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Not Now. Visitor Posts. Information about Page Insights Data. What are the conclusions we made today? On the rethinking of the disaster by Ukrainian artist, producer and director of Valery Korshunov, living today in the epicenter of tragedy, by creating progressive art projects and social events that impress the world.

The shooting took place in Ukraine and the United States, the tape track is written with the participation of the famous beatboxer [Dub Fx] and [Christophe Antipop Hetier] Grahamusik nominee. Chernobyl's case clearly shows the world what information disaster is and what victims can be caused by propaganda, distortion of information and fake news today. What was that? The system that chose such a fate for us. Propaganda that led to the biggest ecological disaster. Silence that cost the lives and health of our families.

What was next? We were dishonored, deceived, forced to be silent and forgotten What if this happens again? We that have experienced such a tragedy don't even know how to protect ourselves and our children. Chernobyl is a global Information Disaster we live with today.

Not to happen to us then - stop silent. Time to learn the truth and learn to live with it. We are not victims - we are heroes who have become a shield for all over Europe.

Want to change that? Ukrainians will represent the exhibits of contemporary art that were created during the last year's project and new ones that will be specially created for this exposure, using VR and AR technologies, laser and video installations, neurointerface and parametric architecture in digital format. The exhibition presents modern Ukrainian media art and new senses of modern Ukraine in the world through Chernobyl rethinking.

The exhibits will be presented in the form of virtual spaces, exhibits and live performance. As part of the project, there is a virtual art residence featuring over 50 artists and a presentation of the exhibition in the virtual space of the MADATAS festival for audiences from around the world.

The exposure will be created during the virtual art residence, specially for which the mechanics are developed for the educational program and program networking, development of new exhibits, work in collaborations, communication with curators and international artists online.

Open-call for Ukrainian artists will be announced soon. Art residence will start early August. Artefact art-project is with Valeriy Korshunov and 3 others. Exhibits of contemporary art, using VR and AR technologies, laser and video installations, neurointerface and parametric architecture will be created in virtual art residence featuring over 50 artists from Ukraine and Europe.

We are happy for artists and expect news about the start of the project! Valeriy Korshunov is with Denis Yadov and 4 others. There are only about 55 reasons to watch a documentary about the rethinking of Chernobyl, this article only 3 of them! Thank you [Gloss. Continue Reading. Fire runs second week help firefighters is much needed! All this went to the front of the Feel Zone to those who fight fire every day and its consequences. I personally distributed and transferred help, water, food to firefighters crews, mobile sprayers to foresters, dosimetrists and others.

The scale of the fire and the speed of its spread has resulted in state institutions simply not having time to attract security to active people, so several times we have promptly helped them. We need to remember the suitcase with the shovels we brought in 6 hours! Chernobyl has been caught from the fire.

The heavy equipment of the armed forces of Ukraine is also active! Now the rotation of firefighters is every 2 days. In all the time of fires, the estimated number of people are more than two thousand, maybe more. That's when the fire goes front in the trees. There are also open fire sources that are not available for extinguishing ground fire crews! The content of sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide is exceeded.

So specialists ask not to go outside without urgent need, keep windows closed and consume more liquid. Share the post! Congratulations on the Day of Fire Protection of Ukraine!

Today, as never in fire there is a lot of work, as in they protect the country and the whole world with the price of their health. In the Chernobyl Zone of the Feelings currently work fireworks from almost every region of Ukraine. We wish them to come home soon. Heroes Glory! Specialists ask to shut windows and not go outside! If you have a dyspnea, cough or insomnia, you need to see a doctor. We remind you that on April 16, the exclusion zone of the forces and means of the DSNS continues the work of extinguishing fires.

During the fire, feeders and salts burned down, where the hooves came almost daily. Around this time, deer and elk females are also given birth.

Yes, they rescued from fire, but they are disoriented and scared. Therefore, any help will not be redundant to them. Otherwise we can't use the money and they will go back. Sounds good, yes it is, because now it is possible to collect help organized and coordinate needs. Yesterday I came near 10 cars with different help!

I just want you to know that from your help somewhere there, on fire, someone has become a little easier, or even cool!

Actually it's din. I don't want you to be with this ever in your own life. I'll add a couple of photo cards of forest fires, whatever you can just imagine it's not just around, but right inside when 10 meters burns when trees fall on fire.

