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In , it had an estimated population of 1,, Yekaterinburg has been dubbed the "third capital of Russia", as it is ranked third by the size of economy, culture, transportation and tourism. The region was settled and developed by Novgorodians by the 11th century. The city served as the mining capital of the Russian Empire as well as a strategic connection between Europe and Asia at the time.

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In , it had an estimated population of 1,, Yekaterinburg has been dubbed the "third capital of Russia", as it is ranked third by the size of economy, culture, transportation and tourism. The region was settled and developed by Novgorodians by the 11th century.

The city served as the mining capital of the Russian Empire as well as a strategic connection between Europe and Asia at the time. In , Catherine the Great gave Yekaterinburg the status of a district town of Perm Province , and built the main road of the Empire, the Siberian Route , through the city. Yekaterinburg became a key city to Siberia , which had rich resources, and was known as the "window to Asia", a reference to Saint Petersburg as a "window to Europe".

In the late 19th century, Yekaterinburg became one of the centres of revolutionary movements in the Urals. During the Soviet era, Sverdlovsk was turned into an industrial and administrative powerhouse.

In , after the fall of the Soviet Union , the city returned to its historical name. Yekaterinburg is one of the most important economic centres in Russia, and the city had experienced economic and population growth recently. Some of the tallest buildings in Russia are located in the city.

The area was settled in prehistory. It includes stone processing workshops with artefacts such as grinding plates, anvils, clumps of rock, tools, and finished products. Over 50 different types of rock and minerals were used in tool making, indicating extensive knowledge of the region's natural resources.

The Gamayun peninsula left bank of the Upper Iset pond has archaeological findings from the Chalcolithic Period : workshops for producing stone tools upper area and two dwellings of the Ayat people lower area. In the Bronze Age , the Gamayun people lived in the area.

They left fragments of ceramics, weapons, and ornaments. Archaeological artefacts in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg were first discovered during railway construction, at the end of the 19th century. Excavation and research began in the 20th century. Russian historian Vasily Tatishchev and Russian engineer Georg Wilhelm de Gennin founded Yekaterinburg with the construction of a massive iron-making plant under the decree of Russian emperor Peter the Great in It was the largest and most advanced metallurgical enterprise in the world.

The city was one of Russia's first industrial cities, prompted at the start of the 18th century by decrees from the Tsar [ specify ] requiring the development in Yekaterinburg of metalworking industries. The city was built, with extensive use of iron, to a regular square plan with iron works and residential buildings at the centre. These were surrounded by fortified walls, so that Yekaterinburg was at the same time both a manufacturing centre and a fortress at the frontier between Europe and Asia.

It therefore found itself at the heart of Russia's strategy for further development of the entire Ural region. The so-called Siberian Route became operational in and placed the city on an increasingly important transit route, which led to its development as a focus of trade and commerce between east and west, and gave rise to the description of the city as the "window to Asia". With the growth in trade and the city's administrative importance, the ironworks became less critical, and the more important buildings were increasingly built using expensive stone.

Small manufacturing and trading businesses proliferated. In Russia's empress, Catherine the Great, nominated the city as the administrative centre for the wider region. Following the October Revolution , the family of deposed Tsar Nicholas II was sent to internal exile in Yekaterinburg where they were imprisoned in the Ipatiev House in the city. In July , the Czechoslovak Legions were closing on Yekaterinburg. Other members of the Romanov family were killed at Alapayevsk later the same day.

The Legions arrived less than a week later and captured the city. The Red Army took back the city and restored Soviet authority on 14 July On 19 October , Yekaterinburg established its first university, the Ural State University , as well as polytechnic, pedagogical, and medical institutions under the decree of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin.

Enterprises in the city ravaged by the war were nationalised, including: the Metalist formerly Yates Plant, the Verkh-Isetsky formerly Yakovleva Plant, and the Lenin flax-spinning factory formerly Makarov. During the reign of Stalin, Sverdlovsk was one of several places developed by the Soviet government as a centre of heavy industry. Old factories were reconstructed and new large factories were built, especially those specialised in machine-building and metalworking.

During this time, the population of Sverdlovsk tripled in size, and it became one of the fastest growing cities of the Soviet Union. At that time, very large powers were given to the regional authorities. By the end of the s, there were industrial enterprises, 25 research institutes, and 12 higher education institutions in Sverdlovsk.

During World War II, the city became the headquarters of the Ural Military District on the basis of which more than different military units and formations were formed, including the 22nd Army and the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps. Uralmash became a main production site for armoured vehicles.

Many state technical institutions and whole factories were relocated to Sverdlovsk away from cities affected by war mostly Moscow , with many of them staying in Sverdlovsk after the victory.

The Hermitage Museum collections were also partly evacuated from Leningrad to Sverdlovsk in July and remained there until October Yeltsin later became the first President of Russia and represented the people at the funeral of the former Tsar in A reserve cabinet headed by Oleg Lobov was sent to the city, where Yeltsin enjoyed strong popular support at that time.

However, Sverdlovsk Oblast, of which Yekaterinburg is the administrative centre, kept its name. In the s, an intensive growth of trade, business, and tourism began in Yekaterinburg. Yekaterinburg is on the eastern side of the Urals. The city is surrounded by wooded hills, partially cultivated for agricultural purposes. Yekaterinburg is located on a natural watershed, so there would be many bodies of water close and in the city.

