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Armenia and Azerbaijan are once again on collision course along increasingly active front lines in and around Nagorno-Karabakh. Mediators Russia, France and the U. Political and security conditions that prompted the April escalation have become more acute and both sides claim a new wave of escalation already has begun. Since mid-January , deadly incidents involving the use of heavy artillery and anti-tank weapons have occurred with varying degrees of intensity; May saw a significant increase, including reports of self-guided rockets and missiles used near densely populated areas along the Line of Contact LoC , the heavily militarised area that divides the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides since the ceasefire.

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Translation of "тебя в факсе" in English

Turkmenistan - - Law, Act. Law No. Chapter I. General provisions Chapter II. State guarantees for the protection of the rights of military servants, citizens released from military service and their family members Chapter III. Duties of military servicemen Chapter IV. Liability of servicemen Chapter V. Final provisions. Rephrases paragraph 2 of part 5 of Article 19 Basis for the calculation of pension contributions , paragraph 2 of part 1 of Article 20 Rates for the calculation of pension contributions to pension insurance.

Supplements part 3 of Article 31 Termination of operations on accounts in bank with a new paragraph. Rephrases Article 43 Financial sanctions and requirement of unacceptable payment for non-fulfilment by bank of the decision of local body of Pension Fund of Turkmenistan on termination of operations on accounts of insurer and the content of Article 47 Control over the implementation of this law. Amends, inter alia, the Labour Code: in particular, rephrases part 2 of Article 30 Work book , also makes wording changes in paragraph 2 of part 3 of the same article.

Rephrases part 1 of Article 81 Holidays and memory days , which specifies the holidays and memory days on which work activity must not be performed in companies, organizations and institutions. Rephrases paragraph 2 of part 3 of Article 30 Work book , part 6 of Article 33 Moving to other permanent work and relocation. Makes wording changes in Article 34 Temporary transfer to other work related to production necessity , also in Article 37 Labour relations in case of change of owner of company, its administrative subjectivity, reorganization, rent of company , Article 89 Transfer and expansion of annual basic leave , Article Procedure and terms of providing leave without pay , Article General concepts and definitions , Article Payment for work performed in overtime , Article Calculation of average wage , Article Guarantees for pregnant women and women with children when admitting to work and termination of employment contract , Article Documents verifying employment by employers who are physical entities , Article Termination of employment contract with domestic workers , Article State agencies of supervision and control over observance of labour legislation.

Also supplements parts and paragraphs to Article 39 General reasons for the termination annulment of employment contract , Article 48 Termination of a fixed-term employment contract , Article 87 Procedure of providing annual basic leave.

Chapter I: General provisions establishes, inter alia, the general concepts, objectives and system of consumer associations, relationships of consumer associations with the state and local self-government bodies Chapter II: Consumer association and principles of its establishment and activity Chapter III: Union of consumer associations Chapter IV: Peculiarities of state registration, reorganization, liquidation of consumer associations and unions of consumer associations Chapter V: Final provisions deals with, inter alia, labour relationships in consumer association, in the union of consumer associations, also with the social protection of workers.

Chapter I: General provisions inter alia, general concepts, guarantees for the rights of persons applying for the granting of a status of a refugee, also the principle of the union of family, recognition of a person as a refugee Chapter II: Granting the status of a refugee, additional or temporary protection, loss or refuse of the status of a refugee and additional protection Chapter III: Legal position of persons, who are granted the status of a refugee, additional or temporary protection Chapter IV: Competencies of public authorities on the matters of refugees Chapter V: Final provisions inter alia, Foundation for the assistance to persons applying for the status of a refugee or additional protection, participation of foreign countries and international organizations on the matters of refugees in the procedure of granting and termination of the status of a refugee.

Creation of architectural work Chapter IX: Final provisions. Establishes legal, economic and organizational bases for observing, renovation, development and support of folk art. In particular, defines the general concepts, the general directions of state policy for folk art; state regulation in this sphere, state bodies who carry out the state regulation, their competencies, participation of scientific, higher educational institutions, museums in folk art.

Also introduces the main forms of folk art activity, funding thereof, enterprises carrying out folk art production. Sets the rights of citizens involved in folk art activity, their copyright. Regulates teaching of folk art and its popularization, also international cooperation in the field of folk art. Defines the general directions of state policy in the sphere of food safety provision, which is considered as a substantial part of economic security of the country, also establishes legal bases for citizens to realize their rights to healthy and nutritious food.

