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Translation of "lodged an appeal" in Russian

If consensus cannot be reached, Freedom House is responsible for the final ratings. The ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 representing the highest level of democratic progress and 7 the lowest.

The Democracy Score is an average of ratings for the categories tracked in a given year. The opinions expressed in this report are those of the author s. Electoral Process rating declined from 5. Independent Media rating declined from 6. The year was a controversial one for the prospect of democracy in Kyrgyzstan.

The elections were contested and its outcome remained, at least until several weeks before voting day, unpredictable. On the other hand, the heavy use of state resources to stifle political competition and silence criticism cast major doubt on the readiness of political elites to allow elections to be genuinely free and fair.

High-profile opponents of the president were jailed, and outspoken media outlets were handed onerous fines after dubious investigations and trials. The outgoing president propped up his successor Jeenbekov while also using explicitly denigrating language against his key opponent, Omurbek Babanov. The launch of criminal investigations against Babanov weeks after the elections, forcing him to flee the country, summed up the nature and implications of political competition.

Jeenbekov won the presidency with The campaign lacked policy discussions, let alone debates. The peaceful transition of power through elections could not disguise serious problems in the quality of political competition, and the presence of multiple parties in the parliament did not result in political pluralism.

Media freedoms and political pluralism suffered major damage in Despite lavish political rhetoric about judicial reform, little improvement was seen in terms of rule of law. Courts continued to demonstrate disrespect for due process, particularly in cases widely seen as political. He was accused of engaging in a corrupt deal from In a trial featuring utter disregard for due process, Tekebayev and his ally Duishenkul Chotonov were each handed eight-year prison sentences.

Another ally-turned-critic of President Atambayev, former prosecutor general Aida Salyanova, was given a postponed sentence of five years in prison to be served once her daughter reaches 14 years of age for approving the law license of an associate of the son of the former president, also back in Several more opposition-minded politicians, including Sadyr Japarov, Almambet Shykmamatov, and Kanat Isayev were either convicted or placed under investigation. Relations with Kazakhstan, by contrast, took an unexpected downturn.

Kazakhstan responded in style, blocking the movement of goods from Kyrgyzstan through its territory. Though relations thawed after the elections, the incident underscored the dependence of interstate relations on domestic political processes and the personalization of foreign policy in the region.

Both the government and the parliament are under the comfortable control of the SDPK. Newly elected President Jeenbekov will be reminded when necessary of his weak legitimacy and indebtedness to his predecessor. However, a weak and controlled president is an unknown phenomenon in Kyrgyzstan, and sustaining the status quo will be delicate.

Jeenbekov may not be keen to enter a tug of war, but figures within his inner circle—including his younger brother, himself a former speaker of parliament—might find the influence of Atambayev and his allies too constraining. The authorities may step back from their heavy-handed treatment of the opposition and media, but the return to vibrant political pluralism and competition is unlikely.

Politics in Kyrgyzstan in was dominated by the presidential elections held on 15 October, which produced a peaceful transfer of power from the incumbent Almazbek Atambayev to his longtime friend and ally, Sooronbai Jeenbekov. Out of the 50 individuals who declared plans to run for president, only 13 managed to register as candidates.

Babanov, also known as a wealthy businessman, had headed the government in — Babanov faced serious criminal charges less than three weeks after the elections. Newly elected President Sooronbai Jeenbekov, 59, is a longtime ally of outgoing president Almazbek Atambayev and is known to represent one of the influential political networks in the southern oblast Osh.

The latter was approved as an ambassador to Ukraine a few weeks after the elections. It remains unclear whether the president will develop into an independent center of political power or remain under the influence of his predecessor. On 20 November, at his last press conference as president, Atambayev said he might run in the next parliamentary elections at the top of the SDPK list, 9 fueling rumors of his plans to return to high politics or at least to retain his influence in indirect ways. Restoring political competition will take considerable effort after the damage done in After what was widely called a politically motivated prosecution, in August, Tekebayev and his ally Duishenkul Chotonov were both sentenced to eight years in prison.

The meeting was televised, prompting a note of protest from the Kyrgyz Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Kazakhstani side pointed to a similar meeting of Nazarbayev with Sooronbai Jeenbekov, who was prime minister then but had already been confirmed by SDPK to run for president. The situation improved only after the meeting of newly elected president Jeenbekov with his Kazakh counterpart on 30 November. The key political event of the year was the presidential election held on 15 October The vote process saw improvements to prevent most old-fashioned manipulations, such as multiple voting and ballot stuffing.

The Central Election Commission CEC turned into a politicized body, with a clear rift between a majority loyal to the president and a minority sympathizing with particular opposition leaders. On 31 May, the parliament adopted a range of amendments to the constitutional law on elections, including some to be applied to the October presidential elections.

