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Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again No feedback collected. The following report will be concerned primarily with internally displaced persons, and somewhat less with those who can be identified as refugees. As of late February , there were 1,, internally displaced persons in Ukraine.

Of these, 20, are estimated to be from Crimea, and 1,, from Eastern Ukraine. Approximately 60 percent of IDPs are pensioners, Internally displaced persons in Ukraine, July — February the number of registered internally displaced persons 1, thousand 1, thousand etc. According to the assessment by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 5 million people need direct humanitarian aid.

More than , people moved outside Ukraine, escaping the conflict in the East of Ukraine or the annexation of Crimea. According to Eurostat data, during 9 months of , Ukrainian citizens became asylum seekers in the EU countries. Even in most recent times, Ukraine already faced forced internal migration. Chornobyl catastrophe of was followed by displacement of more than , persons from the contaminated territories. Despite this fact, we have not accumulated enough experience necessary to deal with such situations: to register IDPs, to maintain interdepartmental coordination, to interact with non-government and international organizations, to implement programed approach to solving the existing problems.

Moreover, we should not assess Ukrainian situation in isolation from wider regional processes of forced migration or migration in geIrinaneral.

At the same time, many Ukrainians became internally displaced because of the internal conflict, but it did not cause any large-scale increase in the number of asylum seekers in the EU countries although the number of work permits in Poland did increase.

This is unlikely to change in In order to solve the related problems, different countries developed a set of tools. And it is in this context that we have to look at policy development as the key element of meeting the needs of IDPs in long-term perspective. While developing policies or recommendations, we have to understand not only the logic of displacement process and its causes, but also the wider context, those social transformations which will be caused by it.

In order to establish such understanding, the national framework of responsibility towards IDPs was designed, based on guiding principles for internally displaced persons, developed by joint project by the Brookings Institution and the University of Bern.

The document includes 12 principles, on which the assessment of the situation with IDPs is bases in a particular country. These principles encompass the whole spectrum of questions, which can be used to assess the progress of a certain country in improving the situation with IDPs.

Preventing displacement and minimizing its negative consequences. Increasing awareness of the problem on the national scale. Collecting data about the number and the situation of IDPs. Organizing trainings about IDPs rights. Creating legal mechanisms for IDPs rights protection. Developing national policies regarding internally displaced persons. Creating institutions which would be responsible for solving IDPs problems.

Encouraging national human rights advocacy groups to involve IDPs in their work. Ensuring IDPs participation in decision-making. Supporting system-level solutions of the IDPs problem. Engaging sufficient resources to solve the problem. Cooperation with international institutions, if national resources are not sufficient. The results of the research of the implementation of these principles demonstrate that the defining factor in solving IDPs problems is political will.

Joint research by Brookings and the London School of Economics highlights that governments usually cannot control and be responsible for the processes which lead to displacement, but they have the ability and the toolkit to improve the situation of IDPs, to ensure their rights and freedoms. On our part, we will try to analyze Ukrainian situation, based on the principles outlined above. Preventing displacement and minimizing its negative consequences This principle is central for working with internally displaced persons during the conflict.

First of all, efforts should be made to minimize negative consequences of the conflict or to avoid conflict at all. This norm is integrated in the Guiding principles for IDPs, and it is highlighted by those organizations who are directly involved in working with IDPs. Forced displacement became nearly the only way to be secure in the active phase of armed conflicts.

Return of internally displaced persons and refugees to the places where they were forced to migrate from is possible only under condition of ensuring their security at those places and partial or full recovery of the life supporting infrastructure.

According to the results of sociological survey, carried out by Ukrainian Institute of Social Research, named after Oleksandr Yaremenko, 81 percent of respondents think that IDPs have to return to the places of their permanent residence as soon as it is possible. If we follow this logic, the minimization of negative consequences in this specific situation is possible only under condition of safe return and additional measures to ensure integration.

Increasing awareness of the problem on the national scale On the national level, the discussion of the problem of IDPs started after the beginning of the conflict as a result of the pressures by the public, who noticed the problem sooner than the state bodies. If after the occupation of Crimea, the concern was exclusively about the people who were escaping political persecution and were loyal to Ukraine, the situation with IDPs from the East is different in both quantitative and causative respects.

In this case, there is escaping from military conflict and humanitarian crisis, and only after that from political persecution although this latter reason was important for those displaced at the first stage of the conflict development. The need to solve the problems of IDPs is stated in two documents which are referred to in the context of policy development. Legislative confirmation of the status of persons displaced by force from temporarily occupied territory of Crimea and Sevastopol, as well as the territories of Lugansk and Donetsk oblast which are temporarily out of control by Ukrainian authorities, which guarantees the IDPs full citizenship rights at the places of their temporary residence and presupposes social guarantees which take into account the special status of this category of citizens.

Today it is discussed on the national level, and an acknowledgement exists that the problem requires the solution. However, we also underline that the situation with IDPs requires additional analysis in order to provide better foundation for information policy development.

Collecting data about the number and the situation of IDPs Acknowledging the importance of quality data, international institutions emphasize the necessity to launch the full-fledged registration of IDPs, according to the Decree by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No of October 1, Although this system is not sufficiently flexible, it allows to collect data about the number of IDPs, their age and gender characteristics, employment and regional distribution.

