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This is the second committee to give the bill a favorable recommendation. Michael Rajner, an HIV rights activist, attributes the newfound support to advocates, stakeholders and people living with HIV meeting with lawmakers to tell their stories. Hansel Tookes and the medical students at the University of Miami who have been doing a tremendous job of advocating for needle syringe exchange programs statewide and in that process have been educating legislators on HIV. The current law does not take into account whether a person actually transmitted HIV.

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HIV is Not a Crime III

This is the second committee to give the bill a favorable recommendation. Michael Rajner, an HIV rights activist, attributes the newfound support to advocates, stakeholders and people living with HIV meeting with lawmakers to tell their stories. Hansel Tookes and the medical students at the University of Miami who have been doing a tremendous job of advocating for needle syringe exchange programs statewide and in that process have been educating legislators on HIV.

The current law does not take into account whether a person actually transmitted HIV. Nor does it matter if a condom was used, or if the person with HIV is on treatment and undetectable. Other changes include allowing a person who has HIV to donate blood, plasma, organs, skin, or other human tissue as long as a medical professional deems it appropriate.

Currently, there are no exceptions so if someone did make such a donation they would be committing a third-degree felony. So under the current law, a person could be incarcerated for up to 30 years with a third-degree felony, even though there is no transmission of HIV, and scientifically there is no risk of transmission.

Nicholas Duran bill aims to modernize HIV law. But a bill advancing through the Florida House could de-stigmatize HIV without decriminalizing irresponsible transmission entirely.

He credits it to law written in a time when people worried spitting or sharing a toilet seat with an HIV-positive individual. If it becomes law, the legislation will reclassify a failure to notify a sexual partner of HIV-positive status as a misdemeanor, instead of a felony.

That means acknowledging HIV, far from the death sentence it was in the s, can be treated as a chronic condition more on par with asthma or diabetes. While there are , people living with HIV in Florida, there were less than deaths from HIV-related causes in the state in But the spread of the virus remains a concern, particularly in Florida. The state saw 4, documented new transmissions in , according to Equality Florida. But the impact of the disease remains demographically uneven. Only 22 percent of new transmissions in Florida were for women.

Meanwhile, 42 percent were for black individuals and 32 percent were Latino. Gay and bisexual men make up 55 percent of Americans living with HIV. At current rates, a quarter of all gay and bisexual Latino men will get HIV at some point in their life.

Half of gay and bisexual black men will contract the virus. But the severe legal consequence for failing to share information has led to a high number of individuals refusing to get tested for HIV. HIV-positive people can face up to 30 years in prison for failure to disclose their status with a consensual partner, and that risk comes whether the virus gets transmitted or not.

Further, current medical treatments can make HIV medically undetectable, and in turn can make the virus virtually non-transmittable. But Duran hopes a conversation based on current science can catch the law up with modern knowledge.

Treating HIV patients as criminals at this point does more harm than good. Published in echo. Ilya and Eugene — a gay couple from Belarus.

Recently, during sex, they broke a condom. They decided to start post-exposure prophylaxis PEP. It would seem that everything was simple: within 72 hours after the risk of infection, you need to start taking pills. But due to the peculiarities of local legislation, it is much more difficult to get help than it seems at first glance.

CENTER figured out what Belarusian discordant couples face and what are the ways out of the current situation in the republic. Maybe you are slandering someone? Suddenly you will now go to sell the medicines that I will give you?

Indeed, in the Criminal Code of Belarus there is Art. It is noteworthy that the article provided for criminal liability, even if the injured party had no complaints against the defendant.

And infectious disease doctors can initiate proceedings. For example, in , criminal cases were initiated under Art. However, in the near future, legislation in the Republic may be relaxed, for example, on December 19, , an amendment was made to decriminalize transmission of the disease.

Now the bill has been submitted to the Council of the Republic and the president for approval. In addition, before people with HIV were forbidden to adopt children, now this article has been revised, but still there are some nuances in the application. Ilya is convinced that he must bear responsibility for his own health. Once he himself worked as an HIV counselor and conducted rapid testing, so he knew that there was very little time for PEP after unprotected intercourse, only three days.

According to him, the PCP is provided in cases of occupational risks, for example, if a nurse injected with a syringe, which took blood from an HIV-positive patient. Or in some domestic situations for example, the child found a syringe in the sandbox and injected with them or at certain sexual contacts for example, after rape. Statkevich agrees with the lack of regulations for issuing such tablets. Ultimately, Ilya received postexposure prophylaxis, but not from doctors who were supposed to provide it, friends from Russia helped and promptly transferred it.

After all, there are people who will use this information far from for good purposes. The case of Ilya is a good demonstration of how HIV prevention is related to legislative norms, in particular, with articles, Statkevich believes.

A public organization advocates a reduction in the criminalization of HIV infection by offering several points. First, reclassify cases under article from public to private accusation. In addition, the case may be closed in case of reconciliation of the parties.