At the same time, the amendments brought some important restrictions, especially targeting civil freedoms. Thus, the law limited election monitors to fielding no more than one observer at any polling station, and observers from nongovernmental organizations NGOs were denied the right to appeal electoral commission decisions. If in the past, NGOs had only to inform the electoral commission of fielding an observer, now they would be required to secure an accreditation in order to observe elections.

His main rival, Omurbek Babanov, received Former speaker of the parliament Adakhan Madumarov and former prime minister Temir Sariyev came next, with 6.

Thus, Babanov won overwhelmingly in his home region of Talas 86 percent to 13 percent for Jeenbekov , and another northern oblast, Chuy 50 percent to 38 percent. Jeenbekov, in turn, claimed victory in all other oblasts, ranging from a thin majority in northern Issyk-Kul and Naryn, to landslides in southern oblasts, including 72 percent to 18 percent in his home region of Osh. Local and international observers pointed to a massive use of state administrative power.

In the weeks leading up to and during election day, President Atambayev personally engaged in campaigning for his handpicked candidate, at times resorting to denigrating language against the key challengers. He openly acknowledged Jeenbekov to be his endorsed successor and accused other key candidates of serving foreign interests.

This accusation was repeated multiple times during the final days of campaigning, with Atambayev traveling to each oblast of the country. Responding to accusations that the president was stepping over the law by campaigning for his favored candidate, the CEC argued the president had immunity from any prosecution. The authorities used nationalism instrumentally, not only with accusations that Babanov was dependent on Kazakhstan. The CEC grew increasingly politicized during the year, the roots of this division lying in the way the commission is composed.

The CEC controversially barred several candidates from running for president. A controversial law that denied the right to vote to citizens who had not submitted biometric data remained a major problem.

Since the beginning of the year, the State Registration Agency had launched a renewed campaign to collect biometric data across the population required for the exercise of voting rights.

However, according to agency officials, about , individuals, the majority of whom are migrant workers, have still not enrolled their biometric data and were therefore disenfranchised in the presidential election.

Local media raised the issue of involvement of criminal groups in elections, particularly to organize pressure on voters. The court decisions appeared suspicious, given that both cases had been ongoing since but were fast-tracked months before the elections. He was accused of preparing mass violence based on a video clip where he reportedly distributed money to alleged members of criminal groups to organize disorder in case Babanov lost the elections.

On 1 August, a district court in Bishkek approved a temporary ban on rallies around the premises of courts, government agencies, and the CEC effective until the end of the presidential election cycle. Concerns about possible mass protests after the elections, partly fueled by the authorities, did not come to pass. Babanov acknowledged that the elections were competitive, but he stressed that use of state administrative powers had denied candidates a level playing field. He claimed that massive violations of voter rights took place, including the denial of voter rights to labor migrants in Russia.

On 26 October, 10 days after the elections, independent media portal Kloop. Kyrgyzstan has long been known for hosting the most vibrant civil society in Central Asia. However, because of the increasingly hostile rhetoric of top political leadership against NGOs in general and some vocal activists in —16, civil activism has visibly shrunk. That rhetoric did not subside in Kyrgyzstan has been known in Central Asia for its relative tolerance of public protest, but there were some signs in that this is changing.

As a result, the meeting was held in a different location, farther away from central Bishkek. On 16 October, a day after the presidential elections, several hundred Babanov supporters held a meeting in Talas, calling the election results unfair.

This triggered more protests in Talas, now demanding that Atambayev apologize for offending the residents of the region. The authorities claimed the protests were organized by opposition candidate Babanov. In February, the human rights organization Bir Duino-Kyrgyzstan filed a defamation lawsuit against the GKNB, after the security service claimed that the lawyers of the organization obstructed justice during an arrest of an alleged member of the banned Hizb ut-Tahrir movement.

On 30 October, a district court in Bishkek ruled in favor of the human rights organization, demanding the GKNB issue refutation of its own press release. The case underscores the challenges faced by civil society actors, particularly human rights organizations, that operate in the southern part of the country where issues of ethnic conflict and religious extremism remain highly sensitive and politicized.

The main problem with this relatively small and recent movement was, in the words of representatives of the State Commission for Religious Affairs, that it does not acknowledge Kyrgyz laws, prohibits attending schools, and forbids receiving medical and other public services, including for children. Additionally, two foreign journalists were expelled from the country with no explanation. According to prosecutors, the press conference featured false information offending the dignity of the president.

The fine demanded was a familiar 3 million soms from each. Asked whether he would forgive the mass media and drop the defamation lawsuits, President Atambayev emotionally rejected such a possibility.

In all cases against the Zanoza agency, Aiyp, and Djakupova, the courts in Bishkek ruled in favor of President Atambayev. The travel ban, a novelty in lawsuits against activists and media, was challenged in the Supreme Court, unsuccessfully.

