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Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Since , the Russian authorities have intensified a crackdown on freedom of expression, selectively casting certain kinds of criticism of the government as threats to state security and public stability and introducing significant restrictions to online expression and invasive surveillance of online activity. While new restrictions on freedom of expression appear to target political opposition or civic groups, they affect all Russians.

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Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Since , the Russian authorities have intensified a crackdown on freedom of expression, selectively casting certain kinds of criticism of the government as threats to state security and public stability and introducing significant restrictions to online expression and invasive surveillance of online activity. While new restrictions on freedom of expression appear to target political opposition or civic groups, they affect all Russians.

Since then, Parliament has adopted numerous laws that limit or can be used to interfere with freedom of speech and information. The authorities have wasted no time in invoking many of these laws. Some of the more recently adopted laws threaten privacy and secure communications on the internet and, in effect, make no digital communication in Russia safe from government interference.

Such unchecked surveillance has a stifling effect on freedom of expression online. Authorities have unjustifiably prosecuted dozens on criminal charges for social media posts, online videos, media articles, and interviews. Today, many Russians are increasingly unsure about what is acceptable speech and what could land them a large fine or prison term.

State intrusion in media affairs has reached a level not seen in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union. With few exceptions, mainstream media outlets have become the voice of the state and use elaborate propaganda tools to mobilize patriotic support for the government.

State-driven media outlets promote biased reporting and, at times, blatant misinformation on many issues of the day, especially concerning the situation in Ukraine. While the government can control the media narrative on politically sensitive issues on state-controlled television and other mainstream media, government critics can, potentially, reach most Russians online because of the growing use of social media.

Most independent debate now takes place online, especially through social media. In the last four years, and especially following the revolution in Ukraine in and the subsequent Russian military intervention in Ukraine, Russian authorities have stepped up measures aimed at bringing the internet under greater state control. Some of these measures relate to internet infrastructure. For example, in , parliament passed a law requiring telecommunications and internet companies to retain the contents of all communications for six months and data about those communications for three years.

The law makes it easier for the authorities to identify users and access personal information without judicial oversight, unjustifiably interfering with privacy and freedom of expression. In November , Russian authorities blocked access to LinkedIn, a business social networking service with over million users worldwide, for noncompliance with the legislation.

For the most part, post laws concerning internet content, data storage, and online activity are in their early stages of implementation, and the manner and scope in which they will be enforced remain unclear.

Meanwhile, the authorities have vigorously enforced older laws to prosecute online speech. Based on data provided by the SOVA Center, a prominent Russian think-tank, the number of social media users convicted of extremism offences in was , in comparison with 30 in In the period between September and February , the number of people who went to prison for extremist speech spiked from 54 to The Russian authorities have forced the closure of all independent media outlets in Crimea.

In , the authorities charged at least six people under this provision. In May , a court convicted a year-old video blogger, Ruslan Sokolovsky, on criminal charges of incitement of hatred and insult to the religious feelings of believers. Sokolovsky also made several other satirical or critical videos or blog posts about the Orthodox Church. The court gave the blogger a three-and-a-half year suspended sentence reduced on appeal to two years and three months.

At this writing, Russian courts have found at least six people guilty of violating that federal law. Specifically, the law prohibits information that normalizes same-sex relationships or portrays them as acceptable and of equal value to heterosexual relationships.

While Russian government officials and parliament members claim that the goal of the ban is to protect children from potentially harmful subject matter, the law directly harms children by denying them access to essential information and creating a stigma against LGBT children and LGBT family members. Independent nongovernmental groups have also felt the noose tightening on their freedom of expression. The purpose appears to be to further isolate independent Russian organizations from their international allies and partners.

Russia is a party to several international treaties that impose legal obligations on governments to protect freedom of expression and information. International law permits some justifiable interference with or limitations on freedom of expression, but any such measures must be taken in pursuit of a recognized legitimate goal, have a proper basis in law, be justified as necessary and proportionate in a democratic society, and cannot be discriminatory.

Freedom of expression constitutes one of the essential foundations of a democratic society and it extends not only to information and ideas that are received favorably but also to those that offend, shock or disturb. The Russian government should respect and uphold the right of people in Russia to freely receive and disseminate information and express diverging or critical views.

This report is based on research carried out by Human Rights Watch researchers through interviews and document reviews conducted between September and May and includes earlier research published in Human Rights Watch news releases and other public documents from to Researchers conducted over 50 interviews with lawyers, staff and leaders of nongovernmental organizations NGOs , as well as journalists, editors, political and human rights activists, and bloggers and their family members.

All interviews were conducted in Russian or English by Human Rights Watch researchers who are fluent in both languages. All interviewees were informed of the purpose of the interview, its voluntary nature and the goal and public nature of our reports. All interviewees gave their oral consent to participate in the interview. Pseudonyms have been used for some bloggers and additional identifying details have sometimes been withheld.

No interviewee received compensation for providing information. Most interviews were conducted by telephone or via internet communication. Human Rights Watch researchers also reviewed laws, including legislative amendments adopted since , and relevant government regulations and rules pertaining to internet content and freedom of expression.

