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Delta Modules. TKT: 3 Modules. TKT: Young Learners. IH IH CAM. IH VYL.

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ПОСМОТРИТЕ ВИДЕО ПО ТЕМЕ: 17:00 - 18:00 Общее развитие и необходимые базовые компетенции.

Конференция для преподавателей английского языка – BKC-IH Moscow Teacher Training Conference 2020

Delta Modules. TKT: 3 Modules. TKT: Young Learners. IH IH CAM. IH VYL. IH BET. MBA Centre. ZD Zertifikat Deutsch. JLPT Nihongo noryoku siken. Experience Excellence Expertise. Jon HIRD. Jon has also previously taught in Paris, France and for a short time in Skopje, Macedonia. Jon has a wide range of experience and interests, but with a particular interest in grammar and English for Academic Purposes.

Extended speaking activities and the importance of planning This practical session, which will be useful for anyone who uses, designs or writes speaking activities, considers the importance of a planning stage in classroom speaking activities. We will look at research evidence, including that of the speaker, of how pre-task planning can result in significantly increased fluency, complexity and grammatical accuracy and we will consider how a simple planning stage can, and perhaps should, be integrated into any speaking activity.

Along the way, participants will have a go at designing their own simple tried-and-tested speaking activity based on the principles discussed. Take advantage of your students Our ability to remember new language is greatly influenced by the way we process it. Information that is of particular importance to us will be processed at a deeper cognitive level than information of less importance.

And the deeper the cognitive level at which information is processed, the more chance there is of remembering it. Olga Connolly. She started as a teacher of English and then developed her career as an academic manager and teacher trainer. Every new stage of her career was pretty challenging, but being a DoS is probably the most challenging one, because it requires knowledge, responsibility, managerial skills, but primarily people skills.

However, she together with her strong team of professionals can cope with any difficulty. Although she is interested in a range of teaching and educational management areas, her passion has always been teacher training.

Does simple mean easy? I believe that the most important mission of a teacher is to facilitate learning. As simple as that. But is it easy to accomplish? In this seminar we are going to explore the concept of simplicity in teaching and look at how adhering to it can make learning more accessible to students. We will then observe how the same principles work in the area of teacher training and draw parallels that are true to education in general. The session is a mixture of awareness raising and practical activities which will be interesting to both teachers and teacher trainers.

Tatiana Polovinkina. Tatiana has been working as a teacher for over 20 years. She has had experience working in primary, secondary and higher education, in state and private sectors in Russia, England and Scotland.

In the last few years she has become particularly interested in international exams, feedback on writing, material design and continuous professional development. Principled eclecticism in the classroom: a starter kit Today teachers often say they use the communicative approach, and many also add they are eclectic. What exactly does either mean? How is being eclectic actually different from being chaotic? Anna Kashcheeva. Anna has worked as a teacher and an Assistant Director of Studies.

Anna has presented at various conferences including IATEFL in April and she delivered teacher training events and webinars for universities, schools and other parties in Moscow and Moscow region. Effective use of gadgets for maintaining a collaborative environment This workshop is aimed at exploring some online tools, experimenting with them and evaluating their usefulness and relevance. The participants will be invited to share ideas on how to engage learners in a variety of meaningful activities using technology.

Heather Belgorodtseva. Heather started her career as a teacher with BKC-IH Moscow in and had roles as both a teacher and an academic manager. She also spent ten years in her native UK working for private language schools and in the further education sector as a teacher and teacher trainer. Heather enjoys teacher training because she gets to spend her professional life talking about teaching.

She is particularly interested in materials design and course design. We will then focus on what is likely to work. Anka Zapart. Her professional interests include second language acquisition in preschoolers in instructed settings, assessment for VYL and YL, literacy in the early years, CLIL and material development.

Pair-work with pre-primary students. Where the angels fear to trod? The research of the area is still in progress and the methodology is still in the process of forming. This results in quite a few misconceptions based on comparing young kids with adult learners. The ability to be involved in pairwork is one of them.

In this session we are going to look at the factors that might make the pairwork a challenge for pre-primary learners and their teachers and how to overcome these. Edward Evans. Recently he became the Director of Studies for the whole school, where he divides his time between teaching, teacher training and management. Integrating Task-Based Learning into your classes We will discuss the potential advantages of TBL — a fluency-first approach as opposed to moving from accuracy first to fluency.

We will try out several task-based activities and highlight micro-techniques appropriate to them. Maria Molashenko. Maria has worked in Asia and Europe. Which language should we use to make our instruction and praise more effective? You will explore practical strategies to rephrase negative language and apply this to your life.

Vera Silvanskaya. She started as a teacher of English and then developed her career as an academic manager. Her special interests include teaching intensive courses and exam classes.

Taking off from the Intermediate Plateau A lot of learners encounter problems when moving from Intermediate to Upper Intermediate levels of language proficiency. They struggle to perceive their progress and often feel frustrated. In this session we will look at strategies and activities to help our students to take off from what is known as the Intermediate plateau.

Rory Fergus Duncan-Goodwillie. He started as an English teacher and continued to become a senior academic manager. Rory has lived and worked intensively and with great passion in European and African countries with a focus on Young Learners between years of age.

Keep them coming back for more — three keys to student retention In a difficult economic climate, retaining students is critical to the survival of all teachers and schools. In this session, we will look at three core areas to help keep their students coming back for more! Raul Pope Farguell. Raul has published research on students developing their own grammatical accuracy through peer correction and has presented at the English UK Conference.

He enjoys mentoring teachers and teacher training, as well as working with students to develop learner autonomy. Raul also examines for Trinity College London. Incorporating exam skills without an exam focus This workshop will look at the skills needed for exams and look at how they might be beneficial for students and teachers in general English classes.

