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This means that, if you match the filter's response to the passband, you'll get a higher attenuation in the stopband fs. Using the first formula up, the attenuation fs is:. Can you do it? Is it worth it? Even if you might find an argument or two, the general answer is still no. How was all this possible?

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Проектирование фильтра путем распределения полюсов и нулей по параметрическим кривым

This means that, if you match the filter's response to the passband, you'll get a higher attenuation in the stopband fs. Using the first formula up, the attenuation fs is:. Can you do it? Is it worth it? Even if you might find an argument or two, the general answer is still no.

How was all this possible? Because the initial response of the Butterworth filter was already obtained, so you knew beforehand that you had an analytical expression for a filter that has monotonically decreasing frequency attenuation, which lead to finding out the poles from the denominator of the transfer function, which happen to lie on a circle with equal angles.

Given the recent answer from Olli, there are a few things that need spelling out. First, all this is about filter design, no matter how you look at it: from a mathematical or from a physical realizability point of view. If it is mathematical, then there is some interesting part about the theory of it, namely obtaining a different order from the same filter without the need for re-designing the original filter.

My arguments are as follows. Any filter, at its core, serves to filter unneeded frequencies, be they electrical, or mechanical, or other physical quantities. Their purpouse is to modify a spectrum or group delay, or time response. If there is the need for such a device, then that device cannot be designed by simply throwing in a filter of any kind, "just put it there, it'll filter out stuff"; its design is, most often, quite involved.

But all this process has to start from the requirements. So, first of all, there are specific parameters by which the filter needs designing. Once the parameters are specified, how will the filter be designed? Let's presume that there is a need for a 12th order elliptic lowpass filter, and that there is a possibility to increase a low order filter to a high order one see Olli's answer.

Let's say that the process of transforming a 4th order into a 12th order is a flawless one, that there is a way to specify the design parameters for the 4th order filter in such a way that, after transforming, the resulting 12th order would end up satisfying those conditions.

The question that comes is this: how will the 4th order filter be designed? The answer can only be through the known ways of designing it.

And, if there are other methods, to come, or yet to be invented, those would have to be applied, first, in order to design that 4th order filter.

Only afterwards the 12th order can be calculated. As assumed from the beginning, even with a flawless transformation process it would only mean that the resulting filter, the 12th order, towards which the whole design tries to converge, needs two steps of design: one, for the 4th order, and the second, for the 12th order, making the whole process an unnecessarily encumbered one, since the 12th order filter could have simply been designed, in the first place, with the method used for the 4th order.

Let's go a bit further and assume some more. The resulting poles of the 12th order would lie on an ellipse, and the zeroes on the imaginary axis.

The distances between them would be precisely defined by the underlying elliptic functions that govern the elliptic filters. Suppose there is a way to define those curves, as Olli hopes, in such a manner that it is possible to readily design a filter from the beginning, in one shot, by simply using these parametric or not curves by which all the pole placement is done.

So far, so good. But those curves would have to first be calculated, and the parameters by which they unravel are the exact ones that are used for the filter design, the same ones that would generate the filter through other methods, known or yet unknown.

What's more, the calculations are still left to be done, and, most probably, the underlying definitions for those parametric curves would have to be elliptical, one way or another, or no elliptical filter would come out of it[note 1].

Which means that the whole process would simply be yet another method of design for the elliptic filters, since the poles of the elliptical filter have closed form expressions, already.

Don't get me wrong. If one filter can be designed one way, the same way it can be designed in another. It's just one of those "yet to be known" ways. Bravo to the inventor. But if this method of design implies extra steps in order to converge to the same results it would take for a different method, then it doesn't seem like a feasible approach.

And please note: I am not using names or descriptive labels when I am talking about the filter designs, just generic names, because it doesn't really matter which method you're using as long as the results are correct and the method isn't encumbering for the design process.

Chebyshev type I filters have the poles placed on an ellipse, with the angles of the Butterworth, but projected on the imaginary axis until they intercept the ellipse. Modifying the distance between the poles will result in a non-equiripple behaviour, rendering the filter a non-Chebyshev type.

Similarly, the poles of the minimum-Q elliptic filter are disposed on an underlying circle, but that doesn't mean it's a Butterworth even if the ripple is the minimum possible for an elliptic filter , because it has unequal distances between the angles. For the last one, here's a comparison of two 8th order Butterworth and minimum-Q elliptic:. Overall, despite the genuine interest the question brings, I fear it has no more than a theoretical value, at best an educational one, since it doesn't manage to fit the very part dealing with the filter design.

