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Уполномоченный по правам ребенка в россии 2018

The Report is submitted to the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg, and it is published and is available on the internet. The Ombudsman also transmits his Report to the authorities responsible for implementation of recommendations made in the Report. We aimed at building a dialogue between people, between civil society and the authorities, and at protection of human rights in the atmosphere of collaboration, and not in the climate of mutual annoyance and incomprehension. It is uneasy and does not always guarantee a result. But this is the way our institution functions — consistently and with perseverance we continue to work for a fair, peaceful and legal resolution of human rights problems. In 6 persons made complaints to the Ombudsman.


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ПОСМОТРИТЕ ВИДЕО ПО ТЕМЕ: Гость в студии - Уполномоченный по правам ребенка в России, Анна Кузнецова

Anna Kuznetsova

The Report is submitted to the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg, and it is published and is available on the internet. The Ombudsman also transmits his Report to the authorities responsible for implementation of recommendations made in the Report. We aimed at building a dialogue between people, between civil society and the authorities, and at protection of human rights in the atmosphere of collaboration, and not in the climate of mutual annoyance and incomprehension.

It is uneasy and does not always guarantee a result. But this is the way our institution functions — consistently and with perseverance we continue to work for a fair, peaceful and legal resolution of human rights problems.

In 6 persons made complaints to the Ombudsman. Undoubtedly, the events of the last year influenced the number and the nature of the complaints. Presidential elections led to an increase of the number of complaints concerning the right to participate in managing state affairs.

The raising of the retirement age and the drop of real incomes resulted in a higher number of complaints concerning pensions and social protection.

One of positive examples is securing of the right of conscripts to benefit from deferring their military service for the period of studies. In the Constitutional Court of Russia upheld this position. The right to life. There are still a number of problems in Saint Petersburg associated with risks of violations of the right to life.

Among them are deficiencies in the work of law enforcement agencies, services of insufficient quality in various fields, police violence. Each year there are deaths of people as a result of provision of services of insufficient quality. In two young men died because of a break of hot water pipe in a cafe on the first day of heating season. Saint Petersburg citizens also faced inadequate response of the city authorities to unprecedented snowfalls occurred last winter.

As a result, one person died, and more than four thousand people were injured because of insufficient cleaning of snow and ice in the city streets, and this is only according to official data. Cleaning of curtilages and roofs of blocks of flats are paid by citizens but there is no adequate control of the quality of these services.

According to the Saint Petersburg State Prosecutor's Office , there were no ethnical and religious tensions in Saint Petersburg in In February , 13 years after the murder of Timur Kacharava, an antifascist student, the only full-aged suspect among eight perpetrators, Alexander Zenin was arrested. He had been on the wanted list during all this time. However, in September he was discharged of murder. In December the Smolninskiy district court found him guilty of hate-mongering with violence and sentenced him to 1 year and 5 months in correctional colony.

Smolninskiy district court. Law enforcement authorities should be an example of human right respect, as required by law. However, complaints to the Ombudsman, inspections carried out following such complaints, information from the St Petersburg State Prosecutor's Office and investigative authorities, and from the public monitoring commission show serious problems of disregard for human rights on the part of law enforcement agencies.

Unlawful acts of violence of law enforcement officers are particularly dangerous. Such crimes not only infringe on human rights but also undermine the authority of State agencies and create distrust to public institutions. In information about the death of an enterprener Valeriy Pshenichniy in a remand prison, torture of Pavel Zlomnov accused of unlawful traffic in arms, and a number of other alarming reports about unlawful use of force by law enforcements agents were in focus of public attention.

Among circumstances which indirectly factored into the death of Mr. Pshenichniy was the lack of adequate control on the part of the remand prison staff and the absence of CCTV cameras in remand prison cells. In this regard it should be noted that the European Court of Human Rights indicated in its judgments that State agents are responsible for persons who are under their control, in particular, for those who are in custody or in the premises of law enforcement authorities.

Viktor Filinkov, Mr. Yuliy Boyarshinov and Mr. Igor Shishkin. There are grounds to believe that during the arrest and interrogations they had been subjected to torture with the use of an electric shocker. Following his arrest Mr. Filinkov had been held in custody during 26 hours without any procedural status, and this circumstance was conducive to the above violations.

