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Below are some examples of my translation works to illustrate how wide is the wide range. Books translated from English and officially published in Russian:. Set Godin, Free prize inside! My profile page on OZON.

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Below are some examples of my translation works to illustrate how wide is the wide range. Books translated from English and officially published in Russian:.

Set Godin, Free prize inside! My profile page on OZON. Europa Star , a specialized watch magazine, the premier provider of international watch industry news and information 7 issues translated, Intergovernmental, EU funded projects, logistics, transportation sector. United Nations, UN development system, Human rights defenders. Making Change Happen. Law enforcement agencies, policing, forensics, polygraph testing.

DOJ office. TomoTherapy treatment system the getting started guide, treatment planning guide, treatment delivery guide, etc. Finesse Ultra Breast Biopsy System. Alloclassic Variall Biolox Delta Ceramic acetabular liner.

You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Working languages:. Send email. More actions Give feedback. English to Russian - Standard rate: 0. Minimum charge s : Minimum charge for translation in USD: Initially we ignored this scene, then we began to explicitly distance ourselves from it, as expressed, for example, in the Mission Statement quoted on p.

Today we apply a minimum loan amount of EUR and we increasingly lend to formal small businesses. As this book is above all an assessment and fundamental critique of Yunus, that would be yet another opportunity to say that we are not the ones who are being talked about.

In comparison to his well researched analyses of a number of microfinance disasters, the author is weaker when it comes to discussing alternatives — he is rather vague, superficial and extremely benevolent. For example, he seems to be praising such shamelessly populist, essentially undemocratic systems as those which exist in Venezuela or Bolivia. Yet at the same time he portrays democratically elected Western governments as mere puppets on a string, controlled by neoliberals and Wall Street sharks.

I personally would think twice before taking such a stance. Why not? Because when attacking a fortress like that of neoliberalism and the resulting financial predator capitalism — an ethically depraved system that is incapable of empathising with the poor and the weak, a system so intoxicated with its own power that it claims universal dominance — I understand that overconcentration, exaggeration and loud battle-cries are necessary by- products of the struggle.

The attacker has a right to have the wrong visions and alternatives. The decisive point is that he identifies a relevant problem and attacks the prevailing dogma. In my view, his merciless critique and his completely legitimate historical assessment of microfinance are justified, and such a comprehensive evaluation is long overdue. Chapters 4 and 5, in particular, are like a battering ram which can breach the fortress of self-proclaimed do-gooders, whose personal and political ethics are more than questionable.

And once that fortress has been breached, it once again becomes possible to have a sensible discussion about development policy, and about finding ways out of poverty and oppression. There should be no doubt about it: I personally am putting my weight behind the battering ram and helping to bash it against the fortress. It also describes some of our — or at least, some of my — life experiences, so I cannot avoid giving serious attention to the issues it raises.

Microenterprise finance, in contrast, remained more discerning: its aim was to provide loans to very small and often informal entrepreneurs who lacked access to the financial system. In doing this one also learned to distinguish true entrepreneurs — the dynamic entrepreneurs — from the mere survivors, those admittedly admirable unemployed survival artists. The true entrepreneurs could then be helped gradually and carefully to upgrade their operations, while the survivors could at best be liberated from the clutches of the loan sharks, without actively seducing either of those groups to become indebted.

However, the strategy of many MFIs became geared towards maximising the number of loan contracts — the smaller the loan amount, the better. That was pretty inefficient, but the very high interest rates made it easy to earn a good profit nonetheless. The success of development policy activities used to be measured in terms of parameters like newly created jobs, export opportunities, import substitution, better domestic food supplies and the like. With microfinance this was soon reduced to outreach and profit, which was allegedly reinvested many times over in order to expand outreach.

Perhaps it was particularly the experience of working in Eastern Europe that helped to focus our attention on the relevant aspects of development policy. Many of our countries were experiencing growth, structural change and transition. As banks we had to identify the winners in this process, and link ourselves to them. So far, we have been quite successful in doing so. Yet the number of survivors is enormous.

This may have induced us to settle in alongside the survivors and not make a sufficiently systematic effort to identify the winners. We are currently trying to rectify this. On the one hand, there are businesses with growth potential, and on the other hand, there are businesses which today appear to be relatively static.

Now and again, the static ones might make new efforts to advance, and anyway: they too have a legitimate right to receive finance and banking services. A development-minded commercial bank needs to recognise appropriate clients who are capable of growth and then judiciously help them to develop — which is a labour-intensive, expensive process that requires well-qualified staff.