Of course, if it should prove to be of actual value, I'd be glad to be proven wrong, as it would mean that there is a new method of filter design, possibly better than the already existent ones. While I intuitively feel that I understand what is required, I struggle to express it. I am not sure if this is because of my own limitations or if indeed the problem is difficult or ill-posed. I have a feeling that it is ill-posed. So, here is my attempt:.

Please note, it doesn't have to be over the s-plane, it could be over the z-plane too. And also, simpler forms of it could be considered e. H s H s to have only poles. Let's run with the s-plane for the moment and let's keep the nominator in too.

Digital filters are characterised by their frequency and phase responses, both of which can be completely determined by the values or, positions on the s-plane of their a n , b m a n , b m coefficients. The discussion so far seems to be focusing on the frequency response so let's consider that one for the moment. To ask "What [ A note, at this point: On the one hand, we are looking for A s , B s A s , B s that satisfy two constraints.

First of all they have to satisfy the constraints of the parametric easy and secondly they have to satisfy the constraints specified by the magnitude response characteristic difficult. In other words, it is impossible at the moment to specify some constraints on the frequency response curve and through that, work backwards and find those parametrics that satisfy these constraints.

We can go the other way around, but not backwards. However , we might find that given the worked out characteristics of elliptics for example , a given iterative scheme on a parametric might choose to "bend" the coefficients as close as possible to some "elliptic" region characteristic. This is why earlier on, I mention that we might find that a complex parametric might be possible to be broken down to a "sum of elliptics" or a "sum of curves with known characteristics".

Perhaps a third constraint is required here, reading "Stay away from known configurations of A s , B s A s , B s ", in other words, penalise solutions that start looking like elliptics but still in an iterative scheme. Finally, if this path is not too wrong so far then we are somewhere close to something like Genetic Algorithms For Filter Design , or some other informed "shoot in the dark" technique by which the coefficients of a filter satisfying specific criteria might be derived with.

The above is just an example, there are more publications along these lines out there. I'm not eligible to the bounty. I tried to produce a counterexample to question 3 in Octave but was pleasantly surprised that I couldn't.

If the answer to the question 3 is yes, then according to Fig 5. Let's design an order 12 elliptic filter with some arbitrary parameters: 1 dB pass band ripple, dB stop band ripple, cutoff frequency 0. Figure 2. The magnitude frequency response of the 12th order elliptic filter designed using ellip.

Figure 3. Poles red and zeros blue of order 12 elliptic filter designed using ellip. Horizontal axis: real part, vertical axis: imaginary part. Let's construct an order 4 filter by reusing select poles and zeros of the order 12 filter, per Fig. In the particular case, ordering the poles and zeros by the imaginary part is sufficient:.

Figure 4. Magnitude frequency response of the 4th order filter that has all poles and zeros identical to certain ones of those of the 12th order filter, per Fig. Zooming in gives a characterization of the filter: 3. It is my understanding that an equiripple pass band and an equiripple stop band with as many ripples as the number of poles and zeros allows is a sufficient condition to say that the filter is elliptic. But let's try if this is confirmed by designing an order 4 elliptic filter by ellip with the characterization obtained from Fig 3 and by comparing the poles and zeros between the two order 4 filters:.

Figure 5. Comparison of pole red and zero blue locations between an ellip -designed 4th order filter crosses and a 4th order filter circles that shares certain pole and zero locations with the 12th order filter. The poles and zeros coincide between the two filters to three decimal places, which was the precision of the characterization of the filter derived from the order 12 filter.

The conclusion is that at least in this particular case both the poles and zeros of the order 4 elliptic filter and those of the order 12 elliptic filter could have been obtained, at least up to a precision, by uniformly distributing them on the same parametric curves.

The filters were not Butterworth or Chebyshev I or II type filters as both the pass band and the stop band had ripples. Conversely, can the poles and zeros of the 12th order filter be approximated from a pair of continuous functions fitted to the poles and zeros of the 4th order ellip filter? If we duplicate the four poles Fig. As we go round and round the oval, the pole locations that we pass give a periodic discrete sequence. It is a good candidate for periodic band-limited interpolation by zero-padding its discrete Fourier transform DFT.

Of the resulting 24 24 poles the ones with a positive real part are discarded, halving the number of poles to 12 Instead of the zeros, their reciprocals are interpolated, but otherwise the interpolation is done the same way as with the poles. We start with the same ellip -designed 4th order filter as earlier approximately identical to Fig.

