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Labor Code

See the text of the document in Russian. The undersigned, plenipotentiaries of the Governments of the member countries of the Union, having regard to article 22, paragraph 3, of the Constitution of the Universal Postal Union concluded at Vienna on 10 July , have by common consent and subject to article 25, paragraph 4, of the Constitution drawn up in this Convention the rules applicable throughout the international postal service.

Part I. Rules applicable in common. Article 2bis. Designation of the entity or entities. Article 3. Ownership of postal items. Withdrawal from the post. Alteration or correction of address. Article 8bis. Violations of means of postal prepayment.

Article 1. Universal postal service. With this aim in view, member countries shall set forth, within the framework of their national postal legislation or by other customary means, the scope of the postal services offered and the requirement for quality and affordable prices, taking into account both the needs of the population and their national conditions.

Member countries shall ensure that the offers of postal services and quality standards will be achieved by the operators responsible for providing the universal postal service. For the purposes of the Universal Postal Convention, the following terms shall have the meanings defined below:. It shall carry with it the obligation for each postal administration to forward always by the quickest routes and the most secure means which it uses for its own items, closed mails and a decouvert letter-post items which are passed to it by another administration.

This principle shall also apply to missent items or mails. The same shall apply to letter-post items other than letters, postcards and literature for the blind. It shall also apply to printed papers, periodicals, magazines, small packets and M bags the content of which does not satisfy the legal requirements governing the conditions of their publication or circulation in the country crossed. However, member countries which do not operate the postal parcels service shall not be required to forward air parcels by surface.

Member countries shall notify the International Bureau, within six months of the end of Congress, of the name and address of the governmental body responsible for overseeing postal affairs. Within six months of the end of Congress, member countries shall also provide the International Bureau with the name and address of the operator or operators officially designated to operate postal services and to fulfil the obligations arising from the Acts of the Union on its territory.

Between Congresses, changes in the governmental bodies and the officially designated operators shall be notified to the International Bureau as soon as possible. A postal item shall remain the property of the sender until it is delivered to the rightful owner, except when the item has been seized in pursuance of the legislation of the country of origin or destination and in case of application of article The sender of a postal item may have it withdrawn from the post or have its address altered or corrected.

The charges and other conditions are laid down in the Regulations. Member countries shall provide for the redirection of postal items, if an addressee has changed his address, and for the return to sender of undeliverable items. They shall in principle be related to the costs of providing these services. The postal administration of origin shall fix the postage charges for the conveyance of letter- and parcel-post items. The postage charges shall cover delivery of the items to the place of address provided that this delivery service is operated in the country of destination for the items in question.

The charges collected, including those laid down for guideline purposes in the Acts, shall be at least equal to those collected on internal service items presenting the same characteristics category, quantity, handling time, etc. Postal administrations shall be authorized to exceed any guideline charges appearing in the Acts. They may, for instance, give preferential rates to major users of the Post. No postal charge of any kind may be collected from customers other than those provided for in the Acts.

Except where otherwise provided in the Acts, each postal administration shall retain the charges which it has collected.

Article 5. Exemption from postal charges. Nonetheless, the Regulations may provide for both exemption from postal prepayment and exemption from payment of transit charges, terminal dues and inward rates for letter-post items and postal parcels relating to the postal service sent by postal administrations and Restricted Unions. Furthermore, letter-post items and postal parcels sent by the UPU International Bureau to Restricted Unions and postal administrations shall be considered to items relating to the postal service and shall be exempted from all postal charges.

However, the administration of origin shall have the option of collecting air surcharges on the latter items.

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которые стали переселенц а ми внутри страны, имели те же льготы, что и дети внутренне же правового статуса, что и их родителям, независимо от пола их родителей (Мексика). Комитет по правам ребенка (КПР) работающих с детьми и в их интересах, особенно в сельских районах и в ситуациях.

