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Russia is infamous for its bureaucracy. And employment law is one of the areas, where this is especially prominent. However, there are not equivalents in our home country for all of these documents. This post is intended to give an overview of the essential documents when hiring in Russia and how they relate to each other. The documents mentioned below are necessary when you are hiring a Russian national.

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The documents you need to be familiar with when hiring in Russia

Russia is infamous for its bureaucracy. And employment law is one of the areas, where this is especially prominent. However, there are not equivalents in our home country for all of these documents. This post is intended to give an overview of the essential documents when hiring in Russia and how they relate to each other. The documents mentioned below are necessary when you are hiring a Russian national.

When you want to hire a foreign national you might also have to apply for a work permit on his behalf. When I refer to an article in this document without mentioning the law, I mean the Labor Code.

In addition to these documents from article 65 I discuss a number of other documents and matters that are linked to the recruitment of staff in Russia on this page:. This is obvious, but has to be mentioned. According to the Labor Code, it is not mandatory to draw up this document, however it is useful to do it anyway. It is a very common document in Russia and not possessing it can be harmful should you need to prove the relationship between the employer and the employee.

For example, the Regional Court of Yaroslavl stated in case no. Fixed-term employment contracts can only be concluded in certain cases in Russia and the reason for signing a fixed-term contract, instead of a contract for an indefinite period has to be stated within the contract itself. In a previous court case, a fixed-term employment contract without this compulsory legal motivation was concluded. In the accompanying request to be given the job the term was however indefinite.

Here the Court took into account both the lack of compulsory information in the labour agreement and the referral to a contract for an indefinite period in the request to come to the conclusion that this contract should be seen as concluded for an indefinite period of time.

So, although not mandatory, you must be familiar with this document if you are active in Russia. Strangely enough, it is customary to write such requests by hand in Russia.

Pursuant to Article 6 1 of the Russian Federal law on individual registration for compulsory pension insurance, this document is provided by the Pension Fund. If the job-seeker has not worked anywhere before this, the employer must apply for this document on his behalf.

The persons covered by this are laid down in points 14 and 15 of the Decree of the Russian Government Approval of the Rules of Military Registration. The following people do not fall under the obligation for military registration:. This document is provided to someone before he enters military service and when he leaves it. The document is also provided to reservists.

This is a document for Russians who are 27 years or older who have not been in military service. It is up to the employer to determine whether specific education is required in order to carry out the work being conducted. What this document implies speaks for itself. Not every employer has the right to ask the candidate for this document.

Only for professions to which people with a criminal record have not been admitted on the basis of the law is this a required document. This concerns, for example, work in the following spheres:.

For certain professions, the employer is obliged to ask the employee for a health certificate issued by a doctor. This document is not mentioned in article 65, but this number must be known to the employer to be able to pay Personal Income Tax for the employee. Logically, the employment contract is the most important document in Russian labor law. What exactly is meant by an employment contract in Russia is described in article 56 of the Labor Code: An agreement between employer and employee, according to which the employer ensures that he provides suitable paid work to the employee.

The employee, in turn, undertakes the specified work, directed and supervised by the employer. The civil code gives more leeway to parties and applies to the other civil law contracts. Labour Law on the contrary is much more strict.

This description in article 56 has been carefully chosen to clearly distinguish the employment contract from civil law agreements, such as the contract of assignment and the contractor agreement. In contrast to the latter two agreements, which are all about the result for example, building a house , the employment contract centres its attention on the person.

Only the employee can carry out the work under the employment contract. In the case of contracts of acceptance and assignment, the contractor or the contractor organizes the work itself for the most part. With an employment contract, this is the responsibility of the employer. Of course employers in Russia, like in other countries try to avoid the strict provision of Russian Labour Law, by giving an employment contract a different name.

This, however does not work. In accordance with paragraph 4 of of article 11 of the Labor Act, such relationships are equated with labor relations and employment law therefore applies to them.

Although the aforementioned items are mandatory elements of an employment contract, their absence does not lead to nullity or voidability of the agreement. In that case, the employment contract will have to be supplemented, for example by adding an appendix. Based on the employment contract, the employer then issues an order to accept the employee article Form N T-1 must be used for this. The following items must be included in the order:.

Please note: the employment contract remains the guiding document. Many things that are included in there must also be in the order. The order must be submitted to the employer for signature within 3 days of commencement of his work article In Russia, if a company wants to use a job description for a specific position, this must be explicitly mentioned in the employment contract.

As a document, the job description is often an appendix to the employment contract, but this is not necessary. It must be signed by the employee. Pursuant to article 66, the employment record is the most important document that indicates what an individualswork experience is. The form of the workbook and the rules for completing it are determined by the Russian government.

It is the responsibility of the employer to fill in the labor booklet for every employee whose main activities are carried out with him for more than 5 days.

In some cases, the workbook does not have to be shown:. The employment record book is kept and filled in by the HR department of the employer. After termination of the employment relationship, the employer must return it to the employee. This all sounds pretty futile, but it is not. If the employer fails to hand over the workbook to the employee, this can have very serious consequences. This may even mean that the employment contract is not considered dissolved and the salary must continue to be paid.

It happens that cunning employees do not pick up their employment record book themselves in the hope of being able pick the financial fruits of that deception. By sending it by registered mail to the home address of the employee, for example.

If you can hand over the employment record book, it is wise to have the employee sign a document for receipt. To do so is quite common in Russia. Yes, it is also required to have and keep this book. HR must create a personal card for the employee, according to the form established by the Federal Bureau of Statistics.