The authorities still did not assess all these circumstances. Unfortunately, despite well-grounded doubts as to reliability of the official version of the events expressed by experts including members of the Human Rights Council, the law enforcement authorities and the prosecution showed unwillingness to investigate into this matter.

Such approach does not permit to prevent the use of torture for obtaining confessions. The Ombudsman is grateful to members of the public monitoring commission of Saint Petersburg who are dedicated to combating violations of rights of persons deprived of liberty.

In a working group consisted of representatives of the Office of the Ombudsman, the Directory of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in Saint Petersburg and of the public monitoring commission was created in order to react to reports on the use of violence in penitentiary facilities in Saint Petersburg. The need to secure the right to life, liberty and human dignity of citizens when they interact with law enforcement agents requires criminalization of torture, with corresponding amendments to the Criminal Code.

Such approach would be in line with the concluding observations of the UN Committee Against Torture on the sixth periodic report of the Russian Federation adopted on 8 August Rights of persons belonging to vulnerable groups The Ombudsman pays particular attention to protection of rights of persons belonging to vulnerable groups. Accessible environment for persons with disabilities. For instance, this is the case of securing parking places in front of court buildings for cars belonging to persons with disabilities.

Rights of persons with disabilities. Persons with mental disabilities who live in State-run social institutions belong to a particularly vulnerable group of people. In the problem of transfer of young people with multiple severe developmental disorders from child institutions to institutions for adults started to get resolution — units of intensive care were created in three institutions for adults for young people with severe disabilities who are transferred there from child institutions.

According to experts, the public system of social institutions for children and adults with mental disabilities is de facto oriented at isolation, and not at social integration of persons with disabilities. It is necessary to promote various forms of support replacing institution care, such as assisted living. However, statistics show that these recommendations are far from being implemented in Saint Petersburg.

For instance, in eight social institutions for adults live 6 people, while in two houses dedicated to assisted living live only 26 persons. The problem of discrimination of minorities, notably, members of LGBT community, is closely related to the respect of the right to human dignity. In less than a third of cases victims reported violence to the police, and only in one case criminal proceedings were instituted.

After the location of the film festival had been changed, the opponents of the event derailed it again by making a report of a bomb threat, which, once again, was not confirmed. Unfortunately, no one of these hooligans was held responsible. Right to housing Complaints to the Ombudsman concerning the right to housing are always the most numerious. Unfortunately, in there were no significant positive changes.

Once again, the annual housing plan of granting social housing had not been complied with. The number of families which could benefit from city target programs has decreased. There are around 70 thousand communal flats in Saint Petersburg, with more than thousand families living there.

If the same funds as now are allocated for resettlement of these families, this process would last for decades. It should be noted that social subsidies for housing under the target program of resettlement of communal flats do not by themselves lead to a reduction of the number of communal flats, since rooms left can remain on the real estate market. The most serious housing problems are solved by cumulative efforts of State and public human rights defenders, members of the Legislative Assembly and the Governmnent of Saint Petersburg.

In such problem was securing of the right to housing for large families who had been excluded from the housing plan for for the first time since eight years and who protested. As a result, funds were allocated for housing to be provided to large families in autumn Labor rights In the problem of multi-billion salary arrears for construction workers of the city metro could not be resolved, despite efforts of supervisory authorities and promises of the city government. Pickets and rallies of construction workers who did not receive the promised salaries has continued in , including in front of the Government of Saint Petersburg.

One of the reasons of these arrears is that the public contracts for construction ignored provisions of a sectoral multilateral wage agreement funds allocated for salaries were underestimated. Trade unions also played a negative role, since they did not control implementation of this agreement.

Right to freedom of peaceful assembly Problems related to securing of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly have intensified in the context of rising social tensions and civic engagement.

Since protests against the pension reform were not officially approved, in there were a number of unauthorized actions, with hundreds of people arrested on 5 May — more than persons, on 9 September — around persons. Photo: Elena Lukjanova, "Novaja gazeta". The Ombudsman received complaints about violations of rights of participants of the above events as well as of simple passers-by occurred both during the arrests and at trials. However, at the rally of 9 September against the pension reform at least ten journalists became victims of violations.

The Ombudsman transmitted to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the results of his monitoring of human rights violations occurred at that rally. Unfortunately, the materials submitted including video recordings of violations were disregarded.