There are two lakes in the city, notably the Lake Shuvakish and Lake Shartash. The Ural Mountains, despite their insignificant height, block air from the west, from the European part of Russia. As a result, the Central Urals are open to the invasion of cold arctic air and continental air from the West Siberian Plain.

Equally, warm air masses from the Caspian Sea and the deserts of Central Asia can freely penetrate from the south. The distribution of precipitation is determined by the circulation of air masses, relief, and air temperatures.

The main part of the precipitation is brought by cyclones with a western air mass transfer, that is, from the European part of Russia, while their average annual amount is mm. For the winter period is characterized by snow cover with an average capacity of cm. According to the results of the Census, the population of Yekaterinburg was 1,,; [6] up from 1,, recorded in the Census. At the time of the official Census, the ethnic makeup of the city's population whose ethnicity was known 1,, was:.

Christianity is the predominant religion in the city, of which most are adherents to the Russian Orthodox Church. Yekaterinburg has a large percentage of Muslims, but the community suffers from a lack of mosques in the city: there are only two small mosques.

Another mosque was built in the nearby city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma. On 24 November , the first stone was laid in the construction of a large Cathedral Mosque with four minarets , and space for 2, parishioners in the immediate vicinity of the cathedral and a synagogue , thus forming the "area of the three religions".

Construction of a Methodist church started in , and with the help of American donations, finished in Most of the city's religious buildings were destroyed during the Soviet era , in addition to the synagogue, the three largest Orthodox churches in Yekaterinburg were demolished — the Epiphany Cathedral, the Ekaterininsky Cathedral, and the Great Zlatoust Church.

Anne a new Catholic church of the same name was built in were demolished as well. Other churches were used as warehouses and industrial sites. The only religious building in Yekaterinburg in the Soviet era was the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Recently, some churches are being rebuilt.

Since , according to the surviving drawings, the Great Zlatoust Church was restored in On 17 April , the city was visited by Patriarch Kirill. Yekaterinburg is the administrative centre of Sverdlovsk Oblast. Each district is not a municipal formation, and the historical centre of the city is divided into five inner-city districts except Chkalovsky and Ordzhonikidzevsky.

The Charter of Yekaterinburg establishes a four-link system for the organisation of local authorities, which includes: the Head of Yekaterinburg, who serves as the chairman of the Yekaterinburg City Duma, the Yekaterinburg City Duma, the Administration of the City of Yekaterinburg, and the Chamber of Accounts. According to the charter of Yekaterinburg, the highest official of the municipal formation is the mayor of Yekaterinburg.

The mayor is elected by universal suffrage, but since 3 April , the procedure for direct elections of the mayor of the City of Yekaterinburg was abolished. The position is held by Yevgeny Roizman since 14 September The mayor of the city is endowed with representative powers and powers to organize activities and guide the activities of the City Duma. In addition, the mayor of the city exercises other powers such as concluding a contract with the head of the city administration and ensuring compliance with the Russian Constitution, Russian legislation, the city charter, and other normative acts.

In the event of a temporary absence of the mayor of Yekaterinburg, his authority under his written order is exercised by the deputy mayor of Yekaterinburg.

The representative body of the municipal formation is the Yekaterinburg City Duma, which represents the entire population of the city. The membership of the Duma is 36 deputies 18 deputies were elected in single-mandate constituencies and 18 in a single electoral district.

Deputies are elected by residents of the city on the basis of universal suffrage for a period of 5 years. The executive and administrative body of the municipal formation is the Administration of the City of Yekaterinburg, led by the head of the Administration, currently held by Aleksandr Yacob. The administration is endowed with its own powers to resolve issues of local importance, but it is under the control and accountable to the Yekaterinburg City Duma.

The building of the Administration of Yekaterinburg is located on Square. The Chamber of Accounts is a permanently operating body of external municipal financial control. The Chamber is formed by the apparatus of the City Duma and is accountable to it.

The Chamber consists of the chairman, deputy chairman, auditors and staff. The structure and number of staff of the chamber, including the number of auditors, is determined by the decision of the City Duma. The term of office of the Chamber staff is 5 years. The Chamber of Accounts is a legal entity. In accordance with the regional charter, Yekaterinburg is the administrative centre of the Sverdlovsk Oblast.

The ministries of the Sverdlovsk Region are located in the building of the regional government, as well as in other separate buildings of the city. Yekaterinburg serves as the centre of the Ural Federal District. As a result, it serves as the residence of the presidential envoy , the highest official of the district and part of the administration of the President of Russia.


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Yekaterinburg alternatively romanized Ekaterinburg, is the fourth-largest city in Russia and the Yekaterinburg was one of the host cities of the FIFA World Cup. The city served as the mining capital of the Russian Empire as well as a Following the October Revolution, the family of deposed Tsar Nicholas II was.

Предварительно можно получить консультацию по телефону 8 (495) 530-71-71. Такой документ представитель фирмы сдает в налоговую службу, за которой закреплено предприятие. Кроме того, с учетом ныне установленной границы между административным правонарушением и преступлением (1000 руб.

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