But that is not all. A bank must also have access to long-term funds that are not so expensive as to lead to adverse selection. For that very reason we have relied on long-term co-operation with international development banks from the very beginning. However, our business with clients who are capable of growth would not be profitable on its own. And expanding our broad range of banking services in order to generate fee income is equally important.

We have always refrained from engaging in the consumer lending that dominates the microfinance scene today. We do not promote consumer loans, and we offer them only under very restrictive conditions to customers with a steady source of income. I see a kind of common thread running through it, a leitmotif — but of course, that may just be the idealised rationalisation of an object of history who now, in his old age, is trying to appear as the subject, the creator.

Our financial politicisation began in with a study of so-called development banks conducted on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation. Along with numerous other academic researchers, we investigated the impact of German credit lines in the context of financial co-operation.

The findings were the same for all continents. These loans on favourable terms went to the second or third tier of the ruling class, rarely made any sense and were even more rarely repaid.

Because the maturity of the German loans to the respective development banks was 40 years, there was also little incentive to repay them. Our lessons learned for the future were drawn very quickly: Subsidised loans attract the powerful and influential. This is true even if one deliberately targets small businesses. As is also borne out by the populist state banks in Venezuela and Bolivia today, we know that the overwhelming majority of loans go to party members and loyalists, and rarely to the best project.

Of course, it would be fine if the state banks were staffed with highly intelligent managers and officers, who would base their decisions on objective, economically sound criteria. But, my dear Milford, where do you expect these people to come from? And how should the selection mechanism be controlled? They were partly involved in the struggle against the state banks and their consequences, and aside from Dale Adams, none of its representatives strike me as being apologists for neoliberalism.

Financial institutions that are permanently dependent on subsidies will become and will remain dependent on someone; that is out of the question for us. In the early days, we did not have any banks of our own. As a consulting company, we only advised other banks or so-called financial NGOs. Already in the early s, we pointed out the inefficiency, the informality and the high salaries of financial NGOs, and we did all we could to formalise them as finance companies in order to ensure that they were subjected to proper supervision and to stricter transparency requirements.

Our first assignment as bank consultants for economically weaker sections of the population came earlier than that, however: in the mid- 80s we were commissioned to establish a network of municipal savings banks in Peru. In this context, we advised the municipal authorities, drafted a Savings Bank Act and supported the national bank supervisory authority in the establishment of a department responsible for monitoring the new savings banks.

This was not yet financing for microenterprises, but we felt and rightly so! We began arranging loans to very small businesses, in other words microenterprises, in and in this process we advised two NGOs in El Salvador and Bolivia in particular.

Our target groups consisted exclusively of very small businesses, most of which were informal. We proceeded cautiously, with regard to possible loan increases, and successfully: the NGOs made a profit on a small scale.

Because of this, we made a special effort not to lose precisely those clients, and we helped transform the two NGOs into formal, i. In the early 90s, aside from government-owned development banks, we also provided consultancy services to private banks and numerous co-operatives.

These organisations, which were frequently based on voluntary membership, were never capable of issuing relevant business loans — they simply lacked the necessary expertise and appetite for risk. I would therefore argue that, based on my experience, their focus was always on consumer lending. The early 90s were also a time of successful consultancy projects in Eastern Europe, in which we were able to convince banks to issue loans to small businesses by using a credit methodology which they were not familiar with.

IPC still follows this practice in China today. Of this total, EUR 9. We were, of course, excluded from this support because we were a for-profit organisation.

At the same time, for whatever reason, many western banks began operations in Bosnia. After the few items that were produced in Bosnia had been financed, the aggressive race to issue consumer loans began. At the end of the 90s, it was cheaper to get a loan in Sarajevo than in Frankfurt. We lost EUR 20 million in the process, and recovered hardly any of it. Today, the bank has shrunk to a healthy size and we are once again a bank for small businesses.

We experienced an equally damaging catastrophe in Nicaragua, where we were guilty of contributing to the hype and the overindebtedness of very small businesses. In all other countries, we were comparatively careful when issuing loans and avoided contributing to the obvious, clearly identifiable overindebtedness of small-scale clients.

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декларация на возврат ндфл за учёбу для заочников скачать общество защиты прав потребителей возврат товара ненадлежащего качества.