Universal postal Convention

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Translation of "a disabled child" in Russian

He urges that those plans be prepared and implemented exactly as stipulated by the Constitutional Court, with full participation of the organizations and authorities of the indigenous peoples at each stage. Also, he stresses the need to develop similar plans for other vulnerable indigenous communities at risk of extinction. It should be ensured that all human and financial resources necessary for the effective implementation of those plans are available. No translation available yet - check source document Special Procedures.

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Translation of "disabled child" in Russian

See the text of the document in Russian. The undersigned, plenipotentiaries of the Governments of the member countries of the Union, having regard to article 22, paragraph 3, of the Constitution of the Universal Postal Union concluded at Vienna on 10 July , have by common consent and subject to article 25, paragraph 4, of the Constitution drawn up in this Convention the rules applicable throughout the international postal service. Part I. Rules applicable in common. Article 2bis.

Convention providing a Uniform Law for bills of exchange and promissory notes (Geneva, 7.VI.1930)

See the text of the document in Russian. The High Contracting Parties undertake to introduce in their respective territories, either in one of the original texts or in their own languages, the Uniform Law forming Annex I of the present Convention. This undertaking shall, if necessary, be subject to such reservations as each High Contracting Party shall notify at the time of its ratification or accession. These reservations shall be chosen from among those mentioned in Annex II of the present Convention. The reservations referred to in Articles 8 , 12 and 18 of the said Annex II may, however, be made after ratification or accession, provided that they are notified to the Secretary-General of the League of Nations, who shall fortwith communicate the text thereof to the Members of the League of Nations and to the non-Member States on whose behalf the present Convention has been ratified or acceded to. Such reservations shall not take effect until the ninetieth day following the receipt by the Secretary-General of the above-mentioned notification. Each of the High Contracting Parties may, in urgent cases, make use of the reservations contained in Articles 7 and 22 of the said Annex II, even after ratification or accession.

11) существенные условия труда – система и размеры оплаты труда, льготы​, Работникам, работающим в холодное или жаркое время года на открытом воздухе ребенка -инвалида в возрасте до восемнадцати лет; 2) родителям и женам военнослу жащих, погибших вследствие ранения, контузии.

Есть такие разновидности чернил, которые со временем теряют яркость, смазывают текст - их лучше не использовать. Найти штрафы по номеру водительских прав можно на сайте мос. Данное правило ввели для того, чтобы льготники не могли использовать полученные деньги не по назначению.

Услуги адвоката по бракоразводным вопросам имеют различную стоимость. На минимум могут рассчитывать безработные родители, и он составляет 3142 руб. Однако тут мнения юристов расходятся. Во всех случаях изменения адреса Арендатора или постоянного местонахождения автомобиля Арендатор обязан в письменной форме информировать об этом Арендодателя.

Документы, которые могут установить права собственности на земельный участок в 2019 году: Договоры об отчуждении имущества и приемопередаточные акты к. Необходимо иметь в виду, что это правило распространяется на все периоды работы, в том числе и до 1 ноября 1999г. Решение может быть обжаловано в апелляционном порядке в Челябинский областной суд в течение месяца, с подачей жалобы через Орджоникидзевский районный суд г.

Оригиналы квитанций об оплате государственной пошлины передаются с комплектом документов в налоговый орган и назад не возвращаются. Разведение антибиотиков осуществляется в том объеме, который указан в аннотации. Номера проводок располагаются в зависимости от того, на какой счет затрат начисляется заработная плата человека. Для вымогательства денежных средств чаще всего преступники пользуются следующими схемами: обманом по телефону. Полученная информация будет представлять собой основание для последующей подготовки технического паспорта. Продлить расследование на 3 месяца имеет право начальник следственного подразделения, работающий по делу.

Для российского общества в настоящее время жизненно важно развивать и структурную социальную работу, и деятельность социальных работников с применением психологических техник и технологий. Принятый в 1992 году, он основательно обновлялся в 1995, 1999, 2003 и 2007 гг. Нужно понимать, что в данном случае, по существу дело не рассматривается. Ведь именно от них зависит будущее страны.

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