Researchers also obtained and analyzed copies of documents relevant to specific cases, including indictments and court judgments of persons convicted on politically motivated charges.

Mandated to combat terrorism and extremism, the center also conducts surveillance and special operations. Such an attack is often the result of multiple compromised systems flooding the targeted system with traffic. Once examined, the communications can be then copied, analyzed, blocked, or even altered. DPI equipment allows internet service providers or governments to monitor and analyze internet communications on a large scale in real time. While DPI does have some commercial applications, DPI can also enable internet filtering and blocking and highly intrusive surveillance.

An ISP may be organized in various forms, such as commercial, community-owned, nonprofit, or otherwise privately owned. Created in December , it is authorized to carry out permitting and licensing activities, validation and supervision in the spheres of telecommunications, information technologies, and mass communications. Petersburg, Russia. It is the most popular social network site in Russia and several other countries in the region.

VPNs are often used by large corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions to allow users to access private networks remotely. Security mechanisms, such as encryption, also allow VPN users to shield their communications from interception and circumvent internet filtering. The backlash against dissent began in response to unprecedented anti-government mass demonstrations that swept through Moscow and several other large Russian cities in and Tens of thousands protested against what they perceived to be rigged parliamentary and presidential elections.

Some government leaders repeatedly and publicly expressed profound contempt for certain human rights norms or alleged that foreign or foreign-funded organizations in Russia aimed to destabilize Russia and undermine its sovereignty. A group of parliamentarians proposed to criminalize "anti-Russian" or "anti-patriotic" statements. The laws have been used to target a large variety of groups and people, ranging from individual social media users and bloggers to journalists, political opposition activists, large and small online media outlets, and online businesses.

The purpose of some of these laws appeared to be to shrink the space, including online, for public debate in general and especially on issues the authorities saw as divisive or threatening, such as the armed conflict in Ukraine, or the rights of LGBT people. The timeline below summarizes the passage of these laws in chronological order. More detailed information on some of these laws and their implementation is provided in relevant thematic sections of this report.

If the owner does not comply, the hosting provider is required to restrict access to or remove the material itself. Hosting providers include social media companies and other platforms for user-generated content. If the material is not removed, internet service providers are then required to block access to the website. Roskomnadzor will remove the website from the registry only if the owner takes down harmful content and sends the agency a request for reinstatement, or successfully appeals the ban in court.

Heavier fines may be imposed for the same actions if done through mass media and telecommunications, including the internet.

Website owners can seek judicial appeal. Nevertheless, in December parliament adopted article Once registered, those bloggers assume practically the same legal constraints and responsibilities as mass media outlets, without the same protections or privileges.

They are held responsible for verifying information for accuracy, indicating the minimal age of the intended audience, ensuring data privacy protections, and complying with restrictions on support of electoral candidates. Also, they can be held liable for comments posted by third parties on their website or social media page. If they fail to do this, Roskomnadzor may instruct blogging platform providers or site administrators to provide additional information about such users, including names and contact information, to the authorities.

According to Roskomsvoboda, an activist group that advocates for internet freedom, at this writing the list consists of 85 online entities, including the email service Mail. It does not, at this writing, include some major online messenger applications, such as WhatsApp, but in June , the online messenger application Telegram was added to the list. They are also required to provide this information to law enforcement and security services at their request and install equipment to facilitate interception of communications.

In October , parliament amended the Mass Media Law to, among other things, reduce the permissible percentage of foreign ownership of any print media, online media, television, or radio broadcasters from 50 to 20 percent. A May law added article Failure to comply can result in fines or even a blocking order against the website. The amendments require telecommunications and certain internet companies to retain copies of all contents of communications for six months, including text messages, voice, data, and images.

Under the law, all the above-mentioned data must be stored on Russian territory. At a minimum, it could require companies to hand over encryption keys. But the provision also raises questions about how it will apply to companies that do not retain copies of encryption keys, like some major online messenger applications. The Yarovaya amendments also affect issues not directly related to online communication. For example, they ban proselytizing and public speaking outside of officially recognized religious institutions and cemeteries, with the objective of engaging others in the activities of a religious organization.

The ban does not apply to priests, heads of registered religious organizations, and persons specifically designated by heads of registered religious organizations. They also increase penalties for a wide range of other crimes related to terrorism and extremism. They require owners of online news aggregator sites with more than one million daily users to be accountable for the content of all information posted on the sites, except when such content represents a verbatim reproduction of materials published by registered media outlets.

In June , a group of members of parliament introduced into parliament a draft law banning software which allows access to internet content that has been banned in Russia. On June 14, , State Duma adopted in first reading a draft law prohibiting anonymity for users of online messaging applications.

Under the draft law, applications that fail to comply with requirements to restrict anonymous accounts would also face blocking in Russia. Over the last five years, much of the mainstream media, including television, print outlets, and websites, have become almost exclusively the voice of the state, as described below. Some mainstream media use elaborate propaganda tools, including in some cases blatant misinformation, to mobilize patriotic support for the government and its agenda.

The Russian government owns, partially owns, or exerts considerable influence over all the main television broadcasters.

Federal Law on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations

Results: Exact: Elapsed time: 74 ms. All rights reserved.

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