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Kazantyp Cape is located on the north-east part of the Kerch peninsula northwards to Shhelkino town and it is one of the ecologically safest zones of the Crimea. The cape has a round form and goes far to the Azov sea, the coast of which in this part of the peninsula, is represented with breathtaking landscapes — hills of peculiar forms, chaotic cliff conglomerations and meters precipices. All this wildness alternates with quiet cozy bays, the banks of which are peacefully washed with clean sea. The core of the cape is framed by an ancient bryozoic reef. Marine bryozoans, forming colonies, settled on the underwater rocks of this ancient island. Weathering and erosion formed a depression in the center of the island, and the Kazantip Peninsula was formed.

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Жилье в Крыму. Кемпинги и палаточные городки.

Kazantyp Cape is located on the north-east part of the Kerch peninsula northwards to Shhelkino town and it is one of the ecologically safest zones of the Crimea. The cape has a round form and goes far to the Azov sea, the coast of which in this part of the peninsula, is represented with breathtaking landscapes — hills of peculiar forms, chaotic cliff conglomerations and meters precipices. All this wildness alternates with quiet cozy bays, the banks of which are peacefully washed with clean sea.

The core of the cape is framed by an ancient bryozoic reef. Marine bryozoans, forming colonies, settled on the underwater rocks of this ancient island. Weathering and erosion formed a depression in the center of the island, and the Kazantip Peninsula was formed.

Traveling the wildlife preservation tourists can see ancient places of interest. It is no coincidence that the South part of Kazantyp is called Archeological coast — people had chosen that beautiful place with wonderful climate centuries ago.

The flora of the Azov coast has about plant species. Kazantyp has an inimitable energy. You will be charmed by beauty of sunrises and sunsets there. A person coming there is thrilled with splendor and magnificence, and experiences mixed emotions, casted by calm stone steles and rustle of boundless sea. To visit Kazantip Cape one should get special permission in Shhelkino, house It is better to start the journey from Mysovoe town.

That is the way, at the beginning of the XVIII century, Turks called the fortifications on the shores of the Kerch Strait, which played a significant role in the strategic plans of the Ottoman command, remaining a serious threat on the way of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea through the Kerch Strait. There is no accurate information about the time of the fortress construction. Most researchers are inclined to believe that the fortress was built in the interval at the narrowest part of the Kerch Strait under the leadership of the Italian, converted to Islam, Goloppo.

The fortress had in the shape of an irregular pentagon. In the corners there were five semi-bastions that could withstand a prolonged siege and heavy artillery fire. There were two gunpowder warehouse, arsenal, dwelling houses, water tank, a bath, a mosque in Yeni-Kale fortress. A ceramic underground water pipe connecting the Yeni-Kale to the source was laid for water supply.

The source of the water was in a few kilometers from the fortress. At the same time, it served as the residence of the Turkish pasha.

But, despite all the efforts of the Turks in the early summer of during the Russian-Turkish war of Russian army captured a number of fortified settlements on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, including fortress Yeni-Kale. During the Crimean War, the fortress was the scene of military battles between Russian soldiers and allies body — the British, the Turks, the French.

After the fortress was abandoned by Russian troops there settled the Turks, and in its surroundings encamped British. After the war, the fortress lost its military importance and become a peaceful out-of-staff town. In order to securely lock the entrance from the Black Sea into the Kerch Strait, a fortress on Ak-Burun Cape had been started to be built in the late 50s.

At the end of the eighteenth century Pavlovskaya artillery battery was installed there. Its placing was approved by A. Suvorov, inspected the southern borders of Russia.

According to the Paris Peace Treaty of Russia was forbidden to have the navy in the Black Sea and the fortressed on the banks. Major General Kaufman drawn up a project of building a new fortress on the coast of the Kerch Strait, which is not contrary to the requirements of the Treaty of Paris.

The first draft of the fortress was made in and the works has started already next year, and were conducted intensively for 20 years. The final draft of the fortress was adopted in and amended in The control under construction in Kerch was accomplished by the director of the engineering department adjutant general E. Totleben For the construction site was chosen the cape Ak-Burun, there fairway goes under the Crimean coast.

In winter came a detachment of military engineers under Colonel Nat. The fortifications were located at the Pavlovsk and Ak-Burun capes and the surrounding heights.

The fortress was created as an artillery: it was designed to place guns on the firing positions. The garrison of the fortress was to be people, including artillery. Number of ground structures has been minimized. Dwelling houses — barracks were connected with the firing position by underground passages — footway.