Figure 6. Magnitude frequency response of a 12th order filter with the poles and zeros sampled from curves matched to those of the 4th order filter. It is not an accurate enough of a mockup of the Fig.

The stop band fares pretty well but the pass band is tilted. The band edge frequencies are approximately correct. Still, this shows potential considering the parametric curves were only described by 4 degrees of freedom each. Figure 7.

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В таком месте будет очень сложно жить тому, кто не любит людей. Кабинет: 111 (1 этаж) Кабинет: 202 (2 этаж) Парышева Ольга Сергеевна. На практике случаются разнообразные нюансы, но можно всегда отстоять свои интересы, если действовать по международному законодательству. Возможен ли имущественный вычет. Это связано в первую очередь с тем, что многие руководители очень негативно настроены по отношению к беременным сотрудницам и стараются их уволить еще до декретного отпуска.

Взыскать с ответчика уплаченную мною сумму в размере руб. После расчетов с кредитором каждый из супругов получает причитающийся ему денежный эквивалент. Добавим комментарий к статье 6.

Продать или подарить не приватизированную дачу. Однако и в этом случае стоит 100 раз подумать, прежде чем принять такое рискованное решение. К этой категории относятся и те граждане, которые в момент эвакуации еще не родились, но были в материнской утробе. Арест карты судебными приставами. Если у пациента нет денег, то выбор у него не велик: терпеть боль, просиживая в очереди, либо оформить кредит для лечения зубов. Вот каким местом издаются законы для инвалидов человек не может получить льготы из-за задолжности квартплаты если при здоровом образе жизни скопились долги за квартплату то к несчастью став инвалидом 2 группы они как-то рассасутся что-ли чем думают социальные службы.

Передать квартиру в безвозмездном порядке можно двумя способами: посредством дарения и по завещанию. Но в последнее время все чаще молодожены предпочитают делать свадьбу праздником только для себя и самых близких. Думали это 1 передача придумала розыгрыш, но никто шутить не собирался. Потерпевший является инвалидом и ездит на специальном авто. Явка осуществляется по предварительной записи или жилой очереди согласно правилам конкретного отделения и его загруженности. И претендовать на данное имущество сложно.

So he left behind two letters inside a tent next to the Norwegian flag. Через 33 дня экспедиция Скотта дошла до полюса, обнаружив там два письма. В первом.

Для возбуждения административного дела нужно доказать, что должник не платит алименты без уважительных причин более 2 месяцев подряд. В зависимости от возраста, сумма пособий на каждого иждивенца меняется. Можно ли взять землю в ипотечный кредит без зданий и строений. Так что оно составляется в простой письменной форме и, по логике вещей, должно включать: Ф.

Ответчики обязательств по возврату кредита не исполняют, ежемесячные платежи по кредиту не вносит и проценты за пользование денежными средствами не уплачивает. Выдача ипотечного кредита без подтверждения доходов предполагает, что заемщик работает неофициально или владеет имуществом, которое можно предоставить в залог. То есть организация которой вы должны подала на вас в суд и это дело выиграла. В отметке о произведенных удержаниях бухгалтеру следует указывать размер удержаний, удержанную сумму, номер платежного поручения (квитанции), дату перечисления, остаток задолженности. В противном случае результат будет некорректен.

Как видим, вернуть электронный билет не составит труда, если заранее ознакомиться правилами и порядком возврата. Медицинские ограничения для водителей делят на те, которые полностью запрещают управление автомобилем, и временные, требующие создания особых условиях.

Это означает, что в едином реестре юридических лиц обязательно должны содержаться сведения об этой организации. Каковы сроки получения свидетельства на товарный знак. Ходатайство составляется со ссылкой на законодательный акт, запрещающий свободный доступ к документам или отказ от организации или органа. Семейные проблемы Зачастую эта причина является самой распространенной, однако для начальства такая причина является одной из самых серьезных. Могут ли меня взять работать в полиции. Запрещена остановка, если интервал меньше 3м до противоположного края проезжей части. Таким образом, Роструд пришел к выводу, что негосударственные организации вправе пользоваться формами первичных учетных документов, разработанными ими самостоятельно.

Нужны ли справки для получения пенсии. Получить документ может юридическое лицо либо индивидуальный предприниматель. Штраф составляет 200 руб. Какая информация должна быть отображена в заявлении.

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