Many of the above documents serve as a basis for filling in this personal card. The data on the military status of the employee must also be included, for example. In this document, also documented by the Federal Office of Statistics, the hours worked must be kept. This is also mandatory. Even for Russians, it is not easy to meet all the administrative requirements listed in this article. In most cases it is therefore preferable to outsource these administrative tasks to a reliable service provider.

We can also help you attract suitable Russian candidates for your Russian company. Are you interested, or do you have any further comments or questions? Please contact us or leave your comments below. Can a Russian employee have a manager based in a different country? Is there legislation which states their manager must be based in Russia?

If the manager is the formal director of a Russian legal entity he can be based elsewhere but needs to obtain a work permit in order to have this position in a Russian company.

If the manager is not formally employed in a Russian entity and also not living in Russia there are other solutions to make sure his instructions are followed. I will send you an e-mail about this. Confirmation of the absence of a criminal record. If you disagree, please do let me know. Passport back to top Russian Passport This is obvious, but has to be mentioned.

These are: Male citizens aged 18 to 27 who are not reservists Reservists, these are: Those who have fulfilled their conscription and are now reservists. The age to which one is a reservist varies from 45 to 70 and depends on the rank that was fulfilled in the army and the moment at which one became a reservist. Those who have completed a study at a military faculty of a government institution Those who are exempt from military service.

Those who are 27 or older and have not been in service because they have been deferred or have not been summoned for other reasons. Those who have completed an alternative civil service, instead of military service. Women who have followed a special military education. The following people do not fall under the obligation for military registration: Those who are exempt from military service, in accordance with the Compulsory Service Act.

Those who are currently in military service. Women without a special military education. Those whose permanent place of residence is not in Russia.

Russian military card This document is provided to someone before he enters military service and when he leaves it.


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1. 4. 5, Признание граждан малоимущими в целях принятия их на учет в качестве 12, документы воинского учета (военного билета солдата, матроса, военного билета офицера запаса; справки взамен военного билета; Форма (шаблон) документа, Образец документа/ заполнения документа. 6, 1, 2, 3.

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Срок подачи заявления о выдаче патента иностранному гражданину на работу ограничен. Каких-либо других достоинств выделить невозможно. Досрочное погашение уменьшает ваш долг по кредиту(остаток долга) Проценты в банке начисляются на остаток долга, следовательно при его уменьшении проценты уменьшатся. Они не всегда обоснованы. Не всегда высокое качество ухода за детьми приводит к жалобам родителей. Отдельным пунктом указывается право на переговоры, выступления в суде по различным вопросам исполнения обязательств по сдаче жилья (если будет вписан этот пункт, то не придётся оформлять дополнительную доверенность на предоставление интересов в суде, а также производить осмотр имущества, поверяя на целостность и сохранность). То есть гражданин имеет право затребовать платеж в течение всей своей жизни. Имущественная ответственность сторон 10. Кирова, 27 Телефоны: (87933) 3-33-24, 3-33-27, факс: 3-33-28 Начальник отдела: Арчаков Евгений Иванович.

Имеются как бесплатный, так и платные тарифы. Пользуясь электронным вариантом табеля в положении о ведении табеля необходимо прописать ответственного человека за заполнение электронного документа, а также сроки внесения изменений, например, до 5-го числа следующего за отчетным. К категории общих норм налогового права относится норма ст. Законодательством сроки выдачи капитала не ограничены, и любая девушка, родившая двух и более детей после 1 января 2007 года, может обратиться для получения сертификата.

Документально зафиксированные данные о труде, отдыхе и других факторах необходимы для определения размера заработной платы, предоставления сторонним лицам (проверяющим и контролирующим госорганам), а так же для предоставления возможности сотруднику проверить правильность начисления и выплаты заработка. Тоже самое при дополнительных затратах на усовершенствование параметров автомобиля, определенного перечня этих вложений не существует, поэтому все должно быть официально аргументировано квитанциями, товарными чеками и другими платежными реквизитами.

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Сначала пишут заявление в свободной форме, в котором излагают свою просьбу. Также фото может отсутствовать, если нарушение зафиксировала камера без включенного режима видеофиксации (такое тоже часто возможно в регионах). Как видите, сообщения делают процесс передачи показаний гораздо более простым и быстрым. Даже если удастся доказать состояние алкогольного опьянения пешехода, водителю не уйти от ответственности (могут только изменить степень наказания). Куда жаловаться на продавца, который не принимает товар обратно. Применяются фракции 5-20 или 20-40. Свидетельство о браке и о рождении детей (при наличии).

1. How much are entry tickets for the State Hermitage Museum? RUB – entry ticket to the Main Museum Complex and the branches (the General Staff.

Эта поправка указана в статье 217 Налогового Кодекса Российской Федерацииа именно в пункте 18,1. Здесь изменение исковых требований истцом, как правило, связано с их уменьшением и вносится в документ, называемый мировым соглашением. Льготы ветерана труда Свердловской области предусматривают обслуживание упомянутой категории граждан без очереди.

Будущий заёмщик должен понимать суть понятий актив, пассив, доход и расход. Ремонт будет довольно экономичным. Чековую книжку необходимо оберегать с особой тщательностью, с ограничением к ней доступа посторонними гражданами. А ваш мужчина поймет, что дальше так не могло продолжаться. Такие вычеты предоставляются: Детям, которые платят за свое образование самостоятельно. Бодрость и хорошее самочувствие - это самые лучшие помощники.

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Цену диска вам должны вернуть в течение 7 дней после обращения (исходя из ст. Срок хранения яиц сваренных всмятку крайне мал. Путеводитель по судебной практике. Комплексное сопровождение тендеров Москва от 10000 руб.

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