Three-kilometer trench, gunfire shot from combat galleries and artillery fire from four gun caponiers, encircled the fortress.

A system of countermine galleries with the ramifications auditory passages has been established. Firing positions were equipped with underground powder magazine, the main supply of gunpowder was stored in underground storage, far from the positions and associated with the last hidden approaches.

Today the preserved architectural heritage and the territory of a unique monument of fortification are of historical and cultural value and are one of the most visited sites of East Crimean Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.

Opuk is a wildlife preservation, a mountain and a cape on the Kerch peninsula. There used to be a closed military base, what helped to preserve the place with its rarest flora and fauna.

The archeological excavations had been being conducted there in , Among the most interesting natural objects of the wildlife preservation, are the mountain and the cape Opuk, made of reef limestone, with many precipices, clefts and ledges, creating an immersive image, being on the contrast with the surrounding blossoming of nature.

How to get there: from the Kerch bus station one should go by bus or by private vehicle along the Kerch-Marjevka highway for 35 km. The renowned Chufut-Kale is located in the Bakhchysarai suburbs and is considered to be its one of the main attractions, equally with Khan palace. The story of this place is much older, than it may seem. In far XIII century in the fortress lived the most powerful clan of that time. The citizens were busy with agriculture and trade with neighbor countries.

At that time the fortress got its name Kyrk-Or. The location and power of the fortress was appreciated and the first khan settled there his residence. Tartars considered them to be Jews, and renamed the city to Chufut-Kale Jewish fortress.

Chufut-Kale fortress became a home for Karaites for the further two hundred years. The entrance to the city goes through the south gates Kuchuk-Kapu. In some way these gates are a trap. The thing is, that it is possible to come to them only by the right side. As is known, shield was held in a left hand, so coming by this path the enemy was completely unprotected. The citizens used it and poured opponents with arrows from the wall.

It was impossible to knock out the gates with a battering ram, because the slope was rather sleep. Even if somebody managed to get there, the enemy got into the narrow passage. In this case citizens should just throw big rocks or pour some boiling water. It is found southwards from the main square and is represented with a reservoir, carved right in the cliff.

The approaches are made the way that water always finds itself in the well. Two precipitation tanks are cut nearby. These places are waterless, so water had been brought there from the nearest springs. There had been also secret deep well on the city territory. During sieges people got water from this well. Later, when the fortress stopped being a military object, the information about the well got lost. The secret knowledge was passed traditionally only by elders and city keepers.

The exact date of its construction is not known. According to the legend that is the place where miracle-making icon of the Mother of God had appeared to people. It managed to avoid destruction during Turkish invasion to the Crimea in Soon, a new Crimean khanate capital — Bakhchysaray was established.

That allowed orthodox ambassadors, who came to khan, have a possibility to pray among coreligionists. Assumption monastery is one of the most visited orthodox shrines of the Crimea, sometimes called the Crimean Lavra. This place is hollowed by miracle appearance of the Mother of God, who is worshiped not only by Christians, but also by Muslims. The main place of interest there is a cave Assumption church. The Assumption church is considered to appear approximately in the VIII century, it is carved in the cliff and resembles a flying bird.

The excursions are held. The guide is appointed by father superior. The duration from 30 minutes to 1,5 hours. Khan's Palace was built as the capital residence of the Crimean Khanate and a palace for representatives of the Giray dynasty. For centuries Bakhchisarai palace served as the center of political, spiritual, and cultural life of the Crimean Tatars.

Surrounded by mountains with sharp lines of limestone precipices, smooth bends of forest slopes, and orchards, Khan's Palace -- with its majestic mosques, menacing court rooms, hidden harem, fountain of tears glorified by poets and sorrowful tombs -- is located in the very heart of the Crimean peninsula, the town of Bakhchisarai. A vast garden and park zone is adjoined to the Palace. In the days of the Giray dynasty, its area was 12 hectares, although now it is no more than four hectares.

The palace collection holds more than , items, including: fabrics, clothes, hammered tableware, wooden items,s and ceramics — everything that the Crimean Tatars used in everyday life. In the museum there are rare books printed in the first typography of the Crimea — the ancient Karaim typography in Chufut-Kale.

The Khan Jami Mosque, built in by Sahib I Giray, is the most magnificent structure in the Khan's Palace The architectural style of the palace continues traditions of Ottoman architecture of the 16thth centuries. The mosque adjoins an old cemetery, whose oldest burial is dated Top 12 Crimean destinations.