In October the Human Rights Council of the President of Russia held its meeting in Saint Petersburg, with a round table on the freedom of assembly. The Human Rights Council recommended amendments to Saint Petersburg legislation and practices in this field.

However, obstacles to enjoyment of the constitutional right to freedom of peaceful assembly in Saint Petersburg voiced by the Ombudsman in his annual reports and before the Legislative Assembly, still remain. And from October citizens face new problems even when they wish to hold a solitary picket — de facto the only remaining way to freely publicly express their views.

This new schema of disturbance of pickets consists in making false reports on a crime generally coming from the same person or arresting of a picketing person by the police on the ground that some doubt exist as to the authenticity of his or her ID.

During last months of more than 30 such arrests were reported. After the meeting of the Human Right Council in Saint Petersburg the work on amendments to legislation on public events became more active.

Four new dedicated locations for holding public events in a simplified order so-called Hyde parks were created, including Lenin square, very popular among organisers of public events. On 6 February the Legislative Assembly adopted on the first reading a draft law on amendments to Saint Petersburg legislation on public events.

However, the Ombudsman believes that this draft does not address a number of problems. Therefore, the Ombudsman recommended to the all parliamentary factions to upheld the following amendments to the second reading:. In the choice of a Hyde park in the city centre the Ombudsman suggests to use the positive experience of security measures adopted at public gatherings of fans during the FIFA World Cup in the historical centre above all — the fan zone at the Konnyushennaya square which daily welcomed several dozens of thousands of people.

Right to fair trial The problem of access to a lawyer for persons arrested at public protests remained unresolved in The Ombudsman is aware of cases of unjustified refusals of courts of motions to grant access to a lawyer in particular, the Kalininskiy district court refused such motion made by a person arrested on 5 May , and of cases of removal of a lawyer from a hearing of the Primorskiy district court at which several administrative cases against persons arrested on 9 September were unlawfully heard at the same time.

However, the Qualification Commission of Judges did not find any violations in these cases. The aim of this project is to get unbiased information about securing of the right to an open hearing and on the transparency of the system of justice. Volunteers monitored 18 district courts and 10 judicial circumscriptions of justices of the peace, tested their web-sites and visited court hearings. The results of the monitoring were discussed with the Human Rights Council and representatives of the judiciary.

Nevertheless, I have not seen any substantial changes on this matter," Moskalkova noted. According to the ombudsman, she is particularly concerned about those Russian citizens who have been abducted by US intelligence services over the past several years on the territory of third countries or extradited bypassing international legislation. For example, the issue of Roman Seleznev sentenced to 27 years in prison over hacking attacks. Reports about severe confinement conditions for Russians in US prisons are coming from various parties. In this situation, it is necessary to establish a constructive dialogue with the US, though unfortunately there is no ombudsman post there.

Residence, Moscow, Russia · Alma mater, Penza Pedagogical Institute. Occupation, statesman, public figure and human rights activist. Profession, psychologist. Website, christchurchavon.com Anna Yurievna Kuznetsova (​Russian: Анна Юрьевна Кузнецова; born January 3, , Penza In November of , her mention about female genital mutilation caused a.

При таком порядке устанавливается точный размер денежной суммы, ежемесячный или единовременный. Суть - сделать постепенным повышение налога, распределив его рост на несколько лет. Нынешние правила позволяют заёмщикам, попавшим в сложную финансовую ситуацию: Сделать реструктуризацию долга. Продажа автомобиля в рассрочку путем оформления договора займа. Без документа, удостоверяющего личность, ни одна торговая тока не будет проводить процедуру отмены покупки. Для этого проволока зажимается в тисках и ударами небольшим молотком по краям они расклепываются, как показано на фото. В паспорте ставится отметка о наличии у ребёнка гражданства по праву рождения, предоставляемого на основании ст. Очень часто в техническое задание включают самые подробные описания будущего веб сайта, но при этом забывают указать сроки разработки.

Без этого и штрафы, наложенные по данным автоматических камер, будут приходить на оплату продавцу, и продолжать начисляться транспортный налог. Трехзначные номера присущи сложным объектам. Многие ютятся в маленьких комнатках в общежитии, некоторые снимают квартиры, но всё равно чаще всего на семью из 3-4 человек приходится не более 20-25 метров жилой площади. Есть несколько способов проверки. Долгосрочные (более 1 года) - вклады в уставный капитал других организаций и затраты на приобретение акций с целью последующего получения дивидендов.

