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Click here for instant access…. Explaining the same things overand over again is annoying at best. These benefits andmore have keptcustomersupportone ofourmost important focuses as Zapier has grown. Everyone does support, whether they want to or not. And at Zapier, we think everyone should do real customer support, to learn from the issues that come up and use that knowledge to do better work.

Customer support used to be easy. Then came the postal service, telegram, phone, email, live chat, social media, and before long there were more ways a customer could get in touch than you could count. So what does customer support mean in the 21st century, and how can you effectively manage it all? The more things change, the more they stay the same. It sounds all new and modern, but customer support had been around as long as there have been companies and customers.

Even modern things like store loyalty cards have been around since At the same time, customer support is crucially important for your business—perhaps more than ever before. Mess up that first support conversation, and you may never get another chance with that customer—and you may end up with a terrible Yelp or App Store review that scares away future customers.

Step back in time to a General Store in Victorian England. A customer purchases a bucket, discovers it leaks, then travels back into town to tell the store owner their problem.

A smart store owner will either repair or replace the bucket. Problem solved. But where do you answer them? Yet Apple proved them wrong, turning their Apple Stores into some ofthe highest value retail space in the world. Sure, they sold must-have gadgets, but so did their website and countless other retailers.

What made Apple Stores stand apart was their customer service. Retail can be an annoying experience, filled with long lines and grumpy staff. Or, it can be an amazing experience, one that attracts people to see yourwell laid out store and get help from your friendly staff.

Email is one ofthe best customer support tools. Nearly everyone on the internet has an email address, and it only takes a minute to add a contact form to your website. Then, you can reply to customers emails anytime you want.

A customer in Spain can email from their phone at noon, and you can reply at noon in San Francisco from your desk, or on a flight to Tokyo from your tray table. But it can still be overwhelming. Twitter may not be the most popular social network, but it is most popular for one thing: support. And since Tweets are public, companies are often far quicker to respond and fix the problem, before you complain about it to your followers.

The good news is, if you do it well, they just might turn around and Tweet about how great your support is. We may use our phones for apps more than calls, but phone support is still important. Phone support takes the same skills as in-person support: a calm voice, and a willingness to listen and explain.

Will you need to snap videos in Snapchat to support your customers in the future, or will you be using Oculus Rift to remotely show people how to fix something?

Who knows. One thing seems certain: there will always be new ways to communicate, and every new communications tool can be used for support. The good news is, the same skills work everywhere. Teams around the world use pre-written replies, keyboard shortcuts, and app integration tools like Zapier to reply to messages quicker, share more helpful information in less time, and make sure no Tweet gets left behind.

You can automate your support, and have more time to actually spend time with customers and fix the most urgent problems. All it takes is breaking down your most common support tickets, figuring out recurring themes, and finding ways to solve those problems quicker—perhaps with documentation or a pre-written email.

Customer support matters—enough that you should likely have your whole team do support, at least sometimes. Good customer support matters.

Great customer support sets you apart. People like to be treated like people. At Zapier, we believe that the best way to help people is to put everyone on support. Many of the fastest growing companies do all hands support. When I asked my Twitter followers who is doing it, a surprising to me number of hands shot up. Teams like Stripe, StatusPage. So what have these companies figured out that compels them to pull engineers, executives, marketers, and more offtheir day-to-day tasks to spend time on support?

Effective all hands support focuses on making life better for your customers. But it can also cause a shift in how you and your team think about and build your company.

But certain problems require special expertise. For example, when something is broken, being able to talk directly to an engineer about the problem typically motivates the engineer to fix the problem quicker than they would otherwise. They are hearing about the problem first-hand, they can empathize with the customer. Those same engineers would be skeptical if they heard about these problems second-hand. Then the customer is blown away that they are talking to someone who actually can solve their problem.

That means fewer tickets about the issue in the future. My favorite story of improving customer experience through all hands support comes from Ali Rayl of Slack.

At a previous role, her team—including the engineers—provided phone support. The engineering team hated phone support. But because they were required to do it, the team fixed issues as soon as they cropped up, to ensure that the phone never rang again for that same problem.

That means trouble for multiple customers at a time. With an engineer doing support, these customers have their issues fixed right away. Upon polling the person Zapier team, by far the most beneficial part of everyone doing support is the opportunity to see the everyday problems that customers face. Rather than being shielded from frustrated customers, everyone on the team gets an unfiltered view ofwhat customers think about your product—the good and the bad.

This makes roadmapping and other product decisions easier, because everyone on the team has a shared understanding ofthe most common problems users are running into. Marketers, on the other hand, can find out what your customers worry about, and create content that alleviates those worries.

Martin Normark, co-founder of milage-tracking app 80, talks about how surprised he was when he first started doing customer support as an engineer. We learned through support interactions that it would be great to automatically run delayed tasks for users. So a few months back, we launched autoreplay. When everyone does support, smart people with diverse skills start to think about how to make the more redundant parts ofanswering tickets faster.

As a result, engineers start building tools to turn three clicks into one click. And suddenly, finding a needle in a haystack becomes a cakewalk, because logging gets more granular. Building internal tools for your support team pays dividends as the company grows. Since a full-time support person can handle twice as many customer issues, you can keep your customers happy with half the staff, saves the company tons of money in salaries and management overhead. Olark saw this first hand.

Those quick links make it easy to access details about a specific user, so we can help them faster. As companies grow, individuals become more specialized. A product engineer may only work on a particular feature or two. As a result, individuals become more detached from the rest ofthe team.

Questions will come about every piece of the product. This forces you to learn a little bit about the whole product you build, and gives you a better understanding to how your specialty fits into the sum ofthe parts. And you get the added advantage of feeling less lost if a teammate goes on vacation, and you need to pitch in to help. The Basecamp team noticed that because new hires were getting trained on all of their products through support, it helped them understand why some features were so critical.

But through support they often have to deal with these issues. That helps them understand how it works, which in turn helps them design flexible frontend for Zapier. People who do support full time often get a bad rap. Our unpleasant experiences with airline companies and cable providers have conditioned us to think that support reps can do little beyond read from a script. Support reps often know more about the product than you do, and often have great ideas for where the product can be improved.

At Zapier: Prior to joining Zapier, many teammates viewed support as an entry level job. When you end up on the giving side of customer support, you start to strengthen your empathy muscle. You appreciate how often your customer support team goes to bat for you—day in and day out. And you sympathise with people and companies outside in your daily life a lot more often. When you teach your team to be empathetic towards customers, you also teach them to be empathetic towards each other.

If a weekly support shift is tied to every job offer, some people will look elsewhere. But if your company is committed to getting the benefits discussed from all hands support, then you need to be ok saying no to otherwise great candidates who might want to join your company. Depending on how you set up all hands support, it can be tiring.

For example, engineers at Zapier take a one week rotation doing support. To mitigate this, train non-support staff on how to do support effectively.

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Results: Exact: 1. Elapsed time: 92 ms. All rights reserved. Join Reverso, it's free and fast! Register Login. These examples may contain rude words based on your search. These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. Translation of "when employing their" in Russian. In the light of the foregoing considerations, it is apparent that the contributions of non-governmental organizations have become increasingly important in mediation processes, but that their comparative advantages and disadvantages should always be kept in mind when employing their capabilities.

Click here for instant access…. Explaining the same things overand over again is annoying at best. These benefits andmore have keptcustomersupportone ofourmost important focuses as Zapier has grown. Everyone does support, whether they want to or not. And at Zapier, we think everyone should do real customer support, to learn from the issues that come up and use that knowledge to do better work.

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