This law is aimed at the establishment of legal and organizational bases for state regulation in the sphere of psychiatric care and ensuring the rights of citizens when providing it.

Chapter I: General provisions Chapter II: Means of influence over the victims of human trafficking and forms of their exploitation Chapter III: Organizational bases for combat against human trafficking Chapter IV: Prevention of human trafficking and crimes linked with it Chapter V: Identification of victims of human trafficking, procedure of recognizing as a victim of human trafficking and giving the status of a victim of human trafficking Chapter VI: Specialized institutions for assistance and support to victims of human trafficking.

Repatriation of persons who were victims of human trafficking Chapter VII: Social rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking, protection and assistance for them Chapter VIII: International cooperation in the sphere of combat against human trafficking Chapter IX: Final provisions. Chapter I: General provisions, which establish, inter alia, the aims and principles of the system of the mandatory guarantee of personal deposits, also the subjects and objects of the system.

Rephrases the title of Chapter VII, which now reads: "Material provision and social protection of courts and juries. Measures to promote judges and workers at courts". Also supplements the law with new Article "Measures to promote judges and workers at courts". Supplements Article 1 General concepts with new paragraphs.

Rephrases Article 12, which now reads: "Registry and withdrawal from registry of foreign citizens, persons without citizenship in the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan". Also rephrases part 4 of Article 13 Registration of foreign citizens, persons without citizenship in other competent state bodies of Turkmenistan , supplementing it with new part Makes wording changes in Article 14 Granting residence permit , supplementing it with a new paragraph; also adds new paragraphs to Article 16 Replacement of residence permit , Article 17 Annulment of residence permit , Article 30 Reasons for temporary restriction of exit from Turkmenistan for the citizens of Turkmenistan.

Makes wording changes, inter alia, in Article 29 Procedure of issuing a passport of a citizen of Turkmenistan for exit from and entry into Turkmenistan , Article 42 Registration of citizens of Turkmenistan due to residence place and place of stay within the territory of Turkmenistan. Introduces a replacement of certain words in state language in all of the text of the Code.

Also makes wording changes in part 1 of Article 7 Prohibition of discrimination in labour relations. Rephrases part 2 of Article 12 Parties of labour relations , also para 7 of part 1 of Article 14 General rights and duties of employer , para 11 of part 3 of Article 18 Employment contract duration. Also rephrases Article 23 Minimum age eligible for the conclusion of employment contract , part 1 of Article 36 Temporary transfer to other job in case of standstill , part 1 of Article 45 Coordination of termination of employment contract on the initiative of employer with trade union body or other representative body of employees , para 7 and part 2 of Article 47 Termination of employment contract for circumstances beyond the control of the parties , para 1 of part 1 of Article 49 Termination of employment contract as a result of violation of the provisions of labour legislation of Turkmenistan for employment contract conclusion.

Also rephrases Article 58 Concept of working time , part 2 of Article 74 Brake for rest and meal , Article 96 Leave for pregnancy and childbirth , part 3 of Article State rates of labour remuneration , part 4 of Article The form, system and amounts of labour remuneration , title and part 1 of Article Remuneration for work performed on leave off days, non-working holidays and memorable days , part 4 of Article Reductions form wages of workers , para 6 of Article Ensuring normal working conditions to meet the working norms.

Also rephrases the titles of Chapter 7 Peculiarities of regulation of labour of persons working on a rotational basis and in field conditions of Section XIII, Article Rotational method of labour and labour in the field , Article Guarantees and compensations to persons working on a rotational basis and in the field. Also rephrases paragraphs in articles , , , , , , , , , Supplements part 1 of Article 44 Warning about suspension of employment contract by employer's initiative and Article 85 Guarantees for the right to vacation with new paragraphs.

Makes minor wording changes, inter alia, in articles 8, 10, 13, 17, 18, 21, 24, 28, 35, 42, 47, 48, 50, 53, 54, 56, 61, 63, 81, 87, 89, 92, 95, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Chapter I introduces general provisions, concerning, inter alia, general concepts, the main directions of the state policy in the sphere of employment, the concept of employed population, state guarantees in this sphere, also for the persons in need of state assistance, state fund for the promotion of employment.