There will be practical ideas to take away and discussion. Jonathan Smilow. Jon has been teaching since ; mostly in Russia but also spent a year in China. He has worked with many top Russian and international companies to provide and develop English courses over the past 10 years. His main role at BKC-IH was to provide support and training to teachers working with in-company and business English students as well as designing and implementing various ESP courses.

What is Actually the Question? Teachers learn about Concept Checking Questions CCQs in their initial training and often continue to use the same types of questions for years without thinking about the reason for doing it. This seminar explores why we need to concept check, what exactly needs to be checked and of course some ways of how to do this that go beyond standard CCQs. Anastasiia Dereviankina. She started working as a teacher of English 8 years ago, and 4 years ago she was promoted to an academic manager and, then, an academic director.

She has always been interested in a variety of teaching and management areas, but her preference is teaching adults in different contexts.

Now, she is responsible for intensive and super-intensive courses at BKC-IH, and she is currently working on developing new courses in this sphere.

Student response stage as one of the main instruments of learning I will talk about the importance of a student response stage for both teachers and learners, what impact it has on learning, and how it can be integrated into different parts of a lesson.

I will also consider the features of this stage for a century student and what approaches and techniques to choose to turn it into a wealth for every participant. John Shaw. Here programmes are thematic and there is a lot of emphasis on projects and inspiration in addition to the other skills and systems taught in the English classroom.

Practical uses of L1 in the classroom There is much debate about the pros and cons of using L1.

Просмотр учителей

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YouTeach I Программа по трудоустройству учителей. 13 likes. Мы занимаемся трудоустройством учителей английского языка в Китае по авторской программе Ratings and reviews have changed. Now it's easier to find great.

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Есть еще ряд причин, по которым заявителю приходит отказ в предоставлении российского подданства: Кандидат угрожает безопасности государства. В результате готового нового свидетельства, этот документ возвращается обратно. Срок хранения документов, отражающих трудовые отношения работника с работодателем,- не менее 50 лет со дня их создания (ст. Кто может получить участок.

Поэтому банки всегда приносят в суды по кредитам и кредитные договоры, и расчеты задолженности которые являются доказательствами, на которых должно основываться решение. Какие же аргументы, свидетельствующие о наличии трудовых отношений с физическими лицами, являются решающими в таких спорах.

Предмет лизинга, указанный в договоре, должен иметь высокий спрос на рынке. Вы должны указать, что вы хотите: Например, данные банковской карты, если покупка была совершена по безналичному расчету. Работает над повышением квалификационных знаний и профессионального уровня, занимается саморазвитием и обучением. В частности, работодатель не всегда верно определяет близких родственников. Подобную компенсацию получают при увольнении все работники, имеющие хотя бы один день недоиспользованного отпуска за все отработанные в организации годы.

В зависимости от размера компании и текущего плана привлечения новых сотрудников, это может означать огромный объём работы. Для того чтобы стать обладателем прав категории А1, не нужно преодолевать какие-либо трудности. Кроме заявления, для постановки на учёт требуется целый пакет документов, а для крупных городов федерального значения и временной ценз проживания в этом городе. Российские региональные власти уполномочены устанавливать период тишины в самостоятельном порядке, не прибегая к федеральным нормативным положениям. Без паспорта у вас просто не примут документы. В магазинах-партнерах такой вариант действует, если сумма покупки не превышает 1000 рублей. Изменение технологии неизбежно окажет влияние на содержание труда и, как следствие, условий трудового договора. Рассмотрим наказание за кражу, подробно остановимся на квалифицирующих признаках преступления.

YouTeach I Программа по трудоустройству учителей. 13 likes. Мы занимаемся трудоустройством учителей английского языка в Китае по авторской программе Ratings and reviews have changed. Now it's easier to find great.

Именно в третьем случае собственник способен выписаться из квартиры жильца, в том числе и родственника. Какие льготы положены пенсионерам после 90 лет в 2019 году. Введение следствия в заблуждение. Конкретный способ ведения суммированного учета нужно предусмотреть в Правилах трудового распорядка.

Несколько работников обратились в суд к предприятию-работодателю с иском о признании приказа о снижении премии незаконным. Предоставляется право льготного проезда в любых видах общественного транспорта. Постановка печатей на приказах. В этом году говорят что я на работал только на 24 дня отпуска. Перечислим основные из. Чтобы обеспечить участие адвоката по трудовому праву нужно выполнить следующие условия: Защита интересов и представление в суде Трудовые споры связаны с рядом сложностей: Например, если трудовая деятельность не закреплена трудовым договором, а только гражданско-правовым, юристу сначала придется определить наличие трудовых отношений.

Закон оговаривает возможность подачи копии документов, но за банком закреплено право требования оригиналов. Свыше 10 миллионов - 20000 рублей плюс 0.

Описание предмета сделки и цена на этот предмет являются существенными условиями договора купли-продажи. Деяние, предусмотренное частью первой настоящей статьи, повлекшее по неосторожности смерть двух или более лиц, - наказывается принудительными работами на срок до пяти лет с лишением права занимать определенные должности или заниматься определенной деятельностью на срок до трех лет либо лишением свободы на срок до семи лет с лишением права занимать определенные должности или заниматься определенной деятельностью на срок до трех лет. Общие положения Статья 1. Определения предмета взятки - денег, ценных бумаг, иного имущества, услуг имущественного характера - см. Выплаты, к которым применяется районный коэффициент.

Там дают перечень документов, которые необходимо собрать для оформления пособия и бланк заявления. Но придется тратиться на доставку и ждать некоторое время. Наши соотечественники плохо знают законы, поэтому, чтобы не оказаться без наследства, стараются заручиться правовой поддержкой юриста. Это один из тех бумаг, которые обязательно должны быть у владельца жилплощади.

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