Secondly, the possibility of blackmail by an HIV-negative partner should be excluded. Since the vagueness of the wording allows them to be interpreted unnecessarily broadly. The doctor adds that there is another effective way of prevention for people with increased risk of infection, for example, for men who have sex with men, and for sex workers — pre-contact prophylaxis PrEP or PrEP.

Antiretroviral drugs in Belarus are procured centrally for the state budget, and pharmacies simply do not arrive, that is, it is impossible to buy them yourself, at least legally. This means that due to stigma, fear to open up even to doctors and unwillingness to donate partners, the number of people with HIV may increase. The principle is simple: do not drink therapy — either you are infected yourself, or you transmit the virus to another.

It remains to hope that a program on pre-and post-exposure prophylaxis may appear in Belarus at least now such conversations are under way , which could be given out not only in state hospitals, but also in public organizations. The proposal would update laws to reflect current science and medicine.

Ed Clere R-New Albany , who authored the bill, says a lot has changed since then. She has lived with the virus for 30 years. The bill removes stigmatized legal language, changes penalties and updates duty to warn laws. HIV modernization legislation can encourage testing, reduce stigma and eliminate barriers to effective treatment.

Published in The Canadian Press on February 4, Groups want provinces to have consistent policies on limiting HIV prosecutions. The federal directive goes further in saying people who also use a condom or engage in oral sex should generally not face serious charges such as aggravated sexual assault.

We reiterate to you what the science is telling us and public-interest reasons for you to appropriately limit the use of criminal law. Inconsistent policies mean that HIV-positive people in most provinces may fear being threatened with prosecution by partners who have no basis for a complaint and could even shun treatment based on stigma and discrimination, Elliott said.

It said correct use of a condom prevents transmission and that possibility is further decreased or eliminated when someone has a viral load that is low or undetectable. Dan McLaughlin, spokesman for the prosecution service, said the province is reviewing its policy and has been considering amendments to incorporate the directive of the federal attorney general.

The review will endeavour to ensure B. Elliott, who will be one of the speakers on the issue Tuesday at Simon Fraser University, said about people across the country have been prosecuted for alleged HIV non-disclosure, the second-highest number in the world, after the United States. Valerie Nicholson of Vancouver has been HIV-positive since and said her viral load has been negligible since because of the antiretroviral medication she takes.

She said she always reveals her status to sexual partners but that information was used against her by a man who informed her a year and a half after their relationship ended that she transmitted the virus to him and he would call police. Do they stay in an abusive relationship? Angela Kaida, a Simon Fraser University global health epidemiologist with an interest in the links between HIV and sexual and reproductive health, said the evolving conversation around the virus that is treatable needs to include the latest scientific evidence.

Sero supporter Mark S. PLHIV networks improve health outcomes for people living with HIV as well as contribute to stigma reduction and improve advocacy outcomes. When we create community and work together, our voices are heard more clearly, and we have a greater influence on the policymaking that so profoundly affects our lives.

It is a moving illustration of the power of networks to change lives and strengthen the voice of PLHIV. After passing both chambers, the bill was presented to Governor Snyder who signed the bill December 27, The degree of risk of HIV transmission was not a factor in the statute; including circumstances where there was no HIV transmission, nor even any risk of HIV transmission.

The amended law removes those living with HIV who are on treatment and virally suppressed—posing no risk of transmitting HIV—from being subject to prosecution. In November, Ending HIV Criminalization and Over Incarceration in Virginia Coalition ECHO VA and Sero hosted a strategic planning meeting for service providers, grassroots activists, public health professionals, legal experts, and PLHIV to engage across differences; strengthen connections to broader struggles for racial, gender, economic, and health justice; and to develop shared values and priorities in the movement to end HIV criminalization in Virginia.

The workshop focused on strategies and tools to advance HIV criminalization reform efforts and, specifically, to update attendees on legislative reform efforts underway in Georgia and Florida. Efforts in the Florida legislature to modernize HIV-related statutes made progress in and Kamaria also works on a regional training program to groom leaders, particularly women living with HIV, to educate and mobilize on HIV criminalization issues across Florida.

The meeting focused on drafting a modernization bill, messaging and advocacy organizing strategy. Working to end HIV-related stigma, discrimination, and criminalization can be frustrating or disheartening, especially for those who suffer the most extreme consequences of such injustice.

Even as we make progress in our efforts to end HIV criminalization—and we have made progress this year—the road ahead stretches long into the future. Decades ago, I first viewed my AIDS activism as a temporary priority, something that could be fixed and then I could move on with other endeavors and priorities in my life. My perspective changed over time, as it did for others, because we learned, or experienced, how inextricably HIV-related injustices are linked to other injustices.

Even as effective therapy changed what it meant to live with HIV, it only brought those other injustices into starker relief. Eventually, I stopped looking for where the road ended, for some mythical point in the future when all will be well, and came to understood that activism was a defining value in my life, fundamental to my purpose. I salute all of them and I salute you. Volunteers all over the U.

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You must be at least 18 years old to participate. You can terminate your participation in this study at any time. Your decision to end your participation will not.

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