Building Permit Applications

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Planning permission or developmental approval refers to the approval needed for construction or expansion including significant renovation in some jurisdictions. It is usually given in the form of a building permit or construction permit. Generally, the new construction must be inspected during construction and after completion to ensure compliance with national, regional, and local building codes. Failure to obtain a permit can result in fines, penalties, and demolition of unauthorized construction if it cannot be made to meet code. House building permits, for example, are subject to local housing statutes. The criteria for planning permission is a part of urban planning and construction law and usually managed by local government employed town planners. Since building permits usually precede outlays for construction, employment, financing and furnishings, they are often a leading indicator for developments in other areas of the economy. This article uses material from the Wikipedia article Planning permission , which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.

Получить документ, подтверждающий наличие права собственности на указанную недвижимость, или же оформить договор найма, данные из которого будут указаны в заявлении. Если охрана предприятия состоит из работников ведомственной охраны или из сотрудников вневедомственной охраны, досмотр личных вещей имеет законные основания. Потому как я так понимаю я оплачиваю а они эти деньги как то делят, суммы не большие но за год выйдет прилично. Наконец, и истцу, и ответчику предоставлено право обжаловать судебные постановления. За все это заплатит будущий клиент, нуждающийся в пересадке.

К этому же пункту можно отнести и создание фиктивных компаний. Их бросили, от них отказались - они одиноки в этом мире.

Но в Росреестр необходимо подать копию брачного договора. Нотариусу нужно предоставить полный перечень документов (см. Руководитель организации в свою очередь может делегировать те или иные права, в т. Вопрос: при подаче частной жалобы надо платить госпошлину. Тем не менее, право передарить квартиру обратно следует из ст.

Никакой предельной даты для подачи декларации на налоговый вычет не существует по определению. Эта информация помогла не одному водителю в нашей стране. Если человек решил поменять фамилию в связи с замужеством, женитьбой, расторжением брака, по собственному желанию или по решению органов опеки, необходимо заменить личный паспорт. Полномочия лица, указанные в доверенности, должны быть достаточными для подписания договора, то есть право подписания договора от имени организации должно быть прямо указано в доверенности либо вытекать из текста доверенности. Секретарь государственной гражданской службы Российской Федерации 3 класса. Его родственники требуют от меня передачи всех документов. Многих, желающих служить по контракту на флоте отправляют на подлодки.

Бензин в Севастополе официально признан «золотым» ; Бесплатная земля в Севастополе по-прежнему остается недосягаемой ​

Подавал 21 (двадцать. Одним из документов, часто запрашиваемых при оформлении такой процедуры, является листок убытия. Помимо самой жалобы на вердикт относительно изъятия прав, понадобятся любые материалы, подтверждающие позицию водителя. Верное составление этого документа является одним из залогов успешного ведения предпринимательской деятельности и крупного бизнеса.

Случается и так, что украшение имеет определенный срок службы, который заведомо установлен в магазине, однако если иной период определения производителем, то магазин или салон не имеет права устанавливать период меньше, чем он заявлен изначально. При официальном трудоустройстве переживать за отчисления не. Он имеет свои привычки и не всегда уступает в ссоре, спорах. Самой роковой ошибкой является передача денег взамен ключей от гаража, согласно устной договорённости. Совет Федерации и Государственная Дума заседают раздельно. Лица, права которых могут быть задеты в случае перехода имущества потенциально недостойному наследнику.

Например, железобетонный забор, огораживающий административное здание. К тому же в регионе параллельно ведется масштабная реализация национальных проектов. Заявление о предоставлении субсидии (бланк предоставляется сотрудником центра и заполняется на месте).

И в каком законодательном акте это закреплено. До получения дома в собственность гражданин, владеющий им как собственным, вправе рассчитывать на защиту, если на него пытаются претендовать третьи лица, не являющиеся собственниками. Примеры написания иска легко найти в интернете. Если управляющая компания уклоняется от ответственности, занижает размер ущерба и положенной компенсации, проведите независимую оценку последствий затопления и подайте на компанию в суд. Требование акционера о признании незаконными действий генерального директора Общества по подписанию доверенности на представление интересов Общества в арбитражном суде подведомственно арбитражному суду на основании ст. Налоговые последствия беспроцентного займа между юридическими лицами.

Так как показания передаются в кубометрах, при подсчёте используются чёрные ролики. Второй способ, является более распространённым, так как позволяет доверительному лицу выполнять все действия, которые были оговорены с наследником. Перевод на себя долга одаряемого перед третьим лицом как форма дарения В ст. Результаты экспертизы - весомый аргумент, но и покупатель, в свою очередь, может их оспорить, прибегнув к помощи независимых экспертов.

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