Лучше сделать это до продажи авто, поскольку покупатель может отказаться приобретать машину, в техпаспорте которой нет места для записи о новом владельце. Возраст не может быть снижен даже по решению правомочных органов власти, как это допускается в случае с охотничьим оружием. Для этого необходимо заполнить исковое заявление установленной формы с перечислением статей Семейного кодекса, на основании которых можно взыскать алименты и привлечь неплательщика к ответственности.

Как рассчитать зарплату по повременной сдельной оплате труда. Очень жаль, даже не ожидала получить такие впечатления. Правила прекращения трудовых отношений с генеральным директором при ликвидации предприятия рассмотрены в следующем видеоматериале: Увольнение директора по желанию учредителей. Специалист сможет подсказать Вам на что обратить внимание и что особенно выделить, чтобы в дальнейшем доказать Вашу правоту было гораздо легче, а так же избежать лишних трат. По ним поставщики товаров и услуг договариваются с покупателями, что заказанные ими вещи будут доставлены через некоторое время, так как их нужно изготовить, но, чтобы приобретатели не отказались от сделки, она предусматривает обеспечительный платеж.

Сроки подачи документов и возврат налогов. Ипотека выдается только в том случае, если вы проработали 5 лет до момента обращения в банк. Взвесить все положительные и отрицательные стороны стоит, прежде чем строить дом, не имея опыта ухода за ним, а также знания нормативных основ такого строительства. Администрация организации может самостоятельно установить к зарплате сотрудника доплаты и надбавки (ч. В ходе прямой линии Владимира Путина ведущая заявила, что многие жалуются на низкие доходы, в частности почтальоны, которые получают 3600 рублей в Саратовской области.

In 6 persons made complaints to the Ombudsman. Undoubtedly, the events of In the Constitutional Court of Russia upheld this position. On 12 March the Уполномоченный по правам ребенка в Санкт-Петербурге.

Да Вы являетесь молодым специалистом. Про признаки и статьи за оскорбления личности (сотрудника) на рабочем месте, читайте далее. Как поступить в случае вынесения отказа. Цены на услуги горячего водоснабжения для населения г.

В случае одобрения заявки гражданина на предоставление ему 20 тысяч рублей средства переводятся на банковский счёт без участия заявителя, поэтому реквизиты счёта нужно предоставить уже на стадии заполнения заявления (а это значит, что на момент заполнения прошения учётная запись гражданина в банке уже должна существовать и функционировать). Но вскоре они осознавали, что они вовсе не обязаны держать меня на работе, поскольку никто из их руководства им такого распоряжения не давал. Журналы учета и регистрации. Внимательно читайте вопрос автора. Ребенок получает льготу каждый раз при покупке билета. Москвы в удовлетворении иска Богданова К А к Ковалевой В Н о признании завещания недействительным в порядке ст.

Это уж точно никого не волнует. У меня один ребенок и больше не нужно и не нужны деньги,потому что думаешь прежде всего не о деньгах,а о детях,ведь каждого нужно одеть,обуть и накормить и не просто накормить,это ж дети,вкусняшки всякие,игрушки и т. Но если они не женаты (находятся в гражданском браке), мужчина должен признать свое отцовство самостоятельно.

Несмотря на бытующее мнение о дороговизне продуктовой корзины в Москве, стоимость на определенные категории продуктов в столице не превышают средней цены по стране, а некоторые можно купить на порядок дешевле, чем в регионах. Рассмотрим, для каких категорий граждан предназначены субсидии на строительство жилья, как их оформить и получить. В частности, женщине выплачивается денежная компенсация. Вдаваться в излишние подробности не. В среднем одна такая услуга стоит порядка 200 рублей. Впрочем, второй вариант можно использовать, если вы не запаслись более серьезным арсеналом и просто хотите хотя бы испортить блюдо ненавистному вам человеку. Трое суток моя супруга находилась без связи, могло случится что угодно…Офис в г.

Возврат наличных денег покупателю делают в случаях, когда он возвращает продавцу товар ненадлежащего качества. В идеале используется фирменный бланк. Можно ли после развода оставить фамилию мужа.

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