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Additional informations. English is not an official language of the Swiss Confeder a tion. This translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force. This amendment is taken into consideration throughout the Code. Where the law confers discretion on the court or makes reference to an assessment of the circumstances or to good cause, the court must reach its decision in accordance with the principles of justice and equity. The general provisions of the Code of Obligations 1 concerning the formation, performance and termination of contracts also apply to other civil law matters.

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Civil Code

Additional informations. English is not an official language of the Swiss Confeder a tion. This translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force. This amendment is taken into consideration throughout the Code. Where the law confers discretion on the court or makes reference to an assessment of the circumstances or to good cause, the court must reach its decision in accordance with the principles of justice and equity.

The general provisions of the Code of Obligations 1 concerning the formation, performance and termination of contracts also apply to other civil law matters. Unless the law provides otherwise, the burden of proving the existence of an alleged fact shall rest on the person who derives rights from that fact.

A person who has capacity to act has the capacity to create rights and obligations through his actions. A person is capable of judgement within the meaning of the law if he or she does not lack the capacity to act rationally by virtue of being under age or because of a mental disability, mental disorder, intoxication or similar circumstances. A person does not have the capacity to act if he or she is incapable of judgement or is under age or is subject to a general deputyship.

A person who is incapable of judgement cannot create legal effect by his or her actions, unless the law provides otherwise. A person lacking capacity to act is however only liable to the extent that he or she has already benefited from the performance or to which he or she has been enriched at the time of the demand or has alienated the benefits in bad faith.

Adults subject to a general deputyship are domiciled at the location of the adult protection authority. This period may be extended on one occasion for good cause. A person whose spouse dies may, if that person changed his or her surname on marriage, at any time declare before the civil registrar the wish to revert to the name by which he or she was known prior to the marriage. The death of a person is deemed proven, even if no-one has seen the corpse, if that person has disappeared in circumstances in which his death may be considered certain.

If the missing person comes forward within the set period or if news of the missing person is received or if the date of his or her death is proved, the application fails. The court shall hear the relevant cantonal supervisory authority, to which it shall notify its judgment. The register authorities must of their own accord rectify mistakes resulting from an obvious oversight or error. The disclosure provisions under cantonal law are reserved.

It may have recourse to cantonal appeal procedures against the decisions of the registrars and the supervisory authorities. Legal entities have all the rights and duties other than those which presuppose intrinsically human attributes, such as gender, age or kinship.

Legal entities have capacity to act once the governing bodies required by law and their articles of association have been appointed. The seat of the legal entity is located where its administration is carried out, unless its articles of association provide otherwise.

The procedure for liquidating the assets of the legal entity is governed by the regulations for cooperatives. Associations which cannot acquire or have not yet acquired legal personality are treated as simple partnerships. Each member is by law excluded from voting on any resolution concerning a transaction or dispute between him or her, his or her spouse or a lineal relative on the one hand and the association on the other.

The committee is entitled and obliged as defined under the articles of association to manage and represent the association. The provisions of the Code of Obligations 2 on commercial bookkeeping and accounting apply mutatis mutandis. Amended by Annex No. The court may order the association to make an advance payment to the persons appointed. No member may be forced against his or her will to accept a change in the objects of the association.

Any member who has not consented to a resolution which infringes the law or the articles of association is entitled by law to challenge such resolution in court within one month of learning thereof. The association is liable for its obligations with its assets. Such liability is limited to the assets unless the articles of association provide otherwise. The association is dissolved by operation of law if it is insolvent or if the committee may no longer be appointed in accordance with the articles of association.

Where the objects of the association are unlawful or immoral, the competent authority or an interested party may apply for a court order of dissolution. Where the association is registered, the committee or the court shall inform the commercial registrar of the dissolution so that the entry may be deleted. The Federal Council determines the conditions for such exemption. The external auditors must provide the supervisory authority with a copy of the audit report and all important communications with the foundation.

In particular it may:. The supervisory authority may require the foundation to make an advance payment to the persons appointed. If the foundation has no external auditors, the board of trustees must submit the interim balance sheet to the supervisory authority. If it fails to do so, the supervisory authority takes such measures itself. Request by the supervisory authority or the board of trustees 1.

If the founder is a legal entity, the right extinguishes at the latest 20 years after the establishment of the foundation. Having heard the board of trustees, the supervisory authority may make minor amendments to the foundation charter provided these are objectively justified and do not impair the rights of any third party. Originally Art. If one of the engaged couple has in good faith incurred expense in anticipation of the marriage ceremony and the engagement is then ended, that party may claim a reasonable contribution from the other where this is not inequitable in the overall circumstances.