Chapter II sets state regulation in the sphere of employment: inter alia, the state bodies implementing state regulation and their competencies. Chapter III establishes the rights of citizens in employment sphere, in particular, the right to job placement, the right to information and consultation on the issues of employment, professional orientation, preparation, training, qualification improvement, also the right to job placement outside Turkmenistan.

Chapter IV regulates the organization of employment: inter alia, employment service, participation of employers in ensuring employment for the population, also the participation of trade unions and other representative bodies of workers in the promotion of employment, organization of paid public works, vocational training, engaging foreign workforce, voluntary insurance against unemployment.

Chapter V regulates the procedure of recognizing a person as unemployed, also the registration, withdrawal of registration of an unemployed, the rights and duties of an unemployed. Chapter VI establishes social guarantees in case of loss of job: in particular, guarantees of material assistance to workers, released from job by employers, payment of unemployment allowances, also the amount of it. Chapter VII sets final provisions. Rephrases part 4 of Article 37 Calculation of the amount of pension for disability , also part 1 of Article 38 Calculation of the amount of pension for the loss of breadwinner.

Supplements part 3 of Article 40 Appointment of pension with a new sentence; also Article 42 Recalculation of pension amounts and indexation thereof with new part 2; also Article 76 Calculation of the amount and appointment of state benefit for child care with a new paragraph. Rephrases part 2 of Article 50 Payment of pension accumulations ; part 2 of Article 58 General provisions.

Also makes minor wording changes in articles 29, 32, 33, 65, 70, 73, 77, 81, Establishes the legal and organizational basics of public service, the terms and procedure of realization by the citizens of their rights to public service.

Chapter I: General provisions Chapter II: State regulation and control in the sphere of the promotion and support of breastfeeding Chapter III: Realization of the promotion and support of breastfeeding Chapter IV: Basic requirements for packaging, marking labeling and selling of marked products Chapter V: Final provisions.

Chapter I: General provisions general concepts, subjects, purposes, goals and principles of volunteering Chapter II: General types of volunteering. Procedure and forms of volunteering Chapter III: Rights and duties of a volunteer, volunteering organization and a beneficiary of volunteering Chapter IV: State regulation of volunteering Chapter V: Final provisions including, inter alia, compensation for the expenses related with volunteering, financing and expenses for ensuring volunteering, international volunteering.

Rephrases para 2 of part 1 and part 2 of article 18 Duration of employment contract ; supplements para 10 of part 2 of article 50 Priority right to continue employment in case of termination of employment contract as a consequence of restriction of number or work places of employees with a new sub-paragraph. Rephrases part 1 of article 85 Guarantees for right to leave , also article Guarantees for employees in time of education being out of production , part 2 of article Works for which the employment of women is prohibited , part 2 of article Works for which the employment of minors is prohibited.

Supplements article Procedure and terms of granting leave without salary payment with para , also article Calculation of average wage with a new paragraph. Makes minor wording changes in articles 50, 51, 54, 85, , , , , , Chapter I introduces the purposes of this law, general concepts, general directions of state policy in the sphere of ensuring gender equality, prohibition of discrimination by sex.

Chapter II deals with the mechanism of ensuring gender equality, particularly by state bodies, local bodies of self-government. Chapter III establishes state guarantees of ensuring gender equality, inter alia, in the spheres of health care, science and education, culture, labour, family relationships, social protection. Chapter IV sets final provisions on formation statistical reporting; protection of the rights of persons subjected to sex discrimination; liability for the violation of this law.

Sets general provisions, namely: general principles of state policy of health care, medical institutions, funding thereof Chapter I ; state regulation in the sphere of health care of citizens Chapter II ; guarantees for ensuring rights of citizens to health care, particularly defining rights and duties of citizens in the sphere of health care, maternity protection, realization of rights of certain categories Chapter III.

Also introduces bases of organization of health care Chapter IV ; medical expertise and medical certification Chapter V ; medical activities, carried out in relation to death of human person Chapter VI ; data collection process in the sphere of health care Chapter VII ; Rights and duties of patients and medical workers Chapter VIII ; final provisions, which deal, inter alia, with the compensation for harm to life and health, dispute resolution.