Curve Mountain and in the area of Yaniv Station. The fires are ongoing in c. What is localization? It's fire control appearance, it's a fire spread stop, but not the end of the fire!

We need to understand this. After localization, you can hope for the detention and controlled reduction of the ignition area and more.

Anyway, this is the way to victory! At this time, more than firefighters were fighting in the Zone with fire, and more near forests, volunteers, police and more. Technique, heavy machinery with plows that make forest strips, aviation! This is cool! Also and in c. Lelivi that recently burned out. But not as scary as the day after yesterday, that's right! Even smoke wasn't visible in the evening of the chopper, but near in the western side of the Feel Zone again! It is important to say what many know and have seen, but it is not yet said at the official level.

The Feel Zone was arson and I'm not talking about the resident of Ragivka and another man. Over the last week, we have seen several times when new places of occupation have emerged at a distance of 5 km. In private conversations, it's said a lot, also a testimony of personal, worth trusting people.

Added in the photo found torches to the fire place. Photo source - stalker telegram channels, so trust or not, decide for yourself. Hopefully, there will be new information on arson from official sources soon. Many have seen snow and rain in Kiev, read the news where they write that it is the end of the fire that the fire was eliminated.

It's not! This is not the end! In order for the situation to end positively need all places of engagement to be eliminated.

How nuclear power plants work | Chernobyl disaster

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Детские Лица, Чернобыль, Британские Актеры, Реальная Жизнь Tobias Menzies Daily - Eternal Law Gifs Тобиас, Outlander, Закон, Гифки, Мужчины.

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Только первые указывают реквизиты пенсионного документа, а другие лица прописывают информацию о своих бумагах, на основании которых инспекция введет преференции. Ваш рабочий год с 10. Как поступить в данной ситуации. Они вправе пользоваться различными льготами.

Также документ, свидетельствующий о наличии у ребенка гражданства России, требуется при прохождении многих бюрократических процедур. Вернуть товар, купленный по акции -. Второе - доплаты за содержание иждивенцев.

Срок для определения на лёгкие условия проживания может быть как коротким - 3 месяца, так и длительным - полгода. Конфликт с работодателем иногда бывает настолько серьёзным, что миром решить его не получается. Законодательство ограничивает срок возврата средств на карту покупателя одним месяцем, но иногда случаются задержки. С кем можно заключать договор о мат. Оформление производится по адресу постоянной регистрации, при этом зачастую хранится оно по месту жительства. Почему не повышение квалификации.

Но, на практике, обращение в суд грозит большими тратами как денег (около 30 000 рублей ), так и времени (до полутора года). С такими вопросами сталкиваются, как правило, бюджетные предприятия. Как активировать карту втб 24 через интернет - пошаговое описание и рекомендации. Как должны считаться детские вычеты. У меня запор и искривление позвоночника.

Детские Лица, Чернобыль, Британские Актеры, Реальная Жизнь Tobias Menzies Daily - Eternal Law Gifs Тобиас, Outlander, Закон, Гифки, Мужчины.

Больничный оформляется на весь срок пребывания в стационаре, начиная со дня поступления и заканчивая днем выписки. Под текстом обращения указывается дата и ставится подпись. Это актуальные вопросы для многих пользователей Всемирной паутины.

В худшем случае вас могут обвинить в самострое, обяжут выплатить штраф и снести постройку. Просто процесс регистрации, для иностранцев немного сложней. В качестве такого документа может выступать договор с учебным учреждением, сделка купли-продажи или иные бумаги. Что же это за структура.

Можно, конечно, воспользоваться услугами банковских калькуляторов, которых в интернете предостаточно. В ней специалист устанавливает и перечисляет дефекты, которые нужно устранить, учитывает необходимые для этого расходные материалы и объемы работ, а также может привести рекомендации и другую дополнительную информацию.

Торговля оптовая изделиями из керамики и стекла. Судебные приставы архангельской области узнать задолженность по фамилии онега. Есть два варианта: зайти в свой территориальный отдел полиции, уточнить, как зовут Вашего участкового полиции. Если при этом бремя доказывания добросовестности возлагается на владельца, то он ставится в крайне сложное положение. Возврат транспортного средства, признанного товаром ненадлежащего качества.

Подвергался ли текст последующей обводке, если да, то тем же орудием письма, или иным. Требуется приобрести и установить специальный акриловый экран. Ставите ширму и живете. Затем супруги приехали в Россию.

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