The court decision on the fine came in , and since then, according to the editor, the Supreme Court had returned the case to the district court for further consideration. While local journalists were barred from leaving the country, two foreign journalists were expelled. On 10 March, Grigoriy Mikhailov, a Russian citizen and the Bishkek-based chief editor of the Russian Regnum news agency, was detained in the capital and taken to the Kazakhstani side of the border.

Mikhailov was known for regular reporting on domestic politics. On 5 October, the district court in Bishkek upheld the lawsuit of presidential candidate Sooronbai Jeenbekov against Karabekov and In August , a district court in Bishkek ruled to shut down Sentyabr TV for airing materials of allegedly extremist content. The court hearing lasted for an hour and was conducted without the participation of lawyers for the defense.

Translation of "lodged an appeal against" in Russian

If consensus cannot be reached, Freedom House is responsible for the final ratings. The ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 representing the highest level of democratic progress and 7 the lowest. The Democracy Score is an average of ratings for the categories tracked in a given year. The opinions expressed in this report are those of the author s. Electoral Process rating declined from 5. Independent Media rating declined from 6.

Based on an appeal, the Bishkek City Court changed his four-year prison “​Генеральная прокуратура подала еще один иск к christchurchavon.com и «Азаттыку»” “Атамбаев советует Генпрокуратуре отозвать иск против.

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В каждом случае свои методы решения ситуации, разные возможности и запреты. Компенсация за неиспользованное время ежегодного отдыха.

Для этого мы с вами берем календарный период между датой увольнения сотрудника и датой принятия решения судом или другим органом, который защищает трудовые права граждан. Участие инвалидов по зрению в осуществлении операций с использованием факсимильного воспроизведения собственноручной подписи. В этом случае руководитель предприятия (фирмы, организации) является гендиректором, который возглавляет дирекцию фирмы. Если Ваша компания занимается такого рода деятельностью или у Вас заключаются договоры с третьими лицами на выполнение определенной работы и Вам нужен персонал для такой работы, данное основание для заключения срочного трудового договора является самым оптимальным. Чтобы граждане были защищены государством, получали социальные и иные блага в полном объеме по праву, необходимо тщательно следить за действующими и неактуальными документами.

У большинства женщин в трудовом договоре может быть предусмотрено, что работодатель обязуется доплатить разницу между полным размером социальной выплаты и максимальным, оплату которого производит соцстрах. Вот список компаний, которые так или иначе не берут на работу иностранцев: (все компании или их представительства находятся в городе Рязани, не могу точно утверждать как обстоят дела в других регионах, но в Рязани именно так) Фирма Олимп. Данные утверждения могут подтвердить члены правления и бухгалтер-кассир товарищества (перечислить Ф. Возможность использовать льготы в общественном транспорте. А товар мы ему реализуем только 02. Необходимо понять, что же это за условия. Современное законодательство четко и грамотно определило ограничения максимального уровня положенного наказания.

The Court of Appeal hears both criminal and civil appeals. The. House of Lords in 8) to recall – отозвать (некачественные продукты). 9) jars of potted sanction – санкция. 11) prosecutor's sanction – санкция прокурора.

Неисполнению обязанностей по оплате услуг посвящена ст. Обеспечение беспрепятственного доступа инвалидов к информации. Некоторые нюансы и особенности получения медпомощи по полису. По мнению большинства российских граждан, плата за водоотведение подразумевает оплату лишь канализации, то есть исключительно слива воды.

А если он поставил просроченные продукты или привез товар не в том ассортименте - это повод применить систему штрафов. Во всех случаях есть однозначный ответ: доверенность не требуется официально ни в одном из случаев. Это не обязательная процедура, но она упростит процесс и поможет в дальнейшем избежать возможных недоразумений с этой недвижимостью. Положение о конкурсе на 2019 год. До момента регистрации договор считается недействительным.

Но новые времена меняют вызовы. Что нужно сделать после попадания в аварию.

Если попытки примирить супругов и вернуть их в семью оказались безуспешными, а в семье сложилась исключительная ситуация, священнослужители позволят отказаться от данных клятв. Как вернуть невозвратные билеты Аэрофлота. Мошенники умеют сбивать цену. Пройти действующий языковой тест с результатом не менее 6 баллов. Родственники сами определяют, в каких случаях дети платят, размер регулярных алиментных выплат и способы перечисления денежных средств. В организации сторожу установлен суммированный учет рабочего времени с учетным периодом квартал.

Изменения, касающиеся штрафа за перевозку детей без автокресла, отражены в части третьей статьи 12. Последствия нарушения заемщиком договора займа 1. Одним из условий организации работы по предупреждению и предотвращению пожаров в офисах выступает разработка и внедрение системы противопожарной безопасности.

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