Introduces, inter alia, principles and procedure of holding a public event, specifying organizer, participants of an event, informing about holding an event, place and time of it, also obligations of local governing body, grounds and procedure of termination of public event. Sets guarantees of realization of right of citizens to hold a public event, which includes provision of conditions for holding a public event, appellation of decisions and actions inaction violating right to hold a public event.

Supplements article 1 General concepts with new paras , , 12, also adds part 4 to article 7 Entry and exit of foreign citizens into and from Turkmenistan. Also makes wording changes in article 10 Granting of visas and extension of their validity supplementing it with new paragraph.

Rephrases part 1 of article 12 Registration of foreign citizens, persons without citizenship in State Migration Service of Turkmenistan. Supplements article 13 Registration of foreign citizens, persons without citizenship in other competent state bodies with part 4; also article 22 Procedure of carrying out labour activity on the territory of Turkmenistan by foreign citizens, persons without citizenship with part 4; also article 26 Exit of minor citizens from Turkmenistan with new part 3.

Changes the wording of part 5 of article 14 Granting of temporary living form , part 1 of article 17 Annulment of temporary living form ; rephrases article 29 Procedure of development of passport of a citizen for exit from and entry into Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan - - International agreement. Both parties expressing their interest in developing bilateral cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture on the basis of equality of rights and respect have concluded agreement of cooperation in above fields.

Chapter 1 introduces general provisions concerning, inter alia, the main concepts, the scope of the enforcement of this law, the equality of the rights of the child, prohibition of restriction of the rights of the child, state politics for the interests of the child, financial provision for the state policy of protection of the rights of the child. Chapter 2 sets the rights, freedoms and duties of the child: inter alia, the right to life and development, to the name, citizenship, basic living standard, the right to live and educate in a family, the right to protection of dignity, to personal life, to freedom of religion, to own viewpoint, to health care, to education, to proper upbringing, to living place, to rest, to labour, to heritage, to property, to state allowances, also the rights of the refugee child.

Chapter 3 sets the state guarantees of protection of the rights, freedoms and lawful interests of the child: in particular, competencies of state, local self-government bodies in this sphere, the protection of the rights of the child to education, to health and healthy environment, to protection against labour exploitation, obscenities, materials which may cause harm to the health and healthy development of the child, also protection of the right of the child with disability, the orphan children and children left without parental care, protection of the child from abduction and trade, also the rights and the duties of the parents to upbringing and development of the child.

Chapter 4 sets the final provisions. Supplements, inter alia, Article 7 The Insured Person with a new Part 5 on cases of termination of participation in compulsory pension insurance. Supplements Article 1 Main categories with para that regulates the question of employment of foreign citizens, supplements Article 6 Permission for entry for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship with part 2 enlisting persons who are not required to have the permission for labour activity in Turkmenistan.

Amends, inter alia, articles 44 Types of punishment , 45 Main and supplementary punishments , Improper performance of duty to protect life and health of minors , Slander , Violation of equal rights of citizens , Violation of home inviolability , on obstruction of voting right and the right to participate in referendums , Violation of rules for labour protection , Obstruction of legal activity of religious organizations , on monopolistic activities ; adds new article on restraint of freedom of adults, new article on restraint of freedom of minors; supplements article 83 Sentencing with parts 3, 4 on sentencing minors, article 87 Imprisonment with part 2 prohibiting imprisonment for minors first committed a minor offence; revokes articles , , , Regulates the management of Daykhan agricultultural activities which are defined as an agricultural enterprise created by members of one or more families for joint agricultural production.

Supplements article 81 Holidays and Memorable Days with a new para which states, that in case of coincidence of dates of two holidays listed in this article the celebration of one of them can be moved to another day. Law of Turkmenistan No. Supplements, inter alia, part 3 of article 30 employment history book with a new para on maintaining of employment history books of individual entrepreneur, also a new para 5 to article 43 other reasons for termination of employment contract on the direction of the employee on the basis of a court order, also a new part to article on contracts about material responsibility.

Cancels para 8 of article 42 termination of employment contract by employee. Law of Turkmenistan of 4 May No. Housing Code of Turkmenistan of 2 March Condominium of Apartment Owners. Code of 19 October on Social Protection of the Population.