Place open position. Resume Irkutsk by function:. Work for students, part-time Work at home, distant work Driver Engineer Accountant Logistics Lawyer Medical practice and research 99 Teacher 90 Administrator 84 Operations management, support 73 Human Resources 72 Economical department 66 General management 60 Assistant accountant 55 Personal assistant 34 Secretary 34 Clerk, document controller 33 HR administration 24 Government management 3 All functions. Resume Irkutsk by company:. Construction, assembling, refurbishment Transportation Services and Logistics Consumer goods selling Education, training Consumer goods manufacturing Advertising services Technical treatment, support, repair Military, police, guarding, rescue Marketing services and statistics Health care services Government, state offices 93 Machinery, equipment and tools manufacturing 76 Legal services 55 Local administration 11 Tax authorities, tax inspection 5 Law court 5 Department of justice 3 Ministerial administration 2 Federal registration service, state body for real estate 1 Federal customs service 1 All industries. Resume Government, state offices by city:. Job search. Place advertising at DomKadrov.

Пусть ваши желания сбываются. Я закончил Высшее Военное Училище. Различная бытовая химия и химикаты. Специалисты нашего центра поддержки готовы ответить на все ваши вопросы, которые касаются сферы недвижимости, в том числе государственной регистрации имущественного права и постановки на кадастровый учет в государственные кадастровые органы России.

Обращения публикуются в соответствии с предложенным классификатором категорий проблем. Их запрещается складировать возле аварийных выходов.

Исполняющий обязанности: кто это и как регулировать его труд. Удивительно, что за подобные отписки не предусмотрено никакой ответственности для чиновников, ни административной, ни уголовной. В электронных списках указываются: номер счета вклада, сумма зачисления, фамилия, имя, отчество получателя, номер дела получателя, номер филиала, период за который производится выплата. Там новобранец пишет рапорт военному комиссару с требованием отмены приказа о присвоении звания рядового. Забрать водительское удостоверение можно только после полного истечения срока наказания.

Его величина в 2019 году составляет 8846 руб. В настоящее время действует единая база данных Госавтоинспекции, в которой хранится информация о водителях всех субъектов Российской Федерации. Обязанность по уплате того или иного налога возникает при наличии соответствующего объекта налогообложения у налогоплательщика (п. Для продавца лучшим выходом в такой ситуации будет обмен или возврат аппарата. Самыми существенными из льгот для многодетных семей являются льготы в жилищной сфере. Определенной фиксированной суммы нет, всё зависит от политики компании-страховщика. Обязательно указывают, какую ответственность понесет будущий хозяин машины, если просрочит платеж. Честно говоря, не знаю.

декларация на возврат ндфл за учёбу для заочников скачать общество защиты прав потребителей возврат товара ненадлежащего качества.

Что делать, если газ отключили без предупреждения. Покупатель обязуется в течение восьми месяцев со дня покупки щенка предоставить Продавцу все необходимые для оформления родословной документы и оплатить ее оформление. Беспроцентный заем не может признаваться финансовым вложением в связи с тем, что он не отвечает одному из признаков, установленным п. Квадратная площадь жилья - в каждом регионе существует норматив квадратной площади жилья на одного человека.

В последний день работы работодатель должен издать приказ о прекращении срочного трудового договора, внести запись в трудовую книжку и личную карточку и произвести с работником расчет. Жителям Башкортостана нужно обращаться в государственный отдел по официальному оформлению и учету жилых помещений. Если речь идет о возврате, чек коррекции не нужен, достаточно оформить обычный чек, в котором признак расчета будет указан как "возврат товара". При этом водитель не должен никуда уезжать, ему необходимо оставаться на месте и ожидать приезда на место аварии сотрудников дорожной инспекции. Инспекция запрашивает сведения об уплате в порядке межведомственного взаимодействия. Данная разновидность получения специальности имеет как свои плюсы, так и недостатки, которые приведены в таблице ниже.

При покупке месячного билета на карту наносится специальная маркировка, позволяющая прикреплять фирменные наклейки, это является подтверждением приобретения поездного. Категории граждан, которым положены льготы.

Часто он занимается не только транспортными средствами, но и отвечает за организацию охраны труда. А в некоторых случаях и состав пассажиров, находящихся в транспортном средстве в конкретное время и по конкретному адресу. Главное, чтобы документ был составлен с учетом требований законодательства. Разрешается использовать синюю или черную шариковую ручку. Регистрация займет у вас всего несколько минут. Скорее всего судья права. Товарные чеки продавец может как печатать с использованием специализированных программ, так и заполнять от руки.

Рента дает право своему получателю проживать в помещении до самой смерти. Обратите внимание, что в назначении платежа обязательно нужно указывать номер дела. Их я оцениваю в 1000 рублей.

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