International recommendations and evaluation of the treatment of data on IDPs emphasize the need to expand the list data categories, employ various methods, such as sociological surveys, selective household examinations, etc. Nowadays, a renewed system is being designed which partially meets these characteristics, and which will include the distribution of humanitarian aid and will have all the tools to constantly monitor the IDPs needs.

However, questions remain about launching this system and setting up interdepartmental coordination for its full operation. Organizing trainings about IDPs rights Since with the emergence of IDPs, challenges also emerged which Ukrainian officials had not faced before, informing them about terminology, rights, international experience is extremely important for efficient realization of state policies. Instead, there were various trainings, roundtables, meetings with non-governmental sector representatives, supported by international donors.

The trainings were mostly concerned with the realization of particular rights of IDPs, registration, preventing discrimination. Brookings recommends to have all-encompassing education for as wide an audience as possible, which should include administrative cadres on the national level, administrators on regional and local levels, police officers, administrators of the places of compact residence of IDP, officers of the bodies responsible for social provision of IDPs, parliamentary representatives, representatives of human rights organizations and of civil society.

Developing national policies regarding internally displaced persons 7. The lack of understanding of the situation at the first stage and the subsequent steps caused a certain structural ambiguity in creating mechanisms, policies and institutions for solving the problems of IDPs.

Taking this into account, we will try to reproduce the process of developing policies and creating institutions in a single order. This plan presupposed the forming of Regional headquarters, which would take care of accommodation, registering and legal aid for IDPs.

By the order by the Cabinet of Ministers Np of June 11, , these institutions were transformed into the so-called Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters. According to the Plan of Measures, this headquarters is responsible for the operations to organize interactions between various state bodies regarding social provision for IDPs.

The establishment of the Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters was sufficient for the first stage of the IDP crisis. However, today it is extremely important to redefine the work of the Coordination Headquarters, review the mechanisms of coordination with the rest of stakeholders.

A clearer assignment of responsibilities for various fields of work is required. As a result of the discussions about the creation of a single body responsible for working with displaced persons, the State Service of Ukraine for Problems of Crimea Autonomous Republic, Sevastopol City and Temporarily Displaced Persons was created in July Unfortunately, we cannot say anything more about this body.

Since its establishment, it has not started working, its head was not elected, and the legal basis for its operation was not developed.

This structure is directly subordinated to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and it is still unclear if it is going to deal with the question of displaced persons. Another body which is supposed to work with IDPs and is responsible for restoring the infrastructure is the State Agency for Recovery of Donbas. The function of developing the policy was assigned to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The development of political decisions and political programs which should solve the problems of IDPs are declared in a number of articles of this Law.

Regulatory documents were adopted for provision of basic material support for internally displaced persons, such as the Decree by the Cabinet of Ministers No of October 1, , and No of October 1, The former decree presupposes the provision of monthly targeted aid to IDPs of UAH for employable person and UAH for non-employable person to cover accommodation and utility costs.

The total aid for one family cannot exceed UAH and be provided for more than 6 months. The latter decree regulates the use of the money received from international donors. One of the key elements of this scheme is further use of these funds to provide one-time aid for IDPs by special committees. Unfortunately, such decisions are not based on understanding of the need to establish institutional capacity. Systemic approach and logic is lacking in the policy development.

It is formulated by a range of state bodies, international organizations and volunteer initiatives without proper coordination within the framework of various thematic blocs; it also suffers from the lack of common vision of the end result of the policy. So far, the main functions in the policy development were performed by the Ministry of Social Policy which includes the corresponding department , in coordination with other Ministries.

Therefore, the question arises regarding the institutional potential and the ability to design long-term policies within this Ministry. Encouraging national human rights advocacy groups to involve IDPs in their work As the first people were internally displaced, both traditional human rights organizations and dozens of newly established ones became engaged in protecting their rights and providing their humanitarian needs.

The policy of involving internally displaced persons in the activities of human rights organizations is lacking as such; however, there is a range of grassroots initiatives and organizations established by internally displaced persons or people who come from the occupied regions. Some of them received financial aid from international donors, or became executive partners of international organizations.

These organizations are involved, to various extents, in consulting services for internally displaced persons, distribution of humanitarian aid, development of state policies regarding internally displaced persons.

However, nearly the only mechanism that the Ombudsman had left to influence these issues was attracting the attention of international organizations to these problems. In order to increase the efficiency of activities of the Secretariat of Ukrainian Ombudsman, according to recommendations of Council of Europe and OSCE, a position of the representative of the Ombudsmen in the problems of protecting the rights of internally displaced persons was established, and a corresponding structural department was created.

The Resource Center engages in both analytic work and advocacy with the aim to improve the regulatory framework, and in provision of direct humanitarian and consulting aid to internally displaced persons at the locations of their compact residence.

Ensuring IDP participation in decision-making IDP should not be perceived exclusively as an object of aid, but as full participants of developing of state policies regarding protection of rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons.

You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Working languages:. Send email. More actions. Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again No feedback collected.

Complaint Letter: A complaint letter is written to show that an error has occurred and that it must be ва); 8. экономический; 9. частная (жизнь); правосудие, судья. 1. 9. 5. 6. 7 Objection. – Возражение, протест казательства, обстановка места происшествия, сравнительные образцы и т.д. Судебные.

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