Funding of Expenses for Social Benefits. Law of 4 August on Referendum. Law of Turkmenistan on State Pension Insurance,

Civil Code (special part)

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Ты оставил договор аренды нашей новой квартиры в факсе Суд определил, что договор был расторгнут с того момента, как продавец уведомил.

Заявление Левона Мнацаканяна – признак отчаяния

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Translation of "тридцатого" in English

Turkmenistan - - Law, Act. Law No. Chapter I. General provisions Chapter II. State guarantees for the protection of the rights of military servants, citizens released from military service and their family members Chapter III.

Turkey - Specific categories of workers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Regulation of 13 April concerning labour in mines under the seas, lakes and rivers.

Как правильно: Киргистан, Киргизтан, Киргизистан. В остальных ситуациях на возврат денежных выплат потребитель не может рассчитывать. Но даже если в свое время ваши воспитательные усилия оказались несостоятельными, никогда не поздно провести работу над ошибками. Когда наступит пенсионный возраст или гражданин потеряет способность трудиться - ему разрешено использовать накопленные средства за рабочий период в определенном порядке. Это очень поможет сделать мой сайт .

Обустройство социальной и транспортной инфраструктуры, даже для садовых поселков находящихся в черте населенного пункта, выполняется за счет собственников-садоводов. Так, при заключении договора мены, дарения, купли-продажи возникает переход права собственности. Федеральный классификационный каталог отходов (действует до 24. По городу обычный стиль вождения по прямой до 2000-2500 оборотов с целью экономии топлива. Если супруги, находясь в браке, фактически прекратили свои семейные отношения или проживали в разных городах, то имущество, купленное в этот период, суд может разделить по своему усмотрению. В картине Пузенкова плагиат не очень явный: грубый и непривлекательный (в отличие от оригинала) силуэт девушки изображен мертвенно-сиреневым и черным, а "все самое интересное" закрывает желтый квадрат.

professional contract soldiers in the Armed Forces, which is part of a plan for a number of years, but noticeable efforts to boost recruitment started in воинской службе и статусе военнослужащих (On military service and.

Поэтому сумму долга бухгалтер зачел в счет будущей зарплаты. Если Сбербанк примет положительное решение по заявлению заемщика, то возможны такие варианты изменения условий ипотеки: Увеличивается срок займа. Далее его нужно вставить на этой странице.

Возможен ли обмен путевки на другие направления. Трудовой договор, не оформленный в письменной форме, считается заключенным, если работник приступил к работе с ведома или по поручению работодателя или его уполномоченного на это представителя. Здесь хотелось бы еще раз сказать о том, что перед тем, как взять на себя финансовые обязательства перед банком, нужно подумать о том, действительно ли человеку так нужен этот кредит. Таким образом, обязательным признаком, присущим указанной сделке является безвозмездность, или говоря иными словами только даритель обязан передать дар, на одаряемом никаких встречных обязанностей не лежит.

Разные телефонные аппараты совместимы с различными видами карточек. Учитывая обозначенную норму и обычаи делового оборота, срок, который отводится для рассмотрения направленной претензии, считают разумным, если он составляет не более месяца. Авторизуйтесь: введите логин и пароль.

К тому же в регионе параллельно ведется масштабная реализация национальных проектов. Заявление о предоставлении субсидии (бланк предоставляется сотрудником центра и заполняется на месте). Чтобы заклеить прореху, подберите пригодный по размеру, фактуре и цвету кусок ткани и клей. В ней расписываются конкретные процедуры, подлежащие реализации на территории санатория, назначаемые для восстановления здоровья пациента. Однако, в каждом конкретном случае решение подобной проблемы, как правило, не вызывает затруднений. Одно регистрируется и передается на рассмотрение директору, а на втором делается пометка о входящем номере жалобы с датой ее подачи.

В рамках большинства законодательных актов, которые регламентируют ограничения на продажу энергетических напитков, товары, отнесенные к данной категории, запрещено распространять в детских образовательных и медицинских учреждениях. Согласно ее определению, торговым обычаем называется общепризнанное правило, сформировавшееся в практике торговли между странами на основании унифицированных отношений между контрагентами. Существуют также дизайнеры одежды, интерьеров, аксессуаров и украшений, мебели, ландшафтные дизайнеры, дизайнеры-проектировщики, занятые в любом из видов производства. В Постановлении Правительства Москвы от 28.

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