A person wishing to remarry must prove that any previous marriage has been annulled or dissolved. If they may show that they clearly cannot be required to do so, the preparatory procedure may be carried out in writing. The wedding ceremony may take place within three months following notification of completion of the preparatory procedure. The Federal Council and, within the scope of their powers, the cantons shall enact the necessary implementing provisions.

A marriage contracted before a civil registrar may be annulled only on one of the grounds provided in this chapter. Provided this is compatible with their duties, the federal and cantonal authorities shall contact the authority competent for the action if they have reason to believe that there are grounds for annulment. The hearing may comprise two or more sessions.

A spouse may petition for divorce if, at the time the petition is filed or at the time the divorce request is replaced by a divorce petition, the spouses have lived apart for at least two years. Prior to the expiry of the two-year period, a spouse may petition for divorce if the marriage has irretrievably broken down for compelling reasons for which he or she is not responsible.

Where new and compelling reasons so require, such right of residence may be restricted or revoked. In the event of divorce, any occupational pension assets accrued during the marriage up to the point at which divorce proceedings commence are divided equitably. Equitable division in the case of invalidity pensions after statutory retirement age and in the case of retirement pensions.

In doing so it primarily takes into account the duration of the marriage and the pension requirements of each spouse. Good cause exists above all when equal division would be unreasonable:. The pension entitlement is offset before the share of the pension awarded to the entitled spouse is converted into a life-long pension. If, having considered the pension requirements of both spouses, an equitable division of occupational pension assets is unreasonable, the liable spouse shall owe the entitled spouse a lump sum payment.

The spouses may wholly or in part exclude any alteration of the regular maintenance payments stipulated in the agreement.

The court may direct that the maintenance contribution will automatically increase or decrease depending on specified changes in the cost of living. In particular it regulates:. It shall take account of a joint proposal by the parents and, if feasible, the opinion of the child.

In the other cases, the court competent to modify the divorce decree decides. In justified cases, the civil registrar may relieve the prospective spouses of this obligation. In the choice and pursuit of his or her career or business, each spouse must have due regard to the other and to the welfare of the marital union.

Each spouse may enter into transactions with the other or with third parties unless the law provides otherwise. The cantons must ensure that spouses experiencing marital problems may seek help individually or jointly from marriage guidance or family counselling agencies.

The provision governing the protection of the person from violence, threats or harassment applies mutatis muta n dis. A spouse is entitled to suspend the joint household for as long as his or her personality rights or financial security or the welfare of the family are seriously endangered by living together. The provisions governing enforcement assistance and advance payments on divorce and consequent to the parent-child relationship apply. If a spouse fails to fulfil his or her duty to maintain the family, the court may order his or her debtors to make payment in full or in part to the other spouse.

The provisions on a change of circumstances in divorce cases apply mutatis mutandis. Spouses are subject to the provisions governing participation in acquired property provided they have not agreed otherwise in a marital agreement and provided no extraordinary marital property regime has come into effect.

The marital agreement must be executed as a public deed and signed by the parties and, where applicable, by the legal representative. If a spouse living under the community of property regime is declared bankrupt, separation of property takes effect ex officio. If a spouse living under the community of property regime is pursued for a personal debt and his or her share of the common property is distrained, the debt enforcement supervisory authority may request that the court order a separation of property.

Whenever the separation of property regime comes into effect, the liquidation of the previous regime is governed by the provisions applicable to the latter, unless the law provides otherwise.

The marital property regime of participation in acquired property comprises the property acquired during the marriage and the individual property of each spouse. For the purpose of liquidating the marital property regime, assets are stated at their market value.

In the case of divorce, separation, annulment of marriage or separation of property by court order, agreements varying the statutory participation in the surplus are valid only if the marital property agreement expressly so provides. The marital property regime of community of property comprises the common property and the individual property of each spouse. All assets are presumed to be common property unless proven to be the individual property of a spouse.

Lump sum pension or invalidity benefits received by a spouse that have become common property are added to his or her individual property in the capitalised amount equivalent to the pension or invalidity annuity to which he or she would be entitled on dissolution of the marital property regime.

Where the individual property of a spouse or the common property has contributed to the acquisition, improvement or preservation of an asset belonging to another category of property, the provisions governing increased value in relation to participation in acquired property apply mutatis mutandis.

For the purpose of valuing the common property at hand at the time of the dissolution of the marital property regime, the defining juncture is the time of the division.

If the community of property is dissolved by the death of a spouse, the surviving spouse may request that such property as would have been his or her individual property under the participation in acquired property regime be allocated to him or her and count toward his or her share of the estate.

If a spouse demonstrates an overriding interest, he or she may also demand that other assets be allocated to him or her and count toward his or her share. In other respects the provisions governing the division of property in co-ownership and the division of estates apply mutatis mutandis. Within the limits of the law, each spouse shall administer and enjoy the benefits of his or her own property and has power of disposal over it. Where one spouse shows an overriding interest in gaining sole possession of an object or asset in co-ownership, and notwithstanding any other legal measures available, he or she may request that said object or asset be allocated to him or her in return for compensation.

The spouses must justify the exception. The person wishing to adopt must justify the exception.

Civil Code (special part)

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По паспорту сложно или невозможно установить личность гражданина. Аферы в области кредитования. Отдельно стоит рассмотреть пункт, касающийся справки о доходах. В России за некоторые нарушения действующего законодательства страны могут лишить отдельных документов. Банк в письме не поясняет, с какой целью ему нужны эти документы, только ссылается на пункт Индивидуальных условий договора кредитования, который ссылается на пункт Общих условий договора, которые на руки не выдавались и существуют только на сайте.

Сейчас это увы практикуется почти везде. Сдать квартиру или другое жилое помещение, которое принадлежит другому лицу, можно, если есть грамотно составленная доверенность на осуществление этих операций. Войти в личный кабинет и выбрать счёт, с которого будет совершаться пополнение.

Итак, чтобы отменить или аннулировать договор дарения, придется: Выбрать основание, по которому происходит обращение в суд. Нет необходимости предоставлять документы других участников сделки в банк. Согласно существующему законодательству, имущество, которое покупалось в браке, является собственностью обоих супругов. При этом они утверждают, что указанные данные необходимы для перевода суммы выдаваемого займа. Для наглядности расчета приводится пример с конкретными цифрами. Пополнение социальной карты студента произойдет за считанные секунды после проведения платежа.

Но, при освобождении должности охранника 6 разряда, вы будете переведены на. По истечении указанного срока невостребованные документы подлежат уничтожению. Отметим, что принуждение сотрудника к увольнению является основанием для обращения в трудовую инспекцию и проведения соответствующей проверки. Было решено перенести судебное заседание, но вряд ли жена согласится прийти в следующий. Так и для детей предусмотрена отдельная процедура оформления гражданства. Согласно российскому законодательству все заполненные формы заявлений следует удостоверить нотариально. На бытовых же ёмкостях такое устройство отсутствует, и контроль производится взвешиванием. Расчеты и переводы нерезидента в пользу резидента при исполнении нерезидентом обязательств по иным эмиссионным ценным бумагам.

Engine RMZ В соответствии с положениями Статьи Гражданского кодекса РФ, обращаем Ваше внимание данный интернет-сайт носит.

Какой вариант приобретения подержанных автомобилей. В том случае, если требуется выполнить корректировку или дополнить информацию в приложении, то можно не опасаясь вносить изменения. Если рассматривать многоквартирное строение, то данный документ в многоквартирном доме будет выдаваться на все обособленные квартирные помещения.

Исчисление срока отсутствия данных о месте пребывания лица в месте его жительства начинается со дня получения последних сведений о. Банк не требует документального подтверждения этих доходов. На этот вопрос каждый должен знать ответ. Если данное условие не будет соблюдено, соглашение может быть признано недействительным. С подростками сотрудник должен общаться так же вежливо, как и со взрослыми.

Подобная секретность обуславливается соблюдением коммерческой тайны, коей является система оценки заемщиков. Если выиграл в лотерею квартиру. В титульном листе в дате рождения изменения вносятся аналогично.

Оформление академического отпуска не представляет собой проблемы, если у вас есть реальные основания. Поэтому смерть его была более чем странной. Менее вместительная кофемашина просто не подойдет для требуемой скорости и объемов приготовления кофе. Квартира полицейского является ветхой или просто не пригодна для проживания. Осуществление производится в строго установленном порядке и рамках закона. Говорят что подадут на меня в суд, если я не опачу в течение 3 дней.

Но покупка недвижимости для них часто оказывается непосильной. Под давлением мамы и оперуполномоченных написала заявление на мужа по ст 131 и 132. Обращаться для проведения перерасчета пенсионеркам необходимо в Пенсионный фонд, а именно в тот его территориальный орган, где находится пенсионное .

ВИДЕО ПО ТЕМЕ: ГК РФ, Статья 106,1, Понятие производственного кооператива, Гражданский Кодекс Российской Федерации
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