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There is the opinion that getting a Russian visa is a hard and time-consuming process. In order to obtain a visa, you need to make three simple steps:. The preparation of all the documents can take no longer than an hour in front of the computer but some of the beginners may have their difficulties. We have made the detailed manual describing the process step-by-step, containing the list of the necessary documents and examples how to fill them in so that you get everything right and obtain your visa without problems.

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Russian Visa Guide: How to obtain a Visa to Russia independently

There is the opinion that getting a Russian visa is a hard and time-consuming process. In order to obtain a visa, you need to make three simple steps:. The preparation of all the documents can take no longer than an hour in front of the computer but some of the beginners may have their difficulties. We have made the detailed manual describing the process step-by-step, containing the list of the necessary documents and examples how to fill them in so that you get everything right and obtain your visa without problems.

Ready, set, go! This document gives you the right to cross the Russian borders and live in the country for a while. Russian visa is pasted into your foreign passport. It looks like this:. Only the citizens of the countries, which signed an agreement about a visa-free regime with Russia, can come to Russia without visa. Find your country on the map below and see if you need a visa. Russian visa can be issued in several types; which one to choose depends on purposes of your trip. The prolongation is only possible in case of illness.

More often, the consulate issues a single-entry visa. This means that you can enter and leave Russia only one time. If you have a business in Russia or you plan a business trip you can arrange a business visa. It is issued for up to one year but in special cases it can be valid for even up to five years.

By having a business visa, you can visit Russia multiple times but you are not allowed to stay in Russia for more than 90 days in each half year.

Suppose, you obtain a business visa. You can live in Russia for days in a year: 90 days in the first half a year and 90 days in the second one. If your relatives or friends live in Russia and you want to visit them, you can arrange a host visa a. It provides you with opportunity to stay in Russia for 90 days. If you still want to issue a private visa, you will need:. The receiving party has to issue this notification and send it to you in a form or original.

In order to do it, they need:. If you plan to work in Russia, you need a work visa. It gives you the opportunity to be hired by any company in any position — there are no restrictions but firstly you need to get an invitation from your employer. The work visa duration can amount from 1 to 3 years and you can come to Russia multiple times. Study visa is issued if you plan to get an education in Russia.

Transit visa is issued in the cases you go to another country through Russia. Usually such visa is issued for up to 10 days. Humanitarian visa is issued in the cases of charity, pilgrimage to holy places, cultural, school or student exchange, participation in sports events, etc.

Therefore, you have defined the type of your visa. Now you need to collect all required documents. The invitation is an official document issued in the special form that contains your personal data, information about the receiving party, the purpose of your trip and duration of stay. Many people confuse noticing thinking that an invitation is a hotel reservation.

These are different documents. An invitation is necessary for a visa unlike a booking. The person who have invited you issues an invitation. If you are issuing a tourist visa then your tour company or a hotel will arrange the invitation. If you are going to visit some private person s in Russia so the invitation is their concern.

In the case of a business trip, the receiving company will issue your invitation and work visa will be issued on the ground of an invitation from the employer. An invitation is issued in the Russian language. Some consulates ask for an original form, others can be satisfied with the copy. If you are obtaining a tourist visa and have already picked up the hotel, call them or write by e-mail.

Ask if they can send you an invitation by fax or e-mail. Sometimes hotels take from 20 to 50 dollars for the arrangement of an invitation, but some can send it free if you have already reserved a room and paid for the living. Tourist invitation consists of two documents: a tourist confirmation and a tourist voucher. If you want to avoid troubles and make it all quickly, you can apply to the organization that arrange invitations online.

We work in a partnership with licensed tour operator and with the FMS of Russia so everything goes within law. We send your arranged invitation to e-mail; in most of the cases copy is enough; sometimes if you need original we can send it by mail to any address.

If you are a citizen of another country you will totally need it for your Russian visa the insurance coverage should amount 30 euros. This document has to be valid in the whole territory of Russia for the whole period of your trip.

You can issue it online and get on the same day. You can do it online in Russian or English language. If you have chosen the Russian language, write all the answers in Russian except for names, surnames, addresses and names of organizations for these boxes use English.

If you are filling out your application in English, use English for all the answers. Use the Latin alphabet only. In the case you had, note when and why you have lost it. Now tell about the purpose of your trip. If you have issued a tourist invitation, note tourism as a purpose. In the case of a private invitation, the purpose will be a private visit.

After that, you need to clarify your purpose. For example, if you choose tourism you have to explain whether it is a purpose tourism, or a tourism in the organized group, or a tourist hunting, or a tourism by hours program, or some other kind. The dates of entering and departure has to match the dates in the invitation. In the last paragraph write contact information of the places where you are going to live in Russia.

If you are issuing an invitation with our help, you will get an instruction with an address and other required data. All boxes have to be filled. Write any numbers in it, for example, If the company where you have worked, closed or moved to another address, indicate the address that it had when you worked there. That is all, your application is ready.

Double-check it, save and print it out in two copies. Print it out using only white, opaque A4-sized paper. Your application in the color paper will be declined. Use the color cartridges and print only on the one side of the paper. Duplex printing is not allowed. After the receiving, you still can make changes in your application.

Go to visa. Visa application is valid within 30 days since the moment of applying. Your foreign passport must have no less than two blank pages for a new visa. It should be valid for no less than 6 months after your alleged departure from Russia. While applying for a visa, you present a valid passport but there is a chance you will be asked to present the previous ones in the case you have them. You will need 2 color photos 35mm x 45mm. Make a photo on the light background, full-face, without dark-glasses.

That should be the pictures of a good quality: clear, no pixels, not blurred. Paste it carefully into the special frame in your printed application. Write a date and a signature in the black frame below the photo. You should present all the collected documents in the Russian consulate or in the Visa Center of your native country. If you are a citizen of a Schengen country, you can also obtain a visa in any of other Schengen countries.

Moreover, the visa price depends on the place of the issuance Russian consulate or Visa Center. You can obtain a visa by the cheapest price in a consulate or in an embassy but sometimes it means that you have to stand in line or make an appointment preliminarily.

In some countries, Russian consulates take applications through the Visa Center that allows to avoid lines and makes the procedure simpler. The issuance through the Visa Center is more expensive. For example, in the European Union, it means extra expenses amounting euros. But you can make an appointment several days before receiving; also, you will get assistance while filling in the application, obtain copies of the documents required and in addition, you will get a number of your application so that you can track its status.

When the visa is ready, you can have it delivered to your house or to the workplace. But first ask about the better way of payment in the consulate. A tourist visa is issued faster than others within days. If you need visa urgently you can use a service of a fast-track issuance. In this case, it will take 3 days but the price will be two or three times higher.

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In order to obtain a visa, you need to make three simple steps: you come to Russia you will have to fill in the migration card and register.

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