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We will issue a permanent residence permit permanent residence in Ukraine. We take the most difficult questions. The best solution of your problem is to perform a permanent residence permit! Having performed a permanent residence in Ukraine, you get the following benefits:. Thus, the question of permanent residence registration for you has been decided, but how it should be done?

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We will issue a permanent residence permit permanent residence in Ukraine. We take the most difficult questions. The best solution of your problem is to perform a permanent residence permit! Having performed a permanent residence in Ukraine, you get the following benefits:. Thus, the question of permanent residence registration for you has been decided, but how it should be done? In fact, there are several options - either to do it yourself or to order support of this process by specialists with experience and understanding of the migration legislation.

We absolutely do not dissuade you from the first option, BUT. The Law of Ukraine "On Legal Status of Foreigners" provides that foreigners can in the prescribed manner immigrate to Ukraine for permanent residence a long-term visa is issued for entry to Ukraine. Permission to immigrate must be obtained to get the right on immigration to Ukraine for permanent residence.

Immigration permit - is a decision of the specially authorized central body of executive power and its subordinate bodies on issues of immigration, which grants the right to foreigners and stateless persons to immigrate. Immigration permit is granted for certain categories of immigrants within the immigration quota or without it determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The immigration quota — is a limited number of foreigners and stateless persons, for whom permission to immigrate during a calendar year is provided. Immigration permit is provided within the immigration quota to the following categories of immigrants:.

Immigration permit without immigration quota is available:. A person who permanently resides outside Ukraine and has received permission to immigrate, is issued a long-term visa by the diplomatic mission or consular office of Ukraine on his appeal. Upon arrival in Ukraine, an immigrant must apply to the territorial office of the Migration Service of his residence within five working days for issuing a permanent residence permit. A person who legally stays in Ukraine and has received permission to immigrate, is provided with a permanent residence permit by the territorial office of the migration service within a week from the date of submission of the application.

If necessary, the relevant territorial authorities and departments, executing the production of Immigration permit, can claim other documents which specify the grounds for granting permission to immigrate, if it is not contrary to the Law of Ukraine "On Immigration", as well as to invite applicants or other persons to talk.

Documents issued by competent authorities of foreign countries, must be legalized in the established order, unless otherwise is provided by international agreements of Ukraine. Toggle navigation. Migration law. Immigration in Ukraine. Legalization of foreigners non-residents in Ukraine.

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine We will issue a permanent residence permit permanent residence in Ukraine. Brief description You are not a citizen of Ukraine but often visit our country?! You have to stay on the territory of Ukraine for a long time?! You often face the problem to get employment?!

During this time, you must apply to the Migration Service for processing the permanent residence. Within 30 calendar days after getting the permanent residence permit a foreigner should contact the housing office or the territorial offic of the State Migration Service of the place of residence with a statement, according to which he is registered gets registration , which is put on the form of the residence permit.

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There was an error while sending comment. Mailboxes Office Manager — info justicon. Come to us Starovokzalna str. No time to understand? We will help. Our clients. It is necessary to certify and translate the first page of the passport; in case a visa is necessary, - the page with the visa must be translated and certified, too. Documentation on having dwelling in Ukraine, where the person obtains the right on registration. With the exception of a spouse of a citizen of Ukraine, if the marriage lasts more than two years , children and parents of citizens of Ukraine, persons who have the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin.

In accordance with the category of immigrants one of the following documents is served. Document confirming the support of the request by the central body of executive power in Ukraine. For highly skilled professionals and workers, an urgent need for which is notable for the Ukrainian economy.

For those who have implemented foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine in foreign currency in the amount not less than one hundred thousand dollars. Bank certificate about foreign investment in foreign convertible currency in an amount not less than one hundred thousand US dollars.

For individuals who are full-blood brothers or sisters, grandfathers or grandmothers, grandchildren, spouses of a citizen of Ukraine if the marriage lasts more than two years , children or parents of Ukrainian citizens. Documents certifying the applicant's family relationship with the immigrant and the document that the immigrant has no objection to his immigration and ensures financial security at the level not lower the subsistence minimum established in Ukraine. For individuals who permanently resided in Ukraine for three years since the establishment of the status of a victim of trafficking in human beings.

Documents of appointment of guardians or trustees over citizens of Ukraine or documents that certify being placed under guardianship or custody of the citizen of Ukraine.

For individuals who are guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine, or are in the custody or guardianship of Ukrainian citizens. Documents that confirm that they or at least one of their parents, grandfather or grandmother, full-blood brother or sister were born or permanently resided on the territory that became the territory of Ukraine until July 16,

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Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Luba Smal is an attorney exclusively practicing USA federal immigration law since To schedule a consultation, please email. RSS Feed. Smal Immigration Law Office Tel. The new rule potentially could stop hundreds of thousands of foreign workers from keeping their H-1B visas while their green card applications are pending.

Despite the obvious development of international relationships, most of the countries on the globe still have visa regime. In the article presented below, you can find all the information about getting a Russian visa and its cost for German.

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