. Oral argument in the courts.

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Он возвращается на работу 13 марта, а больничный подает 14 числа. Госпошлина за развод в беларуси 2019. Нарезание продуктов на таком слайсере - достаточно трудоемкий процесс, поэтому они не получили широкого распространения. Как правильно писать: Республика Беларусь или Белоруссия. На вопрос откуда она взялась если я его перекрыла с небольшой переплатой, они мне пояснили что у меня один расчетный счет и все деньги которые я вношу досрочно падают на него, а уж потом с него списываются по кредитам по сроку. Непредоставление документа или некорректное заполнение бланка влечет за собой отрицательный ответ на запрос заинтересованного лица.

Выплаты на детей пенсионерам мвд. Далее укажите код налогового периода : две буквы, две цифры и год, за который возвращается налог. Принимая во внимание, что решение Пермского краевого суда в законную силу не вступило, постановление Региональной службы по тарифам от 21. Документы о гражданском состоянии. Узнать кадастровый номер здания по адресу можно в Росреестре, где хранится все информация, касающаяся объектов недвижимости.

законодательная власть судебная власть 4. 8 5. заработная плата; оклад, должностной оклад законодательно установленный минимальный размер.

А в поле "Назначение платежа" указывается код 000 3 02 02010 01 0000 440 и основание перечисления: "Перечисление в доход федерального бюджета доходов от реализации имущества, находящегося в оперативном управлении". Это связано с высоким уровнем тревожности и опасением менять место работы в такое сложное время. В базе этого отдела есть все сведения о ранее выданных правах. Образец решения учредителя о распределении чистой прибыли.

Доверенность на оформление наследства. Гражданский брак понятие в семейном кодексе. Именно тем, что у него есть три паспорта, олигарх то ли в шутку, то ли всерьез объяснял бездействие государства в отношении него в этом вопросе. Ширина удлиняющих пластин должна соответствовать размерам дверных петель.

Нарушаются права собственников квартир многоквартирного дома. Дата: 29 декабря 2016 г. Вам необходимо будет оплатить только недоимку и начисленные пени.

По достижению ребенком 1. Поэтому придется постараться, чтобы пройти собеседование на работу. При увольнении нельзя с работника удержать отпускные, выплаченные заранее и неотработанные, в следующих ситуациях: Голосование: Увольнение. Дивизия является основным оперативно-тактическим формированием, комплектующимся из различных подразделений. Кроме того, отчитываться о проданной машине в налоговую инспекцию также не требуется, согласно п.

Если какая-либо часть текста на одном из документов не видна, оператор торговой площадки обязан отклонить заявку на аккредитацию, после чего ее придется подавать повторно и снова ожидать рассмотрения. Женщина лишена родительских прав в отношении всех старших детей. Штраф до 40 тысяч рублей можно получить за драку, если последствия ее не повлекли проблем со здоровьем. Она рассчитывается индивидуально для каждого случая в зависимости от